Zelda TotK Shrine Quests – Dyeing to Find It


Kurakat Shrine (Rauru’s Blessing) is a secret shrine in the Lanayru Great Spring region and can only be unlocked by completing the Dyeing to Find It quest.

To unlock this one, players must complete a small puzzle by aligning the shadow of an odd structure with its symbolic placement on the wall – which they can find via a nearby rotary machine near Steward Construct.

How to solve the riddle

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Kurakat Shrine offers an engaging puzzle that engages players by playing with shadows. To gain entry, players must solve a riddle set by the Steward Construct that states when the sun rises, “When white patterns appear in the sky, dye them black so the sacred shrine appears.” Although this may sound complex, its logic is relatively straightforward to follow.

Players should first locate the ruins where the riddle lies in the Lanayru Wetlands region of Hyrule; to do this, head towards Quatta’s Shelf and look for structures containing patrolling Lynels near a system. This will lead to Quatta’s Shelf, which will have the riddle, while Steward Construct will give out its answer steps from a wheel that can rotate its structure.

Once they have located the wheel and structure, players must align the shadow cast by rotating the system with an image on an adjacent rock wall by pushing on the wheel until its shadow matches its respective symbol on the wall. They can do this by making it turn the structure until its shadow reaches that of an icon on the wall.

This may take some time, but it is certainly possible. Players can use Ultrahand to grab wooden planks around the structure and move them toward its shadow to expedite this process.

If the player completes all steps correctly, a cutscene will reveal the entrance of Kurakat Shrine and award a Magic Scepter weapon from within its treasure chest – this has seven damage but can be upgraded through Fusion.

Once players understand how it works, the riddle becomes apparent, while solving it becomes even more straightforward. A bit of patience will do, and once completed, they will easily unlock one of Zelda ToTK’s most interesting shrines: Kurakat Shrine in Lanayru between Rabia Plain and Quatta’s Shelf is surely worth opening for its powerful weapon and new experiences!

The location

Zelda TotK, like its older brother Breath of the Wild, brings back shrines in several challenging escapades for players to complete to unlock them rather than accidentally discover them. One such quest called Dyeing to Find It has proven particularly troublesome for some.

To acquire this item, head to Quatta’s Shelf on the edge of Lanayru Wetlands, and you will meet a Steward Construct who claims he possesses information on the Sky Kingdom ruins located there and challenges Link to solve a riddle. He challenges him with this: When the sun awakens in the sky, dye the white pattern black to bring about its appearance as the sacred shrine.”

To do so, wait for morning and then light a fire near the structure, watching its shadow form perfectly with its symbol. At that point, a cutscene will play, and Kurakat Shrine will appear – you can then enter and reap its benefits.

The shadow

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom shrine quests can often require time and patience; this one, in particular, requires both. Link must line up his monument’s shadow with that on a white rock wall below using wooden planks to shape its shadow and push its wheel to rotate it as part of his solution to this puzzle.

Players must first ensure the monument with indents facing Steward Construct and Link is positioned so its shadow covers a white symbol on the ruin’s wall. After inserting a wooden plank into its cut on the left side, players should place the monument so its shadow falls across this symbol on its wall before waiting until morning arrives; an extinguished campfire nearby provides them with enough warmth during this wait time.

Once the sun rises, all players need to do is wait for the shadow of the monument to match up with its shape on the rock wall pattern. While this process may take a while when this occurs, a cutscene will play, and Kurakat Shrine will open for business; players may then visit for their Light of Blessing and other offerings from this unique shrine.

If you’re struggling with this shrine, check out our Dyeing to Find It guide for tips and tricks to solve this tricky puzzle. Otherwise, have fun hunting! Stay tuned to Nerdist News for more Zelda: TotK guides and content.

The solution

Tears of the Kingdom is unlike Breath of the Wild in that you need to complete specific quests to unlock shrines; one such puzzle quest, Dyeing to Find It, can be particularly tricky and is located between Rabia Plain and Quatta’s Shelf in Lanayru Wetlands between Rabia Plain and Quatta’s Shelf. You must match up the shadow of strange stone structures with a white symbol on a rock wall in Lanayru Wetlands between Rabia Plain and Quatta’s Shelf; its Steward Construct offers clues in terms of “When sun awakens in the sky, dye white pattern black; only then will sacred shrine appear.”

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, head back to the ruins and begin your adventure! When morning arrives, grab the crank near the structure and spin it, keeping an eye out for when the shadow matches with a white symbol on the wall; when this occurs, the Kurakat Shrine entrance will reveal itself and you can enter to claim your Light of Blessing! Enjoy your experience!