Birthday Party Characters


Every child has a favorite character from books or TV shows they adore; why not invite that character to surprise visit their party and make their celebration even more exciting? Best way to find the party characters near Dallas.

This category showcases non-mascot characters for children’s birthday parties and events in Chicago. These performers are fun and kid-friendly and will bring the magic to any event!


A fictional superhero is a fictional character with extraordinary powers who fights evil through extraordinary means, such as moral codes or secret identities, to protect their loved ones and themselves from danger. They use natural abilities combined with unique gadgets or technology, while some even master various weapons or fighting styles to overcome challenges they encounter in the battle against injustice.

Many children love the idea of inviting their favorite characters from books or TV shows to their birthday parties. This can make them feel extra special while creating lasting memories and adding an element of adventure and fun to their birthday bash. This can make their event truly unforgettable!

Hiring a professional mascot entertainer is a surefire way to ensure the success of your child’s birthday party. These enthusiastic professionals know precisely what it takes to keep guests of all ages entertained throughout the event – both your little one and their guests will surely love the entertainment that awaits!

Face Painting, Balloon Art, and Photo Shoots can all keep the kids busy! Additionally, these professionals provide programs with each character’s favorite songs and games, along with themed favor bags to take home, including items specific to each one, like black Licorice/Bat Cookies/Silly String/Pop Rock Candy, Kryptonite, etc.


If you have a daughter, chances are she loves princesses! With the right princess party theme, there are plenty of party ideas designed to make her day special. Princesses serve as role models to little girls everywhere. Beautiful yet intelligent women like them dedicate themselves to their families while not fearing new experiences or facing fears head-on.

Hire a princess for your child’s birthday, and they’ll provide stories, songs, and games that guests will remember fondly for years. Not only that – but they may even join in the cake-cutting ceremony itself! Give your kids an experience they won’t soon forget!

Rent characters for award ceremonies, anniversaries, banquets, fundraisers, bar and bat mitzvahs, community events, conferences, conventions, cruises, clubs, dances, family gatherings, fraternity functions, grand openings, holiday parties, hotel receptions, reunions, weddings, and showers to make children smile when they see their favorite character come to life! Nothing beats watching children light up when they see one of their favorites up close – watching their eyes light up when seeing their character is the ultimate reward! Nothing can beat seeing children light up when seeing their favorite character come alive! Nothing beats watching their faces light up when seeing one in person!

Kids love adding characters to their parties and enjoy singing, dancing, photo opps, face painting, and cake cutting with them. Girls tend to favor Princesses while boys gravitate toward Superheroes – these costumes make an impressionful statement at any themed celebration!


Pirates are fictional characters who board ships to seize cargo or valuables, often wearing an eye patch, three-cornered hat, billowy shirt, and tall black boots. Pirates make excellent additions to children’s party entertainment and can be hired for various special occasions.

Children enjoy making their birthday parties even more special by inviting a character they adore to their celebration. Girls often choose Princesses, while boys prefer Superhero characters.

At Kids Entertainment Company, we have an array of Holiday Characters perfect for children’s parties, such as Santa and the Easter Bunny, to bring a festive atmosphere and delight the children attending your event. All our performers are professionally trained and have impressive performance skills to enchant the children at your event!

Holiday Characters

Holiday characters are characters originating in myth, religion, or pop culture who play a central role in celebrating holidays. They may appear in movies, songs, and commercials to symbolize goodwill and bring families closer during celebrations of various kinds. Holiday characters remain popular even today in an age dominated by social media platforms.

Kids all have different preferences, so parents should select characters based on what interests their children. If your son enjoys reading, for instance, consider hiring Paw Patrol characters such as Elmo or PJ Mask Cat Boy for his party. Likewise, if your daughter prefers superheroes such as Batman, Spider-Man, or Marvel’s Avengers for her birthday bash, these figures could also take part in cake cutting and singing to make your event even more enjoyable!

Many characters found within popular culture today have roots in folklore or local customs that have evolved, while others are the product of popularization by mass media platforms. From Santa to self-proclaimed Heat Misers and everything in between, these iconic figures serve as universal representations of the human spirit that bring people of all ages and backgrounds together during holidays with shared experiences; their emotional impact reaches from wonderment to gratitude and beyond.