Disney On Ice – Find Your Hero


Disney on Ice is an ice skating production by Feld Entertainment showcasing many beloved Disney characters. Shows typically last 1.5-3 hours.

This year’s tour, Find Your Hero, will include Coco, Frozen, and more! Guests can experience Mirabel on her journey to save her family’s Casita, Moana, and Maui, journeying across treacherous seas, Rapunzel meeting Flynn Rider for adventure, and so much more!

The Little Mermaid

Disney On Ice brings beloved Disney characters to life through cutting-edge figure skating, eye-catching costumes, and gorgeous set designs. Innovative lighting effects and exciting special effects combine with high-flying jumps to make this show unforgettable for all members of your family! This year’s show features Moana with Maui as her mighty demigod friend, Anna and Elsa on their search for Arendelle as well as many others – plus many others from beloved stories!

Fans of the original film will be thrilled to see Halle Bailey as Ariel; her stunning beauty and sensuality match that of Ariel from 1989. Halle’s singing voice perfectly suits Ariel perfectly; she effortlessly captures Ariel’s sense of urgency and adventure. Jonah Hauer-King and Melissa McCarthy make substantial additions as Prince Eric and Ursula, respectively, though unfortunately, there are a few significant problems plaguing the production, including some strange-sounding new songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda that don’t quite fit the role properly.

The story is timeless but still enjoyable; the animation is brilliant; some sequences are visually breathtaking; the music evocative and memorable; however some scenes seem too dark or underwater-looking for comfort, which likely was done to add authenticity but makes for less engaging watching than could otherwise have been the case.

Disney On Ice tickets vary both in price and location. Orchestra (floor seats) typically offer the best experience, while other popular options, such as seats near the stage or mid-level seating, are also available. For optimal tickets, purchase early to select from various seating options at different venues – be sure to visit both their respective box offices as well as the websites of media to gather more details before making your choice; for example, a ticket for one performance at Upstate Medical University Arena At Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse New York costs about $134 each time!


Tangled is easily one of the most underrated Disney films ever and deserves more recognition than it currently receives. Tangled has all the emotional weight and beauty found in its predecessors while remaining engagingly modern. Family values and empowerment themes run deep, and its modern characters provide an entertaining alternative to standard princess fare. Composer Alan Menken ensured that Tangled’s music remained catchy and melodic throughout.

Rapunzel is an endearing movie suitable for children and adults, with an essential message about self-actualization that resonates strongly in today’s real world. She shows that she is more than defined by her golden locks or ability to heal others; instead, she’s an independent young woman ready to face her fears and pursue her goals. Additionally, Eugene Fitzherbert represents how shallow and misleading people can be, while the problematic relationship between Rapunzel and Mother Gothel mirrors those found elsewhere in real life.

Tangled is an action-packed adventure featuring sword fights, chase scenes, and an unexpected dam rupture. However, Tangled also reflects on man’s superficiality and true friendship. One particularly moving scene in Tangled occurs at Rapunzel lights hundreds of lanterns to celebrate her birthday party; perhaps one of its most emotionally charged moments.

Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero will enthrall audiences of all ages. Featuring beloved characters from The Little Mermaid, Moana, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen movies performing captivating choreographed numbers, Mickey and Minnie Mouse guide viewers from story to story in this memorable show!

The show occurs nationwide at various arenas and stadiums, such as Syracuse’s Upstate Medical University Arena at Onondaga County War Memorial and Houston’s NRG Stadium. Tickets for these events can be obtained through Vivid Seats – which offers 100% Buyer Guarantee tickets – an industry leader that prides itself on customer service while creating a safe shopping environment for its clients. Newsweek recognized Vivid Seats with the Best Ticketing Company award in 2023!

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, one of Disney’s timeless animated classics, follows Belle as she is taken captive in a castle by an ugly beast known as “Beast.” As Belle makes friends with its magical staff and learns to see past his hideous appearance to discover his kind heart and soul inside, Lumiere (an ornate candelabra), Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts become iconic characters throughout the storyline.

Not only is the movie packed with stunning animation and melodic songs, but it also features incredible special effects. Thanks to innovative computer animation techniques that helped establish it as an industry milestone. Over the years, it has won numerous awards – a must-see experience for viewers of all ages.

This film can be purchased in various forms, such as a Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo pack, Blu-ray Disc edition, New York Film Festival storyboard-only version, and special edition with “Human Again,” which was initially composed for a 1994 Broadway stage musical of the same name; however, its lyrics clashed with events in the film and therefore were dropped before production beginning; it has later been added back into both IMAX and Special Edition releases of the film.

No matter the season or event you’re searching for, a magical night out with family, or an engaging show for friends, this ice-show event offers something magical. Starring iconic Disney heroes such as Ariel from Little Mermaid exploring her world above, Moana showing Maui her inner heroism, Rapunzel adventuring with Flynn Rider, and Belle protecting the Beast against Gaston – it will all come to life at this captivating ice show event!

Tickets to Disney on Ice Find Your Hero can be purchased either online or at participating ticket outlets, with prices depending on venue and seating section, and premium packages being also offered. Most shows occur in large arenas or coliseums like Knoxville Civic Coliseum in Tennessee or Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts in New York State.


Disney On Ice is an international touring production by Feld Entertainment that brings top skaters wearing elaborate costumes across cities worldwide. After four decades and drawing over 320 million people in attendance, this family-friendly traveling show remains popular today with several productions such as Road Trip Adventures, Find Your Hero, Frozen & Encanto, and Let’s Celebrate, currently touring across multiple continents.

These ice skating extravaganzas combine expert figure skating with eye-catching costumes for an unforgettable experience that is ideal for children of all ages. Each segment of the show tells its own unique tale featuring characters from some of Disney’s iconic movies and characters.

Reliving each character’s adventures through amazing skaters who bring each to life through extraordinary acrobatics, jaw-dropping moves, and jaw-dropping stunts is truly magical – creating a one-of-a-kind family experience with memories to last a lifetime! The show also includes spectacular set designs and innovative lighting, making this show one you will treasure with your kids forever.

If you’re curious to witness a Disney On Ice performance, consult the schedule at your local arena for specific show times and dates. Most shows usually last between two hours and twenty minutes, with an intermission for refreshments, stretching your legs, and browsing souvenirs.

Find Your Hero debuted in 2012 under its initial title of Rockin’ Ever After before changing to Magic in the Stars in 2019 when Moana joined its cast of brave Disney heroines. The show celebrates their heroic qualities by depicting five brave Disney heroines like Ariel, Moana, and Maui sailing away on an exciting voyage, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog pursuing her dreams, Rapunzel believing in herself, etc.

Disney On Ice has become one of the most acclaimed family-friendly shows in America, and it is easy to understand why. If you would like to attend one of their performances near you, make sure you check your local arena’s schedule early and purchase tickets with Vivid Seats knowing our 100% Buyer Guarantee protects them!