Top Brazilian Fitness Influencers on Instagram


Top Brazilian Fitness Influencers on Instagram encourage their followers to lead healthy lives and offer workout tips. Their content often features fitness equipment, weight loss tips, diet advice, and yoga moves.

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Renato Cariani

Renato Cariani is an acclaimed bodybuilder and social media influencer who is best known for his workout routines and inspirational messages posted to TikTok videos, garnering him over 1.2 million followers. Additionally, Renato also works professionally as both an entrepreneur and bodybuilder.

Recently, Brazilian Federal Police conducted a raid at Renato Cariani’s home and that of his business partner Fabio Spinola and discovered chemicals that can be used to produce crack and cocaine. Agents believe Cariani and Spinola redirected precursors such as ethyl acetate, acetone, ethyl ether lidocaine hydrochloride, and mannitol precursors towards drug traffickers.

Cariani, 47 years old and celebrity bodybuilder/entrepreneur with over 7 million Instagram followers, is known for his intense inner journey and for constantly seeking knowledge while building solid relationships. His life path number is 7.

Andre Carvalho

Since 2004, Portuguese photographer Andre has been photographing people, traveling, and surfing. In 2012, he was invited by Portugal’s Tourism board to document surfer Garrett McNamara for their campaign promoting continental Portugal and islands. Additionally, he’s worked on advertising campaigns with brands like ON FIRE Magazine, UP Magazine, Surf Europe, and 3Sessenta.

He currently resides in the United States, studying double bass at Manha, a School of Music in Boston, and teaching it there. Additionally, he has extensive touring experience throughout Europe and Egypt, with both leading and accompanying ensembles – appearing at international festivals like the Cairo Jazz Festival, Jazz in Viseu Festival, 50th Jazz Festival Ljubliana, etc.

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Felipe Franco

Felipe Franco is a Brazilian bodybuilder renowned for his hard work and devotion to bodybuilding. He trains like an athlete while carefully managing his diet in order to maintain his chiseled physique. Felipe serves as an inspirational source for many followers, even appearing in a documentary-form film that covers his story.

Maddu Cabral stands out among Brazilian fitness influencers by earning a 5/5 Favikon score. She shares her healthy lifestyle with her community by posting workout routines to Instagram, with an outstanding engagement rate and comment ratio.

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Ana Carolina Ribeiro

Ana Carolina Ribeiro stands out among Brazil’s fitness influencers with her toned physique and motivational Instagram posts, garnering over 6.1 million followers on IG. As an ideal choice for brands seeking to promote fitness products, Ana Carolina also brings extensive expertise in account management, sales, import assistance, and translation/interpretation.

Gracyanne Barbosa, another top Brazilian fitness influencer, promotes healthy eating habits and balanced workout routines through Instagram posts featuring workout routines, recipes, and tips for living healthily, as well as participating in social action programs like TEDxKids.

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Juliane Costa

Juliane Costa is an Instagram fitness influencer from Brazil with an excellent comment ratio and high engagement rates on her posts. We know she works as a professional dentist, too!

She boasts over 6.1 million followers on Instagram and runs an active blog featuring online coaching sessions. Her followers appreciate her seductive photos as well as reels showing gym workouts.

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Vivi Winkler

Vivi Winkler, a bodybuilder and fitness influencer with over 6M Instagram followers, is popular among her audience for sharing healthy food tips, workout routines, and inspirational messages and videos on her account.

Bodybuilding champion and fitness enthusiast, she takes great care to achieve her goals. To do so, she adheres to a strict diet with several supplements every day, eating protein, carbohydrates, and fats alongside fruits and vegetables for breakfast, as well as her favorite meal, which consists of scrambled eggs with tomato sauce and onions as her preferred breakfast dish.

Vivi has amassed an incredible 873,351 followers on Instagram and 346K average views per TikTok, making her an inspiration to many around the globe. Vivi is currently in a relationship with Igor Cariz; together, they frequently post romantic photos and videos on social media. She is also an ardent fan of soccer star Neymar.