The Benefits of a Chicago Golf Club Fitting


Chicago couplings or duck’s foot couplings, commonly referred to as quarter-turn fittings, connect hoses and equipment securely and are widely found on compressed air systems and pneumatic tools. Their quarter-turn fittings offer safety locking capability, which means they cannot accidentally become disconnected without an appropriate tool being present.

Retraction mechanisms at the head of coupling sleeves prevent disengagement during use and come equipped with special gaskets as standard features.

Golf Club Fittings

While many golfers may create a usable set of clubs by mixing and matching, club fitting can increase consistency by making sure each club suits your body type, swing characteristics, skill level, and goals for playing golf. Furthermore, custom fitting is usually no more costly than purchasing off the rack.

Professional club fitters utilize launch monitors to compare your current clubs to any new clubs or shaft combinations that might better suit your game, taking into account things such as shaft flex, lie angle, grip size, head design, and set makeup preferences as well as any personal desires at the outset of each session.

Golf club fitting companies abound, but the ideal one for you will make you feel at ease, boast experts onsite, and earn your trust. In addition, look for one with modern fitting technology and data on what each tweak does to improve performance; often, these professionals are able to uncover solutions you would never consider on your own but which could significantly boost both the score and enjoyment of golf!

Golf Bag Fittings

Complete bag fitting is a comprehensive golf club fitting session designed to assess every club in a player’s bag, such as drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. This type of fitting is especially beneficial to golfers looking to optimize their entire game; typically, this process can last four hours (some retailers offer shorter sessions); one hour of fittings is not enough time for testing equipment and analyzing swing data properly.

Make sure to arrive for your full bag fitting early so you have time to warm up and stretch before your appointment starts. Please bring along a set of clubs from home so we can establish a baseline against which we can compare any new equipment you might receive during the fitting.

Although some golfers may be tempted to upgrade all of their clubs simultaneously, it’s often more beneficial to make gradual improvements over time. Instead of replacing wedges one year and improving drivers the following, for instance, stagger your upgrades instead and purchase putters when it is necessary – this way, costs can be kept down while also increasing overall quality, allowing more time spent out on the course with confidence and quality gear!

Custom Fittings

Custom fittings not only assist golfers in selecting equipment to match their swing, but they can also give the player confidence. From beginners to seasoned pros alike, knowing their clubs have been tailored to their specific needs gives players courage when making shots – significant for senior golfers with reduced flexibility or strength who may find fitting their particular swing and body proportions more difficult.

Custom fittings and valves offer another advantage over their standard counterparts: they’ll leak less often. Also, their performance won’t be compromised by changes in temperature or pressure that might compromise it and cause damage since they were tailored specifically for their particular application.

Custom fittings offer additional time and cost savings during installation since they require fewer parts to assemble and are quicker. Plus, their safer handling makes them better value than standard designs – as well as being suitable for environments using various fluids and temperature changes – this makes custom fittings an excellent investment for industrial manufacturers.

True Spec Fittings

True Spec offers excellent master fitting services for drivers and full bags of clubs, using state-of-the-art Trackman technology to find you what you’re searching for quickly. Their master fitters are highly skilled professionals, making the process quick. Their master fitters use Trackman technology and other industry tools to identify which clubhead and shaft combination best suits each golfer’s game.

Impastato Golf Academy hosts True Spec Chicago, offering an indoor fitting bay and putting studio equipped with Foresight GC Quad technology. A brand-agnostic facility stocks premium club heads and shafts from every manufacturer, so master fitters can select a club to help improve each player’s game.

Staff at the Chicago location are trained in club repair and maintenance, offering customers assistance for any problems with existing clubs. This is an incredibly beneficial service for avid golfers who wish to ensure they’re getting maximum enjoyment out of their investments.

Though True Spec may cost more than other retail stores, their quality clubs and peace-of-mind guarantee make up for any extra costs involved in buying their clubs. Furthermore, you know if anything goes amiss, they will do everything in their power to rectify it quickly.