The Knight King Who Returned With a God Chapter 1


The Knight King Who Returned with a God, Chapter 1, offers an intricate plot and engaging characters that are sure to capture readers. This novel introduces readers to a fantastic world where gods and mortals coexist peacefully, leaving kingdoms’ fates uncertain.

Gregori’s axe struck hard into his opponent’s tower shield, penetrating armor and defenses like lightning.


Author Peter Faust skillfully weaves together a diverse cast of characters, each possessing individual motives and secrets. Chapter One introduces The Knight King Who Returned With A God’s central conflict: an evil force known as The Shadow Lord threatens to submerge all life on Earth into eternal darkness, while King Robert embarks upon an adventure filled with clashes of steel and sudden bursts of magic on his journey to unify his kingdom with similar-minded forces.

The Knight King Who Returned With a God has won over readers worldwide with its gripping plot and endearing characters, leaving fans eager for more. Chapter 31 promises to add another layer to this already compelling narrative by introducing new secrets and adding to this captivating manhwa’s suspenseful journey.

One of the most beloved characters in this story is Gregori, the Half-Knight. A mighty warrior who employs his hybrid powers to defeat his foes, his most devastating attack is The Ravenger’s Combo, an axe swing that knocks them airborne before turning into a blur of blows that penetrate through their armor; so effective is it that it even destroys full-plate armor!

Diane, from Megadoza’s Giants’ clan, represents another interesting character. She bears envy, symbolized by a serpent tattooed on her thigh; unlike her more aggressive relatives, she prefers not to fight and avoids confrontations whenever possible. Being tall also causes her to feel vulnerable.

The Knight King Who Returned With A God features an eclectic cast of characters such as Merlin, Gowther, Guila, and Escanor, who were drawn from historical, mythological, or cultural sources, making the story suitable for readers interested in fantasy, romance, and action genres alike.


The Knight King Who Returned with a God, Chapter 1, introduces the central conflict that drives this tale forward. An evil force has arisen that threatens to envelop our world in perpetual darkness; those desperate for salvation look toward The Knight King as their only hope, with the author creating suspense with each word about his return spreading throughout the land.

This tale takes place in an imaginative world filled with magical elements, dukes, and knights. Leon had once been a slave but has since been born into a noble family with wealth and power, now leading an army of soldiers as their leader and possessing an intriguing weapon that can transform him into godhood.

Leon’s opponent employed their Great Shield to defend against Leon’s attacks, blocking any damage with ease from Leon’s assaults. When Leon tried to use his sword against them, its blade did not penetrate their opponent’s armor, which gleamed golden under Leon’s sword attack—an indication of defeat before even beginning!

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an exciting manga series that keeps readers on their toes. With a captivating plot, captivating characters, and breathtaking artwork that will leave readers wanting more, The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an essential read for manga enthusiasts everywhere.


The Knight King Who Returned With A God, Chapter 1, provides readers with an intriguing adventure set in an ancient era when kingdoms’ fates hang in the balance as an enigmatic Knight King emerges to take on his next great challenge. The captivating plot and memorable characters will enthrall readers while they experience this epic tale!

Beginning with a prologue that transports readers back in time and place, a legend retold takes readers on an extraordinary adventure where gods and mortals coexist peacefully. Additionally, we meet an enigmatic figure known as the Knight King, an iconic figure who vanished centuries before leaving behind an unknown legacy.

Gregori used his speed to his advantage, dodging the holy blasts of his opponent as they were unleashed rapidly. Moving forward, he attempted to cut through Bulwark’s tower shield’s defense but instead met a forceful blowback as its absorbency dispersed it back onto Gregori.

In addition to its impressive worldbuilding, The Knight King Who Returned with a God is also noted for its exquisite artwork, which will enthrall fans. Characters are vividly rendered, while action scenes are energetic and dynamic—something many other movies lack. Furthermore, its protagonist (MC) exhibits adult behavior instead of behaving like a child—something not often found elsewhere.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an essential read for fantasy and adventure fans. As an original from Naver, it has captured people all over the globe thanks to an engaging tale of redemption, suspense, and action that’s not too hard on your wallet either! Comic Naver offers it in Korean, while an English translation will be released officially in 2023; alternatively, there are always unofficial translation websites offering HD images with fast loading speeds, so you don’t miss any action-packed moments from Comic Naver!


The Knight King Who Returned with a God, Chapter 1, is an unforgettable fantasy adventure that promises to enthrall readers from beginning to end. The author masterfully weaves an intricate web of intrigue and mystery, featuring an engaging cast of characters with different motives and secrets—transporting readers back in time where gods and mortals coexist harmoniously.

The White Knight’s hammer sparkled as his opponent began to radiate sacred light. To shield himself against these attacks, Gregori activated his anti-magic skill to deflect bullets easily and absorb magical energy being fired while turning it into physical shock waves that hit back against his adversary.

At that very instant, his adversary unleashed his hammer upon him, and it struck against the tower shield, sending a shudder of pain and electricity through Gregori’s body before reforming into a column of flame that burned across the sky.

Even with his unparalleled strength, the White Knight was powerless against Gregori’s powerful assault. Anticipating his opponent’s fury and knowing one of their weaknesses was their wild swings, Gregori lowered his defenses while using his great shield as a protective measure to parry any blow that came their way.

As the knight struggled to maintain control of his shield, it suddenly fell forward and started sinking into the earth, throwing off his ability to defend against an impending blow.

Chapter 31 of The Knight King Who Returned with a God will feature Kirik’s observations as he observes from above. Kirik, Leon’s trusty companion and confidant, can see things that his human counterparts cannot.

The Knight King Who Returned with a God is an engaging fantasy drama manhwa that follows an orphan who finds herself thrust into a magical new world filled with knights, dukes, and magical elements. With its intricate plot and captivating characters that keep readers guessing until the very last page, readers are sure to be entranced by this riveting series, which can be read on Naver Webtoon.