The Heavenly Demon Cant Live a Normal Life


The Heavenly Demon is known for his frivolity. He holds full access to and control over Akasha Library’s vast knowledge.

He believes Roman Dimitry to be God incarnate, giving him unmatched power and authority.

The Heavenly Demon’s Faces

Demons are frightening entities capable of taking various forms, often appearing as horrific, horrifying, and terrifying figures to scare and alarm their victims. Also, demons usually make strange noises or emit an awful odor when present; in contrast with angels, representing God’s uncreated light and goodness, demons symbolize Satan and hell.

They began life as angels, but when they rebelled against God, they became fallen angels, serving Satan’s overarching goal of tempting humans into sin. Lucifer started life as an angel before betraying God and fighting with other traitors until he was banned from heaven and became the leader of all demons fighting God and his faithful followers. Lucifer eventually becomes Satan himself, overseeing all these fallen angels in their fight against Him and them all as demon kings, which led him down a dark path, becoming King of demons to serve him in his ultimate goal of tempting humans into sinful behaviors he created as part of his overreach against him by Satan himself, a fallen angel himself. Lucifer once used an angel that betrayed God before being expelled. He became King of demons, controlling all fallen angels against him and His faithful followers while being banished as King of terrors, overseeing their battle against each other before becoming King of monsters himself and managing all fallen angels fighting on behalf of each other and them all while fighting God’s faithful followers against each other, which led directly against all forms of resistance!

Though he may appear different on different occasions, the Heavenly Demon is one of the most potent demons on Earth. With his power and authority, he can use this to corrupt, mutate, and kill opponents, such as leaders of godly societies such as Zeus, Odin, and Brahma, through disease from this powerful demon—for instance, by infecting them with his “Heavenly Demon Disease.”

His initial manifestations were inspired by some of the most notorious demons from history, such as Molech, a half-man/half-bull creature worshipped for his ability to perform child sacrifices, who became one of his primary idols, represented humankind’s darker side and demonstrated that brute strength overpowers intellectualism.

Each Heavenly Demon’s “Faces” were said to be different and have distinct personalities, yet they also shared powers and abilities that could quickly put them on par with an Emperor-Level God or Transcendent Being. Monkey King, Yvlke, and Black King were each considered “Sheddings of Heavenly Demons,” meaning they possessed access to all his abilities, authority, and capabilities.

The demon was also said to be robust and knowledgeable, using his immense powers to alter reality and the universe while keeping an eye on Earth from above.

The Heavenly Demon’s Power

A heavenly demon is one of the world’s most formidable creatures, capable of using his powers to manipulate physical laws for his benefit and easily create miracles. Furthermore, they possess potent curses against their foes, which may lead to their near death, and their arsenal of abilities is constantly expanding.

In his previous life, he served as the Light Keeper’s first reincarnation, or “face.” With this power came the ability to manipulate any residual light left after the Big Bang; using this ability, he created identical copies of himself who thought and felt independently of their creator but could only interact with him with prior approval.

He is also an expert at manipulating space and time. With this ability, he can travel swiftly through the multiverse to rescue those close to him, changing past events for their benefit. Through this power, he has changed history in many ways.

Studies have also demonstrated that heavenly demons can use their powers to form a holographic image of themselves that can serve as an avatar, access information, and communicate with others, similarly to how virtual reality works. Furthermore, this image can serve as protection from danger or help with the execution of plans.

The heavenly demon can also cast spells that allow him to manipulate the physical world around him, such as summoning objects or casting curses—abilities that prove invaluable in battles against the Dark King as they allow them to stay one step ahead.

One thing to note is that Satan and his fallen angels must remember that, regardless of his power, to tempt or harm those who believe in him, he must first receive permission from God before initiating any attacks on them. When attacking Job, for example, he asked permission before starting any attempts on him.

The Heavenly Demon’s Authority

At first, when the Heavenly Demon first came into the Moorim world, he was seen as the most powerful demon ever known—even the Devil Army submitted to him! However, upon reincarnation, his situation changed drastically: with an inferior human body and facing new obstacles, his warrior spirit remained unshaken.

As a transcendent being, the heavenly demon possesses an in-depth knowledge of his environment and its inhabitants, giving him an incredible grasp of life on Earth and among its inhabitants. This understanding enables him to manipulate events around him while inflicting powerful curses upon anyone he wishes, as was evident when he cursed Bishop Highl of the Devil Army nearly to death with one curse from him.

In addition to his abilities, the heavenly demon is also highly intelligent. He possesses an advanced grasp of strategy and tactics and is adept at reading people’s minds. Additionally, this exceptional martial artist makes for an extremely dangerous opponent.

The heavenly demon possesses numerous special abilities that enable him to remain alive even in deadly situations, such as quickly regenerating blood after attacks that would kill other creatures—a handy skill in combat when used against his enemies to retaliate and regain power.

His abilities of omnipotence and omniscience are also indispensable tools, as they allow him to control all parts of existence with his light while also seeing and witnessing all events occurring across space-time. Furthermore, they enable them to create barriers around themselves and their allies, which defend them from any attack.

The heavenly demon has many skills, making him one of the most dangerous beings in the Moorim world. While he has great power and charisma as a leader, he also shows incredible kindness towards others, often helping and befriending those despite their pasts, despite this dangerous past. Because of this, he has gained the trust of many in the Muslim world.

The Heavenly Demon’s Disciples

The disciples of a heavenly demon can be described as highly violent warriors who believe themselves above the laws of their respective societies, with no regard for mercy in combating enemies or taking over power from opponents without hesitation. Furthermore, their activities remain hidden and mysterious since they operate under the cover of religious cults.

Dragon King Baal, one of the heavenly demon’s most prominent disciples, is an extraordinary martial artist with time-bending powers who uses this to his advantage by attacking opponents with lightning-speed attacks, causing them to lose balance and creating openings in defenses. Baal can control time to his advantage and uses this ability in his attacks on them, causing them to lose their balance and creating spaces for himself and other martial artists to attack him at lightning speed, causing them to become vulnerable against him. Baal also boasts numerous talents, like martial arts training, occult rituals, and dark magic; however, his fiery temper can be soothed through flattery or a soothing ego massage.

He possesses numerous lethal techniques, such as demon madness, confusion, protection, bloody hands, and various soul-siphon techniques designed to drain vital energy from his enemies. Furthermore, he developed his cultivation method, in which he would steal and combine techniques from multiple sects with occult rituals to increase his strength, often plundering spiritual energy from cultivators and demonic beasts for increased stability.

As a transcendent being, the heavenly demon holds absolute authority over light and near-final control over the universe’s laws because he created them in the first place. Furthermore, they possess immense powers to shape reality around them while at the same time having access to its entirety, meaning they can easily bend it around them and observe everything within it at the same time.

The heavenly demon is one of the few beings capable of manipulating and controlling time to his advantage, which he does through time travel. He has even been observed turning back several centuries without exertion. Additionally, he can access Akasha’s records, which provide him with infinite knowledge of all universes.

The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life manga is an epic fantasy comic featuring exciting confrontations, epic battles, and unexpected plot twists. Its compelling world-building and stunning artwork keep readers engaged throughout.