The Dreaming Boy is a Realist – Book Review


Wataru Sajou has long been known in school for his clingy behavior toward Aika Natsukawa, whom he often follows and professes his affection for. Wataru often shadows Aika, following her and confessing his one-sided love to her.

But soon after, he realizes she will never reciprocate his feelings and begins distancing herself from him.

1. Wataru Sojou

Wataru is an intelligent and well-mannered high school student. Although he may sometimes tease his classmates (much to Keito Hasumi’s displeasure), all this teasing is done lightheartedly and harmlessly. Furthermore, Wataru is also known to help out friends when necessary.

Wataru may seem ordinary, but his intelligence and diligence earned him praise from influential people such as Shinomiya, the leader of the Public Moral Committee. Wataru often tried to help his classmates with personal difficulties while being highly adept at reading people—qualities that cemented his place within his school community as a respected member.

Aspiring actress and singer. He is a highly talented performer who radiates his bright personality in all his work. He is an expert in acting and often offers guidance to his peers.

Wataru initially attempts to avoid Aika; however, she persists in getting him involved with her female classmates and socializing with them. She tries to get Wataru to talk with other girls, including Koga, who often offends. Aika even invites Wataru over for a party at her house, where she attempts seduction; however, he eventually declines and leaves.

Wataru slowly realizes he is attracted to Aika and decides to try to communicate more. Unfortunately, this proves challenging due to her tsundere reactions; attempts at flirting were interrupted when a soccer ball nearly struck his head, almost shattering his heart. Eventually, she revealed she was starting to miss him, which made him even happier; after which, he attempted a kiss, but she flinched and told him it wasn’t yet time. Apologizing profusely afterward, he went about his part-time job at a second-hand bookstore and joined the student council and discipline committee as part-time volunteers.

2. Aika Natsukawa

Over the past several years, Aika Natsukawa has become deeply drawn to her classmate Wataru Sajou and daydreams about their future together. However, she doesn’t realize he feels similarly; Wataru knows his feelings but doesn’t show them; instead, he pushes her away and makes her think he hates her instead of being open about them.

Wataru realizes he needs to alter his approach towards Aika after an unfortunate soccer ball collision nearly strikes her in the face, leading him to gradually withdraw his affection for her and keep a greater distance between themselves. Aika finds this odd, fearing that perhaps Wataru might no longer love her and insisting that they still love each other.

Aika is a lovely girl who strives to do what’s right. She is extremely close with Kei and visits their home frequently. Aika sports bright orange locks with square bangs that she keeps open during school days and emerald green eyes; her cute appearance has earned her great respect among students in her school.

Aika has shown outstanding commitment and effort towards her studies, working hard in middle school to care for her younger sister while improving the family finances. Such dedication earned her a reputation for hard work.

She has since established herself as an influential member of her school community, being extremely friendly and kind towards her peers, often helping with homework or any issues they are having with schoolwork or any other problems they might be having. Aika also enjoys a highly protective relationship with both of her parents.

3. Aika’s friends

Since Aika Natsukawa first entered his class, Wataru Sajo has been obsessed with her. He daydreams about their being together and persistently pursues her to get her attention—only for her to respond with rejection every time! Eventually, he comes to his senses and realizes she isn’t his ideal match, so he begins distancing himself from her, but Aika mistakes this for dislike, trying to interact with him anyway and sparking off an exciting romantic comedy adventure with unpredictable situations!

As Aika struggles with her attitude towards him, Kei suggests she pursue him herself. Aika initially feels helpless but soon remembers she initiated their courtship; perhaps it is time to reciprocate.

While Aika may be confused over her feelings, her other friends are supportive and seek to help. Classmate Taakaki is interested in Aika but doesn’t appear particularly concerned when Taakaki tells Wataru about it, while Aika’s classmate Kaede is furious with her for bullying him and wants her to apologize directly to him.

As she attempts to help her classmates, she runs into Shinomiya, the Moral Public Committee president. She praises him for how well he interacted with Inatomi, who was afraid of men, then asks for advice on how to boost the committee’s spirits. His response seems less than enthusiastic when she mentions that she needs support.

Aika is an attractive young girl with upper-back length bright orange hair tied in a loose ponytail and square bangs pulled back down on one side of her face, as well as striking green eyes that shimmer emerald-green. She is well known for being friendly and diligent, yet she sometimes feels overwhelmed in school due to not performing at her full potential. Aika takes great care in looking out for Airi, her younger sister. She holds her precious sister Airi with immense affection.

4. Aika’s family

Aika is an introverted girl who finds it hard to open up to other people, yet she still impresses her crewmates with her potential and strength in battle. Though timid at heart, Aika can take on Marines and their fleet admiral Akainu multiple times during her short stint with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Aika hails from Russian and Japanese heritage and is an outstanding student. She enjoys watching anime and reading manga with romance themes. Additionally, Aika enjoys drawing and cooking; she even hosts lifestyle vlogs on YouTube that showcase delicious-looking meals that’ll make you drool with hunger!

Koetsu High School student Aika has active membership in both the Moral Public Committee and Basketball Club at Koetsu High School, in addition to her Vlogs. Aika’s mother, Rin, is an excellent chef who makes delicious traditional Japanese meals. Kaede, her older sister in her 3rd year and Vice President of the Student Council, frequently teases Aika for having feelings for Takaaki, who doesn’t reciprocate his affection towards Aika.

Aika enjoys cooking and making vlogs but is also an amateur gamer. Monster Hunter and Pokemon are her go-to titles; she likes video games with fantasy or romantic themes like Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Z.

Aika enjoys spending her free time with friends. She has an extraordinary gift for singing and piano playing. Aika works part-time, hosting Four Shine during the day while spending her evenings creating girl talk vlogs and baking treats in her free time.

The Dreaming Boy Is a Realist is a Japanese light novel written by Okemaru and illustrated by Saba Mizore. It was initially serialized on Shosetsuka ni Naro before being later acquired by Hobby Japan for publication under their HJ Bunko imprint.