Small Straws in a Soft Wind


Soft Wind

A softwind is any light breeze that blows gently at sea or on land. Sometimes, people refer to gentle breezes as “wind whispers”; this term can also refer to words spoken softly.

Benny Goodman composed, and Fred Royal wrote the lyrics to this 1940 jazz standard song, “Soft Wind,” making it one of the most recorded jazz standards ever. Chet Baker and Dinah Washington recorded it, though its piano part requires an experienced pianist for proper accompaniment.

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Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops often serve drinks with straws attached. Unfortunately, these plastic straws tend to end up in landfills or recycling machines unrecycled, creating waste that’s never reused again. Kolorae offers stylish reusable straws in various colors and sizes that help reduce single-use plastic use; choose one from their collection to perfectly match the cup and personality! We even provide sets of four copper straws explicitly designed for taller cups or travel mugs and mini stainless steel drinking straws equipped with cleaning brushes for easy maintenance!

Our straw sizes range from school milk to giant, each designed for specific beverage applications.


There are various sizes of straws. The smallest, known as a “school milk” straw, has an approximate diameter of 0.25″. Jumbo and super jumbo straws are more prominent in diameter for thick drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, bubble tea, or slushies. Boba straws with large holes for holding balls exist, too, while for taller beverages or travel mugs, there are even colossal-sized versions!

Some people drink through straws because of nerve or muscle issues that prevent them from adequately holding a cup or glass, yet doing so can contribute to lip wrinkles, bloating, cavities, and tooth staining. Plastic straws may also pose environmental threats when broken down into microplastics in the ocean; these microplastics are consumed by marine creatures such as turtles, seagulls, and fish, which ultimately end up as food for humans, too!