University of Sistan and Baluchestan


Established in 1974, the University of Sistan & Baluchestan is a public higher education institution located in an urban setting and predominantly coeducational. Offering courses leading to officially recognized degrees. Have the Best information about دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان.

Economics and Management, Fine Arts, Iranshahr Teacher Training, Earth Sciences and Geography, and Educational Science and Psychology are some of the thirteen faculties.


The University of Sistan and Baluchestan (USB), founded in 1974 and accredited by Iran’s Ministry of Science Research and Technology, offers courses at both undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels; furthermore, it houses several research institutes as well as has an array of student clubs that contribute to its vibrant intellectual atmosphere on campus.

Admissions at the university are highly selective, and applicants are selected based on criteria including academic achievement, personal statement/essay/letter of recommendation/interview, potential leadership potential, and community involvement that will benefit the university. Furthermore, special consideration is given to those coming from low-income households, neighborhoods, schools, or colleges.

Finding a program that fits your needs and interests is of utmost importance, whether studying science, medicine, engineering, or social sciences – Iran offers something suitable! Finding your ideal program may take time, so research is advisable. Exploring various university websites may prove fruitful as you compare tuition fees, application periods, and any possible scholarships offered.

If you are an international student looking for information on applying to the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, visit its website for details on how to apply. With a range of degrees offered and an admitted process that is competitive enough that applicants should apply early. To submit before deadlines pass.

This university greatly emphasizes developing its postgraduate programs, with many PhD research projects currently under development. Furthermore, the Chabahar International Campus was recently established to meet regional and global educational demands more efficiently.

Campus life

The University of Sistan and Baluchistan is an outstanding Iranian university with an enviable academic reputation, offering degrees at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate, and solid research capabilities that attract leading academics. Situated in Zahedan in southern Iran, it features 13 faculties: chemical engineering, administration and accounting, architecture, arts and culture, geography and environmental planning, mathematics, music, theology, petroleum, science, technology, politics, international relations, and sciences.

This university offers students diverse activities and events, from comedy shows to late-night programs and theater performances, art openings, and art club meetings to over 380 groups with cultural, religious, or professional interests – giving students plenty of ways to enjoy themselves at university.

Alongside student-run organizations, the university boasts an exceptional faculty and staff and ample internship and research opportunities. Many programs at this campus are taught in English, while others may also be conducted in Persian.

The university boasts a longstanding record of collaboration with foreign universities and researchers and has established partnerships in over 50 countries around the globe. Its international programs have proven a critical strength that helps it compete globally. More recently, the Chabahar International campus was opened, further boosting research capacity. Furthermore, this new facility allows USB to join the international higher education arena and attract a diverse student body – currently, over 100 PhD students are studying here from overseas!

Courses offered

Students enrolled at the University of Sistan & Baluchestan can choose from an extensive selection of language and certificate programs. These courses aim to introduce new techniques, enhance academic performance, and allow students to engage in scientific research activities.

The University of Sistan & Baluchestan stands out among Iran’s premier institutions by providing an impressive selection of degrees in various disciplines. Furthermore, numerous scholarships are provided to international students at this university – making it an attractive option for international students seeking top-quality education at an economical cost.

Established in 1974, this university has expanded to three campuses in Zahedan, Iranshahr, and Chabahar. As one of the premier educational hubs of southeast Iran, its high national ranking and establishment of new independent universities bear testimony to this fact.

Iran, one of the Middle East’s largest nations, boasts an abundance of cultural and intellectual resources to offer visitors. Its long history and diverse terrain have made Iran an attractive option for students looking for a distinctive educational experience; universities in Iran offer programs tailored specifically for international students.

The University of Sistan and Baluchestan is a medium-sized public, non-profit university in an urban environment featuring coeducation. Offering courses leading to officially recognized bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctorate degrees and research output surpassing national norms.

This university ranks 91st worldwide for Environmental Science, 122nd for Biology, 127th for Chemistry, and 162nd in Mathematical Sciences. With an exceptional track record in Physics research papers generating high citation rates.

The University of Rochester provides a broad selection of courses in Business, Engineering, and Social Sciences as well as international study opportunities such as study abroad programs and exchange programs as well as online classes taught by its world-class faculty in state-of-the-art facilities.


At their graduation ceremonies, students will receive their diplomas and enjoy a day of festivities to commemorate and celebrate their time in college and any friends who helped them achieve goals together with family, friends, and mentors. Students must prepare for this important event so they don’t miss any moments of its celebrations!

The university offers various programs and degrees for both local and international students. You can find out more by visiting their website, which outlines tuition fees and admission policy; these prices should only be taken as approximates as they don’t include accommodation costs, textbook costs, or living expenses – therefore, treat this information only as a guideline.

As well as academic programs, the university boasts an impressive research profile. It has published 5,987 scientific papers with 54,256 citations; its researchers have contributed to physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology research fields.

Universities in Iran provide students with an impressive range of majors and programs, covering every region and city throughout Iran. Their campuses boast top-quality education and research, an established global reputation, and house distinguished scholars.

The University of Sistan and Baluchestan is situated in Zahedan, the capital of its respective province. Established in 1974 with an inaugural Faculty of Engineering class, the institution has expanded into Chabahar, Iranshahr, and Saravan with satellite campuses to meet increased enrollment numbers.

The university is a non-profit public higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Offering courses and programs leading to officially identified higher education degrees across several fields, its students hail from all areas across India, including rural regions and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, as one of the leaders in medical research, it has contributed significantly to numerous discoveries and developments over time.

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