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Cyprus is an island nation located east of Greece and Greece to the northeast, north to Egypt, south of Turkey to Turkey to the south; its culture and geopolitics are predominantly Southeast European in origin. Additionally, Cyprus is part of the European Union.


Recent news from Cyprus, a European Union country located on an eastern Mediterranean island. Presidents and governments are elected through universal suffrage for five-year terms, with legislative power vested in the House of Representatives. Cyprus’s independent judiciary upholds both executive and legislative authorities.

The Greek Cypriot Enosis movement sought a united island under their control. Their leaders saw the Zurich-London agreements as essential steps toward this end, but the enosis never took place as planned. Instead, Turkish Cypriots unilaterally declared themselves their own state in 1983, which was not recognized by international bodies.

BEONIX, an upstart dance festival on Europe’s festival scene, takes place each year in Cyprus, known for its year-round sun and bustling food scene. Euronews Culture visited BEONIX to see if music lovers should add it to their travel itinerary.

Cyprus enjoys a subtropical climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers, although temperatures can drop substantially in central Cyprus near the Troodos Mountains, where snowfall occurs during wintertime. Due to the legacy of British rule, Cyprus remains one of three EU nations in which cars drive on the left-hand side of roads; furthermore, it has joined both the eurozone and single market membership.


Although de jure sovereign over all of Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus only controls the southern, Greek-speaking part. The international community has not recognized Turkish Cypriots’ self-declared state in the north. Both sides remain deadlocked over property and reunification issues, and the economy suffers from global trends like trade protectionism and declining commodity prices.

Freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed and generally respected in practice. While the government financially supports and subsidizes Orthodox Christian religious institutions, non-Orthodox Christians and Muslims are free to establish their facilities. State schools also teach religious instruction without advocating any particular faith or ideology; there have been some complaints over textbooks that use negative language about Turkish Cypriots and Turkey and how sensitive historical/unification topics are handled.

Anticorruption laws are generally observed and enforced, though concerns have been expressed over early releases of criminals and an apparent preference to grant pardons to wealthy individuals and businesspeople. Furthermore, senior government officials have been implicated in high-profile corruption scandals; Russia was held accountable for its actions in Ukraine through sanctions imposed against it; workers are free to form independent trade unions without reprisals or discrimination by their employers;


Cyprus is widely respected for producing talented athletes. Footballer Sotiris Kaiafas earned the European Golden Shoe in 1975-76, while tennis player Marcos Baghdatis reached the Wimbledon semi-finals and was ranked eighth worldwide at that time. Kyriakos Ioannou became Cyprus’s highest-profile Olympian, winning a bronze medal in the Vancouver 2010 men’s event in the high jump competition.

Fans can watch the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers between Cyprus and Spain live and on-demand with fuboTV’s seven-day free trial, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast devices, and web browsers. Sony LIV will broadcast this event in India, and Luis Aragones will lead Cyprus’ national team during this competition.


Are you dreaming of living the island life on the Mediterranean Sea? Cyprus may be just what you’re searching for – a safe and thriving country offering real estate prices at a fraction of what’s seen on mainland Europe, making it one of the world’s most cost-effective living locations.

Cyprus attracts expats for many reasons, from its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine to one of the healthiest diets on Earth. However, there are some key considerations you need to bear in mind before making this move.

Cyprus is officially composed of Greek and Turkish, though English is spoken widely throughout. Indeed, you’ll likely come across English on most road signs and restaurant menus; no wonder then that many online entrepreneurs choose Cyprus to set up shop. As such, nomad hubs of Cyprus are becoming increasingly diverse.

Cyprus offers much in terms of culture, from ancient ruins to contemporary art galleries – something for everyone in this historic and diverse country. Furthermore, with a thriving economy and highly educated workforce. However, expats sometimes report slow and ineffective service delivery by Cypriot authorities; one expat commented on how administrative tasks take longer than expected to complete.