Miniature High Park Cows


Miniature high park cows make beautiful additions to farms. Not only are they gentle, halter-trained, and generally sweet-tempered, but their efficient grazing requires little barn space or feed costs.

Minnie is an eye-catching micro mini highpark heifer with striking colors. Chondro is positive; she is confirmed bred to Tex and will have her 2024 highpark calf!


This sweet and gentle girl would make the ideal first mini highland cow for anyone. Registered with AHCA and up-to-date on her vaccinations and deworming treatments, this heifer boasts a gentle temperament ready for her forever home now!

Queenie is an exquisite miniature high park cow with an easygoing temperament and gentle mothering instinct, making her ideal for raising calves. As well as being easy to keep and care for, she has also been given spring vaccinations and deworming treatments on time.

Mini Highland cattle are playful and friendly animals. Their long hair helps them stay warm during winter, protects them from undergrowth, and protects them from insects such as flies. Furthermore, there is a distinct age hierarchy, with young cows showing respect to older ones.

This adorable young heifer was sired by Dot, our 40″ non-chondro dun highland cow. She will remain naturally small but remains very sweet; she has already socialized and is working on her halter skills. Now, ready to find its forever farm.


Minnie, an adorable 7-month-old high park cross micro-mini heifer, is sure to become part of any miniature breeding program or ready for her forever farm home! With stunning coloring and a thick coat of hair. Minnie leads well on a halter and is very sweet; her thick skin makes grooming easy, too! Chondro positive, Minnie will remain small on its own. Ready now for her forever farm home!

Miniature high park cows are increasingly sought-after due to their beauty and calm demeanor. Some buyers even use them as tax write-offs for agricultural property exemptions. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for the responsibility that comes with caring for a herd: long-haired breeds such as these require more regular vaccinations than others.

Also, many miniature high park cows aren’t purebred Highlands but crossbred with other breeds such as Dexters – this increases the risk of herds developing bulldog calves that could prove deadly genetic disease for any pack. Therefore, it is wise to conduct your research prior to buying one of these miniature high park cows.


Rocco is an exquisite yellow heifer born in August who can help bring roan highland cattle breeding programs. She features an attractive short face with beautiful short locks. Additionally, Rocco has been proven chondro-positive and polled. Additionally, she stands as an impressive mini highland cow.

Breed these miniature goats for meat or milk production, or keep them as pets on your ranch – either way, they add beauty and character. People become attracted to them from watching their antics on TikTok; once seen live, they cannot resist purchasing one for themselves.

Rocco (pronounced RAAK-coh) is an Italian boy’s name that translates to “rock” or “stone,” often combined with its feminine form, Rose, for added impact. Rocco can be an appropriate choice for children who are susceptible to injuries or accidents as its strength-giving meaning conveys strength and toughness; alternatively, it could appeal to boys who hail from an Italian heritage or enjoy watching Rocky movies.


Isabella is an adorable 100% miniature Scottish Highland cow with beautiful flowy hair and an endearing personality who loves being scratched! Isabella was recently bred to a mini High Park bull who is chondro negative, making an ideal mother.

Miniature cattle are easy to care for and withstand harsh climates. Their small size also helps preserve grass and improve soil, making them perfect for small farms or as an educational tool to teach children about livestock. Miniature breeders may even produce more tender beef due to more accessible breeding efforts than their standard-sized counterparts.

The Miniature Highland Cattle Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting miniature Highland cattle breeding, ownership, use, education materials, and forums. Members include both hobbyists and professional breeders; hobbyists may keep their cattle as pet herds while professional breeders sell meat or milk from them for meat production or sale; there is even a herd registry available to members who wish to register their herds with this group.


This adorable miniature heifer has everything you could ask for in a small cow, from her great build and color to abundant hair. She would make an ideal candidate to cross with a micro-high park bull to produce stunning calves!

She is Chip’s daughter; he has proven himself an outstanding herd sire for us, as evidenced by this girl. She will bring tremendous roan highland calves to your breeding program!

She is suspected contrapositive at 21 inches and polled pending testing. Her dam, Gertie, is one of our sweetest Lowline cows who consistently produces well-structured and gently dispositioned heifers, making her an excellent foundation cow to build your herd around.


Abby is an exquisite red 100% mini Highland cross heifer. Known for her long-flowing locks and relaxed personality, Abby loves being scratched and cuddled! Abby makes an excellent addition to any herd!

Miniature cows have seen increased demand due to an increasing awareness of sustainable and ethical meat sources. According to advocates, small cattle may be easier to manage and less damaging for grass and fencing on farms, producing tenderer meat than full-sized cows as they need less feed and their smaller bodies place less strain on trailers and land compared to their full-sized counterparts. Unfortunately, miniature cows may not be suitable for all buyers – some buyers may prefer other breeds or sizes instead of miniature ones.

Cows can grow to weigh 1,400 pounds. Being such a substantial animal, not everyone wants to deal with one that might come barreling toward you when approached by strangers. That is why finding a reliable breeder and avoiding deals that seem too good to be authentic is essential in markets where scammers may operate.


Queso, daughter of Chip, our miniature high park cow, is an adorable young boy who always wants to be close by your side. He will nuzzle up against you for food or let you know when he needs more – an indication he may one day become a breeding bull himself! Queso’s sweet disposition and strong bond with people make him the ideal herd sire candidate in training!

Queso can be enjoyed with various toppings, such as tortilla chips, sour cream, guacamole, and mini empanadas – and its widespread availability across America is evidence of its immense popularity! Tangy fried pickles can also add an irresistibly crunchy twist. Melted cheese shows the general love for chips and queso worldwide while creating an enjoyable communal culinary experience.

Doguet carefully chooses her buyers for her animals, vetting each one to ensure they can provide adequate care for her livestock. In addition, she offers a buyback policy so as to guarantee her animals don’t end up on exotic animal markets or online cattle auctions where they could become vulnerable and endanger the lives of miniature Highlands. Doguet hopes her mission of keeping Mini Highlands out of harm’s way and out of evil hands succeeds.


Margaret was a brilliant woman who quickly made a name for herself in New Orleans. With the money she earned working at her bakery, Margaret purchased two cows and a milk cart to sell her product directly to poor residents in New Orleans from street corners. Over time, she became an integral member of her community; people of all ranks would consult with her when making crucial business decisions.

Miniature cattle (also referred to as micro cattle or hi-park) are smaller versions of regular cattle that stand about 36 inches at their hip. Because these creatures are easier to manage than full-sized varieties, miniature cattle make great learning tools for children about cattle and make rotation easier when rotating pastures.

This heifer displays stunning color and structurally perfect construction with short legs and full fluffy hair – an ideal combination for crossing to a Highpark bull.