Barcelona Beach Restaurants


Barcelona’s beach restaurants—or “xiringuitos,” as locals refer to them—add an unforgettable element to any seaside visit. Specializing in seafood platters, grilled fish dishes, and the best local paella dishes, they are guaranteed to put any day spent relaxing by the water right over the edge. Learn the best info about Restaurants de Barcelona.

Bogatell Beach’s legendary olinguito has been operating since 1992 and boasts some of the best arroces (paella’s regional cousin) available anywhere.

Xiringuito Escriba

Xiringuito Escriba opened in 1992 during Barcelona’s Olympic Games and boasts spectacular views of Bogatell beach. It is a traditional beach bar that typically operates during summer months only. However, this restaurant serves delicious Spanish fare all year long, including paella, chilled tomato soup gazpacho, fragrant omelet tortilla, and the beloved potato dish patatas bravas. Plus, its founder, Joan Escriba, hails from a distinguished baking family that provides amazing desserts at Pasteleria Escriba Gran Via!

At this restaurant, guests must experience its exquisite seafood plates – especially their delectable grilled sardines with mint and battered langoustines in romesco sauce! Additionally, there’s a selection of tapas and rice dishes, such as their famous saffron-flavored paella. With four distinctive paella flavors (Escriba Valencia Squid Ink Vegetarian), all offering delightful aromatic flavors, there’s sure to be something deliciously fragrant to tantalize any palate!

At this restaurant, the atmosphere is relaxed yet warm, featuring a mixture of tables and chairs. Service is fast and helpful, providing the ideal setting to take in breathtaking seaside views while dining. Furthermore, this establishment boasts an extensive beverage selection that features white, red, sparkling, and sangria options at competitive prices that pair beautifully with Spanish cuisine.

Ca la Paquita

Ca La Paquita, a completely renovated cafeteria and restaurant located in Campdevanol (Ripolles), invites its patrons to experience daily dishes, combination plates, exciting croquetas, cold and hot sandwiches, as well as sangria or other warm drinks – perfect for warm days in Campdevanol (Ripolles).

If you want a respite from Barcelona’s bustle during summer and wish for an idyllic beach meal experience, this spot offers just that. Although slightly out of the way, it is well worth making the effort!

At La Gastronomique, their menu offers Mediterranean and market cuisine using quality products for innovative dishes. You will also find an impressive wine selection to enhance your dining experience.

Atmospherically, this restaurant strikes an ideal balance between elegant and casual – perfect for date nights or unwinding after work. Take in views of both sea and port while dining either here for lunch or dinner daily – even takingaway is available!

Can Sole

Barceloneta restaurant offers an inviting environment where diners can sample Mediterranean, marine, and Catalan fare. Their specialty paellas and seafood dishes should not be missed! Their famous octopus carpaccio should not go untested! Their atmosphere is both welcoming and relaxing – the atmosphere makes for the ideal dining experience!

CHIRINGUITO BARCELONA (beach bars) are true Barcelona classics, known for their low ceilings and rustic charm. Jovial waiters serve regulars who have dined here for over 100 years; artists Joan Miro and Antoni Tapies are frequent diners here, too! Enjoy traditional tapas like grilled clams in garlic sauce, Cantabrian anchovies, or baked cuttlefish before diving in with classic fish stews, fillets of wild turbot, or sticky paella.

But the real draw of this restaurant lies in its top-of-the-line rice dishes, widely considered among the best in town. Offering eight distinct recipes, from classic paella to two black rice versions with squid ink and soupy arroz caldosos (soupy rice), you can even order special arroz caldosos to take home with you on wooden spoons – the perfect way to spend a beach day! Plus, the portions are generous, and the service is excellent—an unforgettable dining experience in Barcelona!


Barceloneta is a restaurant that pays homage to Mediterranean cuisine. Its extensive seafood paella selection can be enjoyed indoors in an airy living room-style dining space or outside on its sea-view terrace.

This informal beach bar is famous for its delectable seafood and tapas dishes, delicious cocktails, and impeccable service. Perfect for brunch after a night of partying or for relaxing on the beach and sipping a refreshing glass of wine in the sun, La Barceloneta Beach Bar should not be missed during any visit to La Barceloneta!

Agua is an ideal beverage to bring along to the beach or on day trips to Barcelona. Easy and refreshing, its ingredients can be tailored specifically to suit any individual’s palate – it can even be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge up to 72 hours in advance! When ready, pour over ice for serving!