Midwest Mopars in the Park 2023


Midwest Mopars in the Park saw engines revving at full throttle and the camaraderie among fellow gearheads reaching new heights of excitement this year.

This event provides something for everyone – from diehard Mopar fans to those simply admiring the craftsmanship and engineering behind every Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, or AMC vehicle.

Beech Bend Raceway Park

Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, offers visitors amusement rides, racing tracks, campgrounds, and a campground experience since 1898. Named for the beech trees that line the Barren River and offering visitors high-speed races as well as thrilling car enthusiast visits, Beech Bend is also a popular destination among car enthusiasts and fans.

Charles Garvin, the park owner, began creating attractions at Beech Bend during the 1940s. Over time, he added new rides and activities, even purchasing a Ferris wheel from the Chicago World’s Fair! By 1948, auto racing arrived with the installation of a 3/8 mile oval dirt track; stock car racing took place shortly after that until 1956, which saw its addition along with drag strip racing.

Today, Beech Bend Raceway Park is internationally recognized for its quarter-mile drag strip and legendary oval track, hosting numerous specialty and national automotive events each year. Featuring covered grandstands that provide excellent views of races, plus multiple open and enclosed picnic areas suitable for family fun!

Dallas Jones has made impressive strides at Beech Bend Raceway Park since purchasing it in 2016. His uncle Clay played an essential part in creating what is today a premier track, while Dallas wants to take things one step further and ensure all visitors to Beech Bend Raceway Park enjoy themselves immensely.

Beech Bend Raceway Park stands out as an unparalleled facility and one of the premier spots for NHRA drag racing, hosting several big-name drivers such as Darrell Waltrip. In 2016, Dallas invested one million in improving both the pit area and access roads to enhance the racer experience on his track, as well as revamping all existing concrete prior to the 2019 season by grinding and repaving all surfaces on it.

Swap Meet

Are You Searching For a Car or Parts to Restore Muscle Cars at a Swap Meet? Be sure to be Prepared Before Attending.

Swap can be a chaotic environment, but with careful preparation, you can maximize your experience at once. Please do your research first on where and what items you plan on shopping before organizing a plan of attack for the trip itself. Bring someone along for support, as this can make the day less daunting and more enjoyable!

Some events take place on low grassy fields that quickly transform into muddy bogs when it rains, while others take place inside enclosed facilities such as warehouses or fairgrounds. Some are free, while others charge an entrance fee; to save money on admission tickets, buy tickets in advance online or at the swap meet entrance.

Some local swap meet vendors are immigrants and speak various native tongues – an opportunity to practice your language skills as you find unique products! Be sure to bring cash, as many vendors won’t accept credit cards.

Stanton Swap Meet is Orange County’s one-stop shop for an authentic swap meet experience, featuring rows of vendors selling everything from electronics to baby clothing. Open seven days a week, this popular gathering hosts live music performances each Sunday!

Drag Racing

Drag racing is an acceleration contest between two vehicles on a straight, flat course – typically a quarter mile in distance – whereby the first vehicle to cross the finish line in an allotted timeframe is the winner. Professional drag strips worldwide host these races. Contrary to street racing, which can be both dangerous and illegal, drag racing events provide safe environments where enthusiasts can compete safely in this sport.

Before each race begins, drivers must “stage” their vehicles by standing them alongside a starting line known as a Christmas Tree. As drivers approach, its colored bulbs illuminate sequentially to indicate when it is time to start racing; once all bulbs have lit, this means when race time starts recording from when first crossing the starting line or “staged position.”

After each race, cars are taken to a particular area known as the shutdown area for post-race maintenance and to conduct a burnout to heat tires and improve traction before competing again. This area is protected by safety barriers and monitored by track officials; when their time slip is read, they give it directly to their driver.

Drag racing cars are modified to be lighter and more powerful, and they feature particular parts to increase top speeds. This enables them to accelerate faster while also covering greater distances in a shorter amount of time on the track.

Drag racing is an engaging spectator sport enjoyed by people from all backgrounds. As an intense, competitive, technical challenge, drag racing requires fast reflexes. It had its origins in post-war America during the 1930s when hot rods became trendy and informal street races began taking place across America. At that time, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) was founded and started giving out cash prizes.

Grand Champion Competition

At Ford Fest’s core is the Grand Champion Competition: an intense battle to determine who reigns supreme among Ford-powered vehicles. It showcases automotive athleticism that blends speed, agility, and style as drivers compete across drag racing, autocross, and 3S Challenge events.

The Grand Champion Competition is open to Wisconsin food businesses with annual sales under $1 Million and features classes such as pickles, relishes, preserves, sauces, dairy mixes, fruit and vegetable fermented products, as well as sweets, drinks, and treats.

First-place winners in each class receive a Best in Breed ribbon, while second-place winners are named Grand Champions; citrus class Grand Champions receive teddy bears as prizes. Winning entries will be displayed in a particular area at the Fairgrounds where guests can sample them. Trophies will also be awarded upon winning entries; competitions of this nature also take place across other fairs and events nationwide with different rules but a similar format.