Six Mini High Park Cows


If you’re searching for an easy-care animal that provides milk and meat, mini high park cows may be ideal. With their small footprint and lower maintenance needs than an ordinary cow, these mini high park cows can make for great additions to any household – they’re even safer around children!

Mini HighPark cows are hybrid crosses between Scottish Highland and White Park cattle breeds; they may also be crossed with Dexters.


Isabella (Izabela) is the caretaker and Mama to the orphans at Grace Field House Plant 3; although she cares for them as much as possible, Isabella shows a disdainful disposition towards them, detached from their tragic lives and lacking empathy towards their struggles.

She is an elegant highland cross heifer with fantastic hair and inquisitive nature, who was halter broken as a calf and leads well, though she has not been trained recently. Additionally, she is positive for chondrodysplasia (dysplasia of bone).

She is the daughter of RCM Mighty Murphy and RCM Moona, making her the perfect mix between Belted Galloway and High Park breeding lines. With plenty of personality and a sweet disposition, this girl makes an excellent family cow as she is chondro-negative! Plus, she loves kids and dogs – making her a fantastic addition to our herd!


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Abby was developed as a Scottish Highland/White Park cross cow in the early to mid-2000s and enjoyed considerable popularity, but over time, it has slipped out of public consciousness.

Manny and Mel are joined at the gun range by Alice, Mel’s dog, who she allows to ride the back seat. Mel gives Alice her space in Manny’s truck so they all arrive together at the forward operating base safely.

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Hazel is a stunning miniature High Park cow with solid perfection. She embodies all the traits sought in a mini high park cow: color, hair quality, and proven breeding background. Sired by Chip, our Highpark bull.

Lynne Eddis discovered during her pregnancy with Hazel that her child would have both Down syndrome and congenital heart defects, so she and her partner sought the assistance of CHOP’s Trisomy 21 Program and Fetal Cardiology team for further evaluation, monitoring, and treatment options.

This polled heifer will reach mini to mid-size during her maturation process. She has been exposed to Tank and Tex for fall 2023 calving potential.


Layla is the face of Brylee Crutcher’s High Park Cows, a tiny breed of miniature cattle bred for use as pets and developed in Tennessee by Brylee Crutcher herself. Layla can often be found around her home, including on an adorable mini highland cow puzzle and wearing shoes with feet made to look like these animals.

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Louie is a mini high park cow born with a genetic defect. As such, she is chondro-negative, making her ideal for breeding the most miniature chondro-positive bulls in our program.

She is extremely loving and friendly, with a huge heart, and always offers assistance when needed. She makes an outstanding addition to any herd!

Erin enjoys listening to Andy’s war stories and wants to attend a military reunion while developing feelings for her replacement teacher, Mrs. Robertson, and is known to play chess, although she often hides this ability so as not to be teased at recess. Unfortunately, her mother, Henrietta Shermann (voiced by Mary Wickes), died during season 2.


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Named for Pope Dominic, many influential individuals bear this name, such as actor Dom DeLuise and English drummer for Dynamite MC band. Also, Dominic is popular among Catholics and can serve as a religious name choice for your child.


Ming is a stunning red and white mini high park cow. She is very friendly, enjoys neck scratches, comes from an impressive lineage, and would make an excellent first heifer for anyone beginning their mini journey.

She comes from 38-inch parents and boasts an excellent breeding background. She was recently bred to Chip, an expert at producing outstanding calves!

If you are considering purchasing mini cattle, be sure to read Storey’s Guide to Raising Mini Livestock first! This book includes helpful information about raising goats, pigs, sheep, and horses, as well as mini-cattle! Storey’s Guide can be an invaluable resource for small homesteaders seeking the benefits of smaller breeds without the space requirements associated with larger ones – it could even serve as the cornerstone for creating their herd of miniature cattle!


Nash, born from Ponderosa Ranch and sired by our high park bull Chip, will reach mini to mid-size maturity. She features polled polling for easy pollination.

Nash enjoyed developing his social life during his adolescence and was known for pulling pranks. He began attending nonviolence workshops, although he was initially skeptical of their efficacy.

This boy is an exceptionally small fourth-generation mini highpark. He hails from a 95% Highland bloodline with white body coloring and colored ears tipped with brown. Suspected to be chronic, adverse, and polled, he would make an excellent addition to any herd and sire by our 37-inch Chip, who produces outstanding calves!


Jayce is an innovative young apprentice raised on the principles of what made Piltover great – invention. As a child, he spent much of his time building possible hextech devices for Piltover’s working class, such as wrenches that could become prybars, pickaxes that transformed into shovels, and an enormous hammer to bring destruction upon them all.

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He’s short and compact with an endearing face and big personality – perfect for any herd! His pedigree includes 39 in. registered British White JWest Madeline mother as well as suspected Chrondo Negative Polled Highland HSB Black Dougan fathers!