Who is the Tech Writer for VentureBeat?


Victor Dey is a technology writer for VentureBeat. For 28 years, he has worked in the publishing and events business, providing articles, gadget reviews, and videos about technology – often focused on gaming – with publications including San Jose Mercury News, Red Herring, and Wall Street Journal among many others.

Berenice Magistretti

When male investors still cringe when discussing women’s bodies or Facebook bans ads that reference vaginas, you know it’s time for change. Thankfully, fearless female leaders recognize these obstacles as opportunities to normalize discussions about sexual wellness and vaginal care.

Berenice Magistretti is a tech journalist covering venture capital and funding news at VentureBeat, having previously covered this beat for Forbes and WIRED UK as their Venture Capital Reporter. She’s especially drawn to Femtech – female-oriented startups such as ovulation-tracking bracelets and period-tracking apps – which she finds particularly fascinating. Additionally, Berenice invests early-stage funds into health tech companies and advocates for disability rights.

Kyle Wiggers

Established in 2006, VentureBeat offers technology news coverage spanning various technology trends, including social media, mobile apps, cloud storage solutions, and gaming. VentureBeat hosts events to bring technology professionals together.

The company, headquartered in San Francisco, California, and funded by Paycheck Protection Program, Formation 8, Crosslink Capital, Rally Ventures, and Lightbank Capital is dedicated to transformative technology – artificial intelligence, gaming, and augmented reality being its critical areas of interest.

Kyle Wiggers is a contributing writer at VentureBeat who covers artificial intelligence and lives in New York City. In his free time, he enjoys reading New Yorker features, tinkering with gadgets, and playing games. Kyle’s articles have been seen over one million times across different sites including XDA Developers, Fatherly, and Digital Trends as well as Ohio University where he graduated. However, Ground News has found instances where Kyle distributed press releases for companies from which he received payments despite maintaining journalistic integrity issues, with Ground News having seen several instances where companies that paid him money directly instead.

Victor Dey

Victor Dey is a tech writer for VentureBeat, covering artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity for enterprise clients. Combining his passion for writing with his experience as a data scientist to craft engaging articles about emerging tech sets Victor apart as a writer.

His latest article highlights ChatGPT, an open-source tool used by cybercriminals to generate various messages. He also discusses recent attacks utilizing this technology, such as credential phishing and vendor fraud.

Nvidia and Snowflake’s partnership will enable enterprises to build and deploy generative AI models without leaving a secure Data Cloud environment. They will co-engineer the Nvidias NeMo platform with Snowflake’s advanced analytics and extensive data capabilities for optimal results.

Dey is well-known in Ghana’s music scene and has performed at international concerts. After graduating with degrees in psychology and English from the University of Ghana, he continued his jazz studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston.