VentureBeat Review


VentureBeat differs from traditional news outlets by relying on industry sources as an essential source of income and as a result, it may not always provide fair coverage.

VentureBeat does not constitute journalism when distributing a press release for Scoutbee; that would fall under contract marketing rather than journalism.

What is VentureBeat’s headquarters location?

VentureBeat is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and maintains offices in New York City, London, and Sydney. VentureBeat covers technology innovations that affect businesses and provides insights that enable informed decisions. Topics covered by VentureBeat include artificial intelligence (AI), data science (DS), cybersecurity, and gaming – among others.

VentureBeat provides its readers with more than just news; it also hosts events, including Roadshows and Summits, to enable networking among industry leaders and learning from expert speakers.

VentureBeat possesses an unknown bias rating, according to Ground News, while its factuality rating is determined by reliability measures from Ad Fontes Media, All Sides, and Media Bias/Fact Check.

What is VentureBeat’s latest funding round?

VentureBeat provides news and perspective on technology innovation. Through articles and events, its articles offer executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts the insight necessary for making intelligent decisions about innovation.

Onfleet has secured $14 Million in Series A Funding from Kennet Partners. Their platform connects businesses to their customers and third-party providers for delivery needs, providing seamless solutions.

Xamarin, the maker of Mono, an open-source, cross-platform mobile development tool, recently secured $12 Million from Charles River Ventures, Ignition Partners, and Floodgate as investors in its latest round of funding.

VentureBeat appears to use this donate button to make readers think it is not biased towards companies paying them to distribute PR releases through VentureBeat. If readers must pay to access press releases promoting specific companies, shouldn’t those companies cover those costs?

Who are VentureBeat’s investors?

VentureBeat, founded in 2006 and based out of San Francisco, CA, is a technology news company with the mission of covering transformative technological innovations from across industries such as social media, mobile apps, small businesses, enterprise systems, and games. Their website covers many topics related to transformative tech innovation, such as social media usage statistics; mobile technology trends; enterprise architecture analysis; gaming news updates, as well as hosting events to keep tech professionals informed and make intelligent decisions.

VentureBeat reported InfluxData’s announcement of closing a $60 million Series D funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners and featuring new investors Battery Ventures, Sorenson Capital, and Trinity Ventures, along with existing ones Sapphire Ventures Mayfield Fund and Harmony Partners.

VentureBeat provides news about the latest tech trends and startups. As a tech vendor, promoting your products on this site can be an excellent way to reach a highly targeted audience of tech buyers. Learn how Business Wire can assist in getting press releases distributed via VentureBeat.

What is VentureBeat’s latest news?

VentureBeat is an American technology news website founded in 2006 that covers innovation and entrepreneurship. Offering news, analysis, long-form articles, interviews, videos, and more, VentureBeat caters to an audience of potential investors, business decision-makers, and tech enthusiasts.

MediaKing owns VentureBeat. In 2017, VentureBeat announced they would hire Kyle Wiggers from Fatherly as their senior staff writer focusing on AI; Kyle graduated from Ohio University.

VentureBeat hosts events featuring top technology companies and providing insight into emerging industry trends, with keynotes, panels, and hands-on demos from technology industry experts. All events hosted by VentureBeat are free for attendees and hosted globally; sponsorship opportunities may also be available. In addition to hosting events, VentureBeat also publishes research reports analyzing technology industry trends which help business leaders make informed decisions when selecting new technology products and services.