What is Duct Tape Marketing?


John Jantsch of Kansas City has earned an outstanding reputation with his Duct Tape Marketing blog. His website provides small-business owners with simple yet effective marketing techniques.

This course features 11 modules with 2-4 lessons each and includes access to forums, monthly webinars, and Q&A sessions with John himself. A monthly subscription costs $39 – an ideal solution for anyone wanting to sharpen their marketing abilities.

What is duct tape?

Duct tape is an inexpensive, so,lid and sticky tape with multiple uses. It can be used to secure tents, tools, and other household equipment. At the same time, it also wraps items or protects surfaces – not forgetting its wide array of colors and patterns ranging from silvery gray ducks and college logos to practical camouflage patterns!

Modern duct tape was invented during World War II in 1942. Initially known as duck tape due to its water resistance resembling duck feathers, its name later evolved into “duct tape” due to its use for air duct repairs in buildings.

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast showcases interviews with authors, experts, and entrepreneurs sharing their marketing and business growth strategies – providing small business owners with valuable tips on expanding their businesses. Available both on iTunes and Google Play.

How do you use duct tape in marketing?

Duct tape is a beneficial product with multiple applications. It can be found in the toolboxes of handymen everywhere and used for everything from holding together items to repairing damaged ones – coming in various colors and sizes to suit the requirements of various applications.

Marketing with duct tape allows businesses to build relationships with both existing customers and prospective ones through promotional offers, referral programs, and other customer engagement tactics. Leveraging these strategies will help the company stand out from competitors and attract more business.

The Duct Tape Marketing system is a step-by-step approach designed to teach small business owners what works in modern marketing. Based on traditional best practices combined with contemporary techniques and tools, it offers practical and cost-effective ways for small businesses to market their products and services effectively. Led by John Jantsch – one of the foremost small business marketing experts today – this comprehensive marketing approach offers practical guidance for the successful advertising of products and services.

What are the benefits of duct tape in marketing?

Duct tape is an invaluable tool that can be utilized in various capacities, from fixing leaky tents and sneakers to sealing small holes in cars and creating brand awareness. Duct tape can even help improve customer loyalty! However, when used for marketing purposes, its potential is even greater: its benefits extend far beyond this application alone.

John Jantsch, a renowned small business marketing expert, developed the Duct Tape Marketing system. Author of multiple books and featured by media outlets like Forbes and CNBC, Jantsch has also spoken at many events as a top small business marketing speaker – earning him recognition from American Express OPENForum as well as being recognized by them as an American Express OPENForum top speaker award winner.

The Duct Tape Marketing system provides small businesses a framework to increase revenues. It includes several steps, beginning with reaching suspects by offering low-cost or trial services, building trust with prospects by offering higher-priced yet high-value offerings and products, then turning those prospects into clients through membership offerings, consulting arrangements, or service agreements.

What are the disadvantages of duct tape in marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing is a marketing approach that utilizes small, low-cost methods to achieve results. The idea is to establish a system that produces consistent and predictable marketing that you can measure and refine over time, as opposed to expensive, high-risk campaigns without guarantees of success.

One of the more challenging aspects of duct tape marketing is keeping track of its efficacy, especially if multiple departments manage different aspects and use software that doesn’t play nicely together.

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