Who is the Founder of Duct Tape Marketing?


John Jantsch is the creator of Duct Tape Marketing and the author of seven books. A renowned keynote speaker and podcast host, John is also known for hosting Duct Tape Marketing podcast and maintaining an esteemed blog that was featured by Forbes magazine.

Establishing secure systems is central to business expansion and profitable profitability, enabling more tasks to be delegated without risking profitability over time.

John Jantsch

Jantsch is the creator of Duct Tape Marketing and its Consultant Network, providing small businesses and local business owners with effective marketing systems that facilitate steady growth. A veteran speaker and workshop leader, his practical take on marketing strategy, referrals, and self-reliant entrepreneurship make him a popular choice for keynote events both virtual and live keynote events.

In his new book, Jantsch has written an effective marketing system similar to duct tape. Jantsch advocates that businesses create an overall strategy and then implement simple tactics as part of it; this strategy offers greater effectiveness than trying to create flashy websites without producing tangible results.

Forbes selected his blog as one of their favorites for marketing, while Fast Company named his podcast an essential listen. Additionally, he serves as an American Express OPENForum marketing contributor and has presented workshops/webinars for clients, including American Express, Intuit, Verizon, and HP.

Melvin A. Anderson

Modern duct tape is typically constructed of various kinds of woven fabrics designed to provide strength and pressure-sensitive adhesive on a backing of low-density polyethylene. Although gray, other colors and patterns are available. Most commonly, rubber glue is used, although other kinds may also be utilized; cotton, polyester, or nylon fabric types are all often employed and printed with slogans like “It’s sticky enough to hold a duck!”.

Jack Kahl served as an example to many Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs and community volunteers. A graduate of St. Edward High School in Lakewood and John Carroll University where he studied business, Jack began selling tape for a small distributor before purchasing it eight years later and renaming it Manco.

Kahl was instrumental in Manco’s rapid expansion. He developed and introduced various products – such as Duck Tape – into the marketplace before Henkel acquired it in 2009. Today, Duck Tape can be found for purchase at stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware.

Shuford Mills

Shuford Mills was established in 1880 and today holds a market presence across three centuries, boasting quality woven and spun yarn products. Through innovation and development efforts, Shuford Mills is meeting customer demands by meeting and anticipating them – as seen with its Outdura performance fabrics.

Shurtape offers over 650 tapes in hundreds of colors and intended uses, from traditional sealing ducts and cracks repair to unique products like glow-in-the-dark and scented ones. In addition, Hello Kitty and sports-licensed tapes, can be found among them.

Shuford, as the fifth-generation leader of Shurtape Technologies, understands the challenges and benefits of family enterprises. He has sought to minimize operational and investor risk by diversifying Shurtape Technologies’ product lines and geographic markets as well as emphasizing education and mentoring within his firm. A graduate of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School with an MBA, Shuford also serves on its board of directors.

Manco Inc.

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that an effective marketing strategy requires expensive billboards or flashy TV commercials; however, such strategies rarely drive customer retention. Instead, a great marketing plan should focus on creating customer bonds by building communities or producing applicable content explicitly tailored for target audiences.

Kahl decided to set his product apart from those offered by industry titans 3M and Scotch tape by branding his duct tape with a colorful yellow cartoon duck logo, shrinking and repackaging it so it would roll more efficiently, and creating his company name along with a green corporate logo under Manco label.

Manco continues to thrive today, introducing innovative products and expanding into retail markets worldwide. They also expanded into consumer products with the Kid’sCRAFT line of paints and glues and Easy Liner non-adhesive shelf and drawer liners – now part of Henkel Group.