Trading My Sorrows


Trading My Sorrows” is an inspiring worship song that encourages listeners to let go and surrender their sorrows to Jesus Christ. Many Christians can relate to it, particularly those going through difficult times or struggling with depression or addictions. This powerful worship song brings hope and strength to people experiencing distress or addictions.

It is a worship song.

Darrell Evans recalls this song’s creation from an unexpectedly spontaneous moment of worship during a church service: people were at the altar praying for themselves, and Darrell was singing this powerful tune about laying your sorrows before God and exchanging them for His joy. This passionate song can bring glory to Christ but may also mislead non-Christians into thinking following Jesus means you won’t experience suffering in life anymore.

Darrell Evans wrote it.

Darrell Evans is a worship leader and musician serving as pastor of a prominent Fort Worth, Texas, church. This song, first recorded in 1998 has since touched Christians worldwide as it stands as an example of how God works through people when they open up to him; also showing that He can use even our darkest times into something beautiful. According to Darrell, many have taken heart from his song during difficult times or used it to trade their sorrows for joy through God’s presence.

It is a Christian song.

Trading My Sorrows is a Christian song written to share Darrell Evans’ experience of longing to trade worldly sorrows for joy in God. This powerful melody brings glory to God while inspiring worship among Christians; however, non-Christians may misinterpret the lyrics by thinking following Jesus automatically means less suffering – particularly Stanza 3’s expression that our old lives are dead and we have become new people – something which goes contrary to Scripture; therefore listeners must listen attentively.

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