How to Paint Cars in iRacing


If you want to express your creativity through painting cars in iRacing, various methods are available. From using preloaded pattern templates or designing something unique using photo editing software – there’s something here for everyone.

Trading Paints will soon add an auto texture refresh feature and software, making custom liveries more straightforward without impacting frame rates during racing.

What is Trading Paints?

Trading Paints is an online platform created for and by sim racing enthusiasts that allows them to personalize the appearance of their virtual racecars through customized paint schemes that can then be downloaded and displayed during races for an enhanced visual experience. Members can then download and display these unique paint schemes during races for an improved visual experience within our online community.

To design a custom paint scheme in iRacing, create a folder in your graphics directory for all your creations. Whatever name you give the folder is fine as long as its content can be clearly described within. Next, launch a 3D viewer in the iRacing UI and select your car model that needs its custom livery designed.

Here, you can design a car from scratch or select an existing one uploaded by another member to the platform. Once you’ve chosen, click “Paint this Vehicle” and follow the instructions to paint your preferred vehicle.

Once your livery is finished, clicking “Race this Vehicle” again should instantly apply it to your car in iRacing. However, if it does not show up correctly in the game for some reason, there could be various causes; follow these troubleshooting tips to display it correctly!

Trading Paints makes creating custom iRacing liveries much simpler and faster. When finished designing one, it should be uploaded with proper details and photographs from all angles to Trading Paints with adequate description and photos – you could also consider creating a screenshot gallery to share it with the community or increasing graphics settings to ensure an in-sim view that looks stunning – creating beautiful custom liveries will set you apart from competitors while elevating your racing experience! With just a little effort, you can design gorgeous custom liveries that rival professional designs – creating unique vehicles will set you apart and elevate the racing experience by elevating the racing experience!

How do I use Trading Paints?

As an iRacer, you have access to numerous high-detail and top-quality custom paint schemes designed by other members of the iRacing community and downloaded from Trading Paints as part of iRacing’s free third-party source for car customization: unlike its built-in car paint shop, Trading Paints allows for infinite pattern and color options allowing you to personalize the look and make of any car in iRacing and show off your racing abilities in-game! Trading Paints will enable users to customize all aspects of their vehicle customization for maximum customization: easily change its look while personalizing it perfectly and showing off your racing prowess in the game!

Step one of creating a Trading Paints account is creating one. At that time, the system will prompt for your iRacing customer number (under “My Details” on your account page), linking your Trading Paints account to your iRacing one.

Once your accounts are linked, you can browse Trading Paints for the perfect livery for your next race. With fully searchable web pages and numerous filters available to narrow your search even further – plus, once you choose one for racing, Trading Paints will automatically apply it to your car in-sim!

If you’re feeling creative, another method for designing custom liveries can be using the Trading Paints website. However, this requires more advanced knowledge and can lead to much more intricate and realistic designs than what can be accomplished through in-game paint shops.

Trading Paints uses PSD files – used by Trading Paints to store and display customized car designs – as the basis for custom liveries, so to use it, you need access to a program capable of opening and editing PSD files. A professional graphics editing program like Adobe Photoshop would likely provide this capability; alternatively Trading Paints offers an online browser-based solution for $24 annually that provides a more effortless experience.

If you have created a custom paint scheme in Trading Paints that cannot be seen in-game, there could be several reasons. Most commonly, it may have been accidentally saved with an incorrect file type (open/close or save as a new file), which will change how it looks in the game.

What are the benefits of using trading paint racing?

Trading Paints allows drivers to upload and download unique paint schemes that they can apply to their cars in iRacing, creating their own racing identity within the sim while standing out among a large pool of drivers. Furthermore, it serves as an avenue for real-life sponsors to advertise themselves virtually within Trading Paints; additionally it has become increasingly popular, leading to an ever-increasing community of designers creating and uploading new designs frequently.

Trading Paints allows iRacing users to upload and download custom paints and features other essential features that make it an indispensable choice. These features include customizing car liveries by adding or removing stickers, logos, or graphics, changing background color schemes to increase visibility on track, creating and saving custom liveries for multiple car types if you race numerous series at the same time, creating and saving custom liveries between series, as well as the option to upload and download paints quickly – perfect for use if racing multiple series!

Trading Paints provides another significant benefit: creating custom liveries without photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is now possible! In addition, Trading Paints can be used on multiple computers if you own numerous racing PCs – making this tool invaluable!

Trading Paints can save time and money on painting projects thanks to their thinner consistency, allowing them to cover larger areas with less paint. At the same time, their superior opacity means you need fewer coats for an even surface finish.

Trading Paints can also be used to customize unique paint schemes for specific races and events, providing more variety for racing leagues or special events and keeping the sim more engaging for racing fans.

What are the drawbacks of using Trading Paints?

Trading Paints was developed to add customization capabilities to iRacing, offering users an easy and quick way to share designs with fellow players. But while this tool may provide benefits as a standalone design solution, more advanced tools such as Adobe Dimension may offer greater versatility for creating detailed and complex livery designs. Investing in such more robust software tools may be worthwhile for optimal livery design results if you are a professional livery designer.

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