The Smallest GPS Tracker


GPS trackers have become ever smaller while offering numerous features that make them incredibly attractive to people. It’s no wonder so many opt to use one. Best way to find the pet tracker.

No matter if it’s children, employees, or equipment – mini GPS trackers allow for accurate time monitoring with reliable reporting coverage. Look out for GEOfences, alerts, and dedicated web and mobile applications to maximize effectiveness.

1. LandAirSea 54

With the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, it’s now easier than ever to track a person or vehicle at any time. Packed with features that can meet your specific needs, such as text and email alerts and seeing its position on a map, as well as fitting easily into pockets, purses, bags, or backpacks – this real-time 4G LTE GPS telematics tracking device provides excellent coverage in harsh weather conditions – the LandAirSea 54 is perfect for both personal and business needs!

One of the most versatile GPS trackers available, this device can be used for personal tracking and monitoring of children going to school or work, elderly parents or patients in care facilities, and protection of belongings from theft. Furthermore, its SilverCloud web-based software or Android and iOS apps can be customized to tailor its functions accordingly.

This device’s circular design makes it easy to slip into pockets, purses, or other small spaces while being waterproof, making it suitable for boats and cars. Furthermore, its super-strength magnet prevents it from falling off even during bumpy rides, and the GPS tracker runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; according to company claims, this battery should last two weeks with three minute-to-3-second location updates or 12 months when set on low power mode.

GPS devices offer real-time and historical tracking services, allowing you to pinpoint where your child has been and see what they looked like at any point in time. In addition, its app enables you to set boundaries and receive alerts whenever it leaves or enters these zones. It is manufactured in America for increased quality and durability, plus a manufacturer warranty backs it; however, it requires a monthly subscription in order to be fully functional.

2. Family1st

Family1st GPS trackers offer parents an ideal solution for monitoring the location and activities of their children. Their covert, portable tracker enables parents to stay connected with their kids during field trips, strolls, or at school and can also give parents peace of mind that should their child ever go missing or be kidnapped; it will remain safe from danger.

The Family1st GPS tracker is a lightweight device ideal for keeping tabs on loved ones and belongings, using 4G cell technology for real-time tracking and geofence alerts. At one of the most competitively priced trackers available today, it makes this an excellent option for families wanting to monitor loved ones and assets.

Family1st GPS trackers offer another significant benefit – medical condition monitoring. For example, this tracker can detect when someone has fallen and send out an alert. Furthermore, they are a great way to remind the elderly to take medications, making this feature particularly helpful for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.

Family1st’s GPS tracker offers many valuable features, and one that stands out among them is waterproofing. This makes it perfect for areas that experience extreme weather conditions; water or other elements won’t damage it, and that you can recharge whenever needed with its handy charger. Furthermore, there is a built-in microphone so you can listen in on what is happening in any given room – perfect for monitoring children or pets remotely – plus its user-friendly app works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices!

3. Tracki

Tracki is a small GPS tracker designed to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to help you locate things more quickly. Additionally, this device can monitor the movements of vehicles and assets in real-time, detect speeding or other abnormal driving behavior, and notify of any unauthorized activity; setup is straightforward anywhere GSM cellular service is available; the web interface/app provides navigation details of your location as well as live updates about this.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and live phone customer support by dedicated experts, as well as free device replacement if it becomes lost or damaged. A bulk subscription plan is also available, enabling significant cost savings. Compatible with iOS and Android devices and tracked from any smartphone or tablet with Internet connectivity; also compatible with vehicle GPS navigation systems.

This device also features an SOS button that users can press to send out an SOS text message with its location if lost or stolen or to trigger alerts such as speeding, movement, geofencing, or low battery levels. Notifications sent can be customized according to multiple people’s needs as well.

One of the key characteristics that sets Tracki apart from similar products is its versatility in both indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with an accelerometer that detects whether it is moving or stationary, Tracki can help determine where best to place its tracker to protect it from elements. Furthermore, you can set its sleep mode so it conserves battery power.

However, there are a few drawbacks to take into account with Tracki GPS trackers. One drawback is its battery draining quickly when tracking moving objects; to address this problem, you can purchase an optional battery extender sold alongside waterproof cases; however, this could potentially increase tracker size, which may pose issues for some users; an alternative would be buying a wiring kit which allows direct powering from vehicle power sources directly without increasing size further.

4. FamiSafe

FamiSafe was developed by Wondershare, an organization that seeks to find solutions for life’s most perplexing moments and challenges. This app serves as both screentime control and location tracking functionality – one of the best available on the market today.

FamiSafe requires your consent before beginning its installation process on a child’s device in order to access location tracking services and establish tracking. After accepting this feature, FamiSafe will guide you through its setup procedure; taking both its EULA and privacy policy is required prior to continuing setup.

FamiSafe’s main feature is its ability to track your child in real-time location via its app’s dashboard, including information regarding battery levels for their devices – so that when their battery begins running out, you know as soon as it needs charging and can ask them to recharge as quickly as possible.

FamiSafe also boasts an incredible geofencing capability that allows parents to set a map area where their children are permitted to go and send notifications whenever they enter or exit from that region.

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