Savage Mark II Rifle Stocks


Savage bolt action rimfire rifles are excellent choices for target shooting, plinking, and pest control. Their Leopard stock features adjustable cheek rest and butt pad settings as well as multiple hard points for mounting accessories and military pattern locking knobs for added versatility.

Boyd’s Tacticool/Pro Varmint Stocks for the Savage Mark II are also available.


Savage’s new user-adjustable trigger system, the Accu-Trigger, allows shooters to quickly adjust the pull weight of their rifle without taking it apart or seeking assistance from a gunsmith. Utilizing an AccuRelease lever, users can disconnect the sear from the trigger body and allow the blade to travel backward upon pulling. Providing light or heavy pull weight depending on personal preference.

The system also features a safety feature to prevent accidental discharges. When not used with the trigger, the AccuRelease lever acts as a block behind the sear to keep the sear in position and prevent it from shifting out of its original place when not required for firing the trigger.

AccuTrigger is now standard on centerfire bolt-action Varmint models, Law Enforcement models, and specific heavy barrel long-range rifles from these lines, as well as Package Series rifles, pre-equipped with top quality Leupold or Burris variable power scopes from these lines; other conventional hunting rifle lines will follow as production allows.


At an incredible value, this rimfire rifle provides impressive accuracy for its price. The AccuTrigger allows users to customize trigger pulls and groupings by providing crisp trigger pull. Furthermore, its 21-inch carbon steel barrel has been button rifled for optimal performance while its detachable box magazine holds ten rounds; plus, its stock features rugged and durable hardwood construction as well as a sling swivel stud compatibility – this makes this model compatible with most rimfire scopes.

Target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting make the Savage Mark II BSEV an ideal bolt-action rimfire rifle choice. Its bolt action design features a heavy contour barrel with an integral heavy contour scope holder. Furthermore, an ambidextrous thumbhole allows users to switch between left- and right-handed operations.

Rhineland Arms Leopard Stock is specially made for Savage rimfire bolt-action models, providing ample room to use a range of optics. Constructed from solid American walnut with a straight grain pattern, this stock features adjustable cheek rest and cheek pad adjustments as well as multiple hard points and military-style lock knobs for accessories.

Adjustable Comb

Adjustable combs can make all the difference when it comes to stock fit. Every shooter’s build requires different hold points; having an appropriate comb height enables you to alter your holding position for less cheek slap and a better sight picture.

Our adjustable comb system enables adjustment in four directions – up/down, left/right, forward/backward, and forwards/backward. The comb height can be changed using sleeves inserted into the cut-off top of the comb and secured using set screws on the stock side; additionally, the comb tip is adjustable forwards/backward to achieve more uniform dimensions.

Once the desired comb height has been determined, the downward force on the triggering end 34 of the adjustment locking tab 28 should be relaxed so that its projection 24 can settle into one of its slots 26 (or edges 27) to set up the adjustable attachment comb 10. Once done so, tightening screw 100 can be drawn in order to prevent movement of its body 14 in its vertical direction.

Adjustable Butt Socket

Adjustable butt sockets offer shooters greater customization in customizing their rifles to their bodies and shooting styles, providing greater comfort while shooting as well as easier cheek weld maintenance. This feature can especially come in handy for hunters or shooters using rifles in competitive settings.

Adjustable socket designs include gap-based and overlap designs. These systems work by having an area of the socket that can be adjusted using straps or wires traveling circumferentially around its wall. Gap-based and overlap designs [38-40] help disperse material stress more evenly throughout its shape to lower the risk of localized pressure damage.

Other adjustment mechanisms available to you include strut-based and rotary designs. These models feature a central strut that is adjustable with either a dial or lever to increase or decrease the height of the comb or cheekpiece as needed.

Adjustable Butt Hook

Target shooters, competitive marksmen, or hunters often need to switch positions when shooting targets or hunting games. By adding an adjustable butt hook or cheek riser, you can find your ideal shooting position more comfortably and improve accuracy while increasing comfort levels and precision.

This hook features up and down adjustment, adjustable wings, and extension links so you can tailor it perfectly to your shoulder. Installation is quick and straightforward – remove the original pad from its mounting screw holes before attaching this one!

A good butt hook will assist in positioning the rifle into your shoulder pocket at a point that feels comfortable, which can reduce shoulder strain and fatigue while improving confidence in shot placement. A butt hook should be an integral component of every rifle owner’s arsenal – from experienced shooters to newcomers alike!

Adjustable Grip

Improve your grip strength with this adjustable hand grip! Boasting resistance levels from 10kg to 40kg, this device makes increasing difficulty easy as your power grows. Equipped with rubberized handles for increased firmness and a durable molded frame, this gripper can be used with dumbbells, cable attachments, or chin-up bars featuring handles; increasing grip strength may also help lower the risk of injury to elbow joints and synovium – it is lightweight and portable making this gripper suitable for home or travel use and features an adjustable tension knob!

This product can only be purchased with international shipping.

Adjustable Forend

Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Adjustable Stock and Forend are premium upgrades for the Remington 870 pump shotgun. Featuring lightweight construction with durable materials and a quick-adjust lever for the precise length of pull, as well as 2 inch Picatinny rail for attaching tactical accessories like lasers or lights (not included), they are available in black or camouflage colors with or without hand strap (sold separately).

The inventors of an adjustable forend mechanism understood that due to the design of gun stocks, users with short fingers might find it challenging to grasp and operate the forend. Furthermore, serial shots heat the barrel, which in turn warms the forend, which further damages users’ hands and poses health hazards for users.

Adjustable forend mechanisms offer an elegant solution by creating a semi-movable forend structure that allows users to grab it quickly according to their hand ergonomy.

Adjustable Sling Swivels

No matter if it is carried to and from the field, hiked through mountainous terrain, or simply walking back and forth between deer stands, having an effective rifle sling is an essential tool in keeping your firearm close at hand and making your shooting experience more pleasurable by keeping both hands free while still carrying your gun ready-to-shoot position.

RedKettle Rapid Release Rifle Sling is one of the top rifle slings on the market, boasting an innovative 10” extension that can instantly be released by pulling on a tab, enabling you to sling your gun across your chest for situations in which both hands are needed free.

Traditional slings are designed for one-shoulder use and may shift around or require constant adjustments for comfort. However, this new design utilizes the same attachment point but works differently, intuitively adjusting itself for greater user comfort.

Ambidextrous Thumbhole

Shooters of all levels appreciate the thumbhole style as it provides your hand with the pistol grip position when ready to fire, aiding wrist alignment and increasing consistency over distance. Furthermore, the adjustable cheekpiece of McMillan Thumbhole allows you to find your ideal fitting position for optimal cheek welding.

This lightweight thumbhole stock features an ambidextrous semi-palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, as well as a molded rubber butt plate secured with screws, along with a high comb designed to accommodate optics and an adjustable spacer system for length of pull adjustment.

Although some shooters have criticized thumbhole stocks as being heavy to bring into action quickly from either an African carry position or an American carry position during a stalk, these stocks remain popular with hunters and long-range shooters.