Q Shorty Stock Gray


Q shorty stock gray is designed to transform any AR/M4 standard receiver into a PDW-style firearm. Boasting a two-position adjustable design, an integrated locking back plate, and a sleek appearance, this stock stands out as one of the top low-profile buttstocks on the market. Compatible with all mil-spec AR/M4 receiver extensions and bolt carrier groups but is incompatible with Honey Badger systems.

Two-Position Adjustable

No matter whether it’s for recreational shooting or training and law enforcement duties, having an appropriately adjusted rifle stock can make an enormous difference in comfort while shooting. Adjustable supplies come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, so there should be one that perfectly meets your needs.

Likewise, an adjustable stock will enable you to quickly change the length of pull as required to remain focused on your target and remain in control of your firearm. For close-quarter battle (CQB) situations or close-range precision shooting from a prone, a shorter length of pull may help manage and keep possession of the gun. In case you frequently change positions and need different settings for your rifle setups, such as competition shooting prone parts with varying stages for rifles such as CQB rifles.

An ideal adjustable stock should feature a textured back plate to promote secure gripping, generous cheek welds, and QD points for sling attachments; all these features help you maintain steady shots even under challenging conditions. Furthermore, its construction should utilize high-grade materials in order to withstand repeated impacts without incurring damage.

Adjustable stocks provide more versatility in storage and transport, yet it is still essential to consider your application when making the final purchase decision. A quality, flexible stock will enhance the experience of shooting your rifle, so investing in one may well pay dividends!

Many adjustable stocks are collapsible, making storage and transportation more compact and discreet – ideal for hunters or law enforcement personnel looking for prudent action without creating noise that might scare off prey or reveal their position.

SOPMOD adjustable stocks are another popular style of flexible stock, featuring small compartments for storing spare parts and an adjustment lever covered by a guard. Some versions even offer collapsible buttplates for optimal aiming and firing comfort – however, these features will depend on your type of shooting as well as any physical needs you might have; if in doubt about which stock to pick, it is wiser to consult an expert who can guide your selection process.

Textured Back Plate

The texture of the back plate adds an exciting contemporary edge to classic mission-style furniture. This wide textured backplate adds dimension and richness to any project while pairing perfectly with our Tumbled, Twisted, or Mid-ball cabinet pulls. Textured comes in five sizes, from single sconce to five light vanity, to meet all of your design needs – choose between single or multi backplate options along with glass shades in our Topo Textured Cement options, which provide strength with energy efficiency in mind – Topo comes in two color choices with various opacities to fit perfectly into mission style design projects!

Cheek Weld

An accurate cheek weld is integral to maintaining an enjoyable shooting position that repeats reliably from range trips or hunts alike. Additionally, its role is critical for sight alignment and accuracy with optics. An incorrect cheek weld can lead to inconsistent shot groups as well as make your day uncomfortable or even painful!

If your rifle’s stock does not include a cheek rest, there are still ways you can improve its fit and achieve an ideal cheek weld. One is purchasing and installing a padded rifle-style cheekpiece like Midway, Hornady, or Blackhawk, cutting strips of foam for height adjustments; Benelli and Remington offer Versa Max or ComforTech stocks with raised comb inserts as an additional solution.

A stock with an adjustable cheekpiece is your best solution, although you could create one using $10 Kydex sheets, and drilling holes into your store can work. Some manufacturers like Mission First Tactical and Ergo offer cheek risers explicitly designed to facilitate precise yet comfortable cheek welds on rifle chassis or sled platforms.

Although it is possible to shoot accurately without using a cheek riser, having one properly adjusted is vital if you want accurate shots. A well-made cheek weld allows your eye to remain aligned with the riflescope so you can focus on getting clear pictures of targets or animals through recoil faster and easier.

A good cheek weld should be firm but not so tight that it presses against your head uncomfortably when shooting. A strong cheek weld will help ensure a consistent and repeatable position over long periods, increasing accuracy while staying comfortable.