The Best DTF Printers


DTF printers are invaluable tools for textile and apparel printing businesses, offering unsurpassed quality, versatility, and performance.

However, selecting the appropriate DTF printer model is crucial to its success. Researching various models and comparing features is necessary for finding the ideal printer for your business – factors to keep in mind include print speed, resolution, and color capabilities.

1. Epson SureColor P700

Epson SureColor P700 printers and their larger counterpart, the P900, are among the finest DTF printers for creating photographic, fine art, and graphic design prints up to 13 inches wide (super A3). Both feature broad color gamut capabilities with advanced black-and-white printing for gallery-quality images.

This photo and fine-art printer features the UltraChrome PRO10 pigment ink set with Violet for a wider color gamut than previous generations, thanks to Violet’s inclusion. She expands both blue and purple hues of prints for enhanced depth of blues and purples in printouts. In addition, there’s carbon black ink for better contrast and detail, while an advanced Black and White mode adds dramatic flair.

It features a new micro-fine print head to facilitate improved drawing in dark areas, increased black density, and accurate grayscale photos. Furthermore, its Black Enhance Overcoat technology reduces light scattering to enable deeper blacks and more accurate highlights on prints.

The P700 is an exceptional, high-quality DTF printer; however, it has some drawbacks that must be considered when deciding. First of all, its price may be higher than competing photo printers that provide comparable quality prints; it requires 10 separate ink cartridges, requiring maintenance costs over time; its rear fine-art media tray may become problematic if loaded with thicker fine-art papers (though recent firmware updates have made improvements); finally, its rear fine art media tray can become challenging at times when loading thicker fine art papers (although recent firmware updates have improved this issue). To account for these limitations, it earned average marks in our capabilities analysis; nonetheless, it remains one of the best DTF printers you could buy at its price range!

2. Uninet 100

Uninet 100 DTF printer offers impressive features to help create vibrant prints. Suitable for printing on different fabrics and with an extensive color gamut, the system features an ink circulation system for producing durable yet intense colors with ease of use and high color accuracy.

The Uninet 100 printer is ideal for print-on-demand businesses specializing in creating customized designs for customers. This printer makes creating personalized apparel and accessory products simple, while its user-friendly operation reduces staff expenses and maximizes profit.

When choosing a DTF printer, you must conduct thorough research. Doing this will enable you to select the most appropriate option for your needs while comparing prices and warranties. In addition to this research process, reading third-party reviews from users provides further insight into how the printer operates and what kind of experience they offer.

The UNINET DTF 100 cut sheet transfer film printer is ideal for short-run production runs and one-at-a-time printing, using an Epson engine professionally modified by UNINET to meet these requirements. This system features extensive color gamut capabilities, white ink circulation, and ProRIP software integration – making it the ideal solution for businesses searching for versatile DTF printers with minimal learning curve. UNINET offers training sessions with their DTF Master Class training session as well as a 30-minute Q&A session with their technician to get you going right away! This printing system comes with a DTF Master Class training session and a Q&A session with a technician, so you’re all set.

3. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 wide format printer is an excellent solution for photographers who wish to produce stunning prints. Featuring ICC profile support, borderless printing, and a one-year limited warranty to offer customers peace of mind, using its manufacturer driver provides access to advanced printer features while assuring compatibility with various operating systems.

The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 features an eight-ink system using dye-based inks to produce vibrant prints, with a maximum print width of 13 inches and support for various formats, such as panoramic and square sizes. Furthermore, there’s a built-in skew correction feature to ensure straight prints. Moreover, this printer is compatible with various papers from Hahnemuhle and Canson and mobile device printing via the Canon Image Capture App.

This printer boasts a sleek, low-profile design and runs quietly, featuring a small display for basic printer info and settings. Ethernet/Wi-Fi network connectivity and direct computer printing are offered, while PictBridge allows users to print directly from supported cameras.

The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 uses dye-based inks that are less durable than pigmented inks and may fade with time, diminishing print quality over time. Canon claims its UltraChrome inks will last up to 100 years without discoloring or fading; however, other factors like sunlight exposure and chemicals could reduce print life expectancy significantly.

4. Epson EcoTank L1800

Epson EcoTank L1800 printer offers quality with lasting value, featuring a compact six-color A3+ printer designed to appeal to cost-conscious homes and offices. The high-capacity ink tank system can be filled with six high-quality 70ml bottles for low printing costs per photo or color printouts, featuring Micro Piezo printhead technology for enhanced print quality and reliability, fast top-up technology, unambiguous labeling, drip-free nozzles for hassle-free refills – making the refill process quick, easy and mess free!

This printer provides an economical option for those making the switch from inkjet to DTF printing. Conversion involves installing a film holder and upgrading the firmware to support DTF functionality, typically taking 30 minutes to complete.

Notable among the top DTF printers is the Epson EcoTank ET-8550’s built-in DTF mode for fabric printing. This printer offers cartridge-free printing for lab-quality results; its primary competitors are Canon MG6300 and Brother MFC-J815W printers.

You can create beautiful printed products that will last generations by utilizing the right DTF printer. Whether it’s as a gift for someone special or your own business, these versatile devices provide an optimal combination of performance and value. With various inks and film rolls available as printing solutions, as well as heat shields to protect hands from hot inks and protective films to shield projects, endless printing solutions are available to meet any printing need.

5. Epson SureColor P800

Epson SureColor P800 is a professional-grade inkjet printer featuring an incredible resolution of 28801440dpi. Equipped with nine ink cartridges that each hold over 80ml ink capacity, the SureColor P800 produces high-quality images at an economical cost per print. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with USB 2.0 connectivity for wired connections, is compatible with Windows and macOS, and includes software such as Epson Print Layout and Photoshop export plugins to streamline your workflow process.

The SureColor P800 boasts a sleek design that makes it easy to use. It has a single sheet path in front and an automatic feeder at the back that allows users to easily print documents and fine art prints in multiple sizes and types.

This high-speed printing option produces high-quality graphics and photos in less time, thanks to an advanced nozzle configuration with variable-sized droplets that make superb image quality with astonishing details, vibrant colors, and profound blacks.

This model utilizes Epson UltraChrome HD ink, with an incredible black density for a pigment printer, to produce stunning black-and-white prints on various paper types, from traditional photographic to gloss. Auto switching between Photo Black and Matte Black inks optimizes print results based on the media type used for printing.

Epson SureColor P800 printer is an ideal choice for photographers and graphic artists seeking to produce high-quality prints of their work, featuring high-resolution images with deep blacks and vibrant hues that will surely impress clients. At an MSRP of $1,295, its large ink tank capacity may save money on every print job you produce.