The Best Donut Near Me in NYC


Have an appetite for classic glazed doughnuts or fancy confections suitable for Instagram posts? New York City offers plenty of choices; here are our favorites.

This Brooklyn doughnut shop is known for creating delectable yeasty treats that pair perfectly with coffee, such as their best-selling Guava & Cream Cheese Doughnut.

Fan Fan Doughnuts

No matter your taste in donuts, NYC offers something for every palate and preference. Donut shops can be found throughout each borough of the city, and many offer donuts 24/7. While Krispy Kreme may be best known, lesser-known donut shops also provide top-quality donuts. Some specialize in one style, while others offer an assortment of flavors.

Fan Doughnuts stands out as one of NYC’s premier donut shops, owned and managed by an artisanal Latina woman in Brooklyn and making waves online with its wide variety of unique flavors – like their popular Guava and Cheese doughnut filled with cream cheese and covered in an irresistibly tart Guava glaze; or their irresistibly popular Peanut-Butter and Banana doughnut.

Other great donut shops in NYC include Doughnut Plant, which boasts several locations around town. This Brooklyn-based donut shop is well known for its inventive creations like “Those Beetz Are Dope,” a beet-glazed donut with ricotta whip that earned them the “Fan Favorite” award at Williamsburg Donut Fest this past year! They also offer vegan donuts, which are sure to please.

Doughology in Brooklyn offers unique donut creations featuring M&Ms, Pop Rocks, syrupy canned cherries, and cereal milk, quickly becoming favorites among tourists and locals alike. Their staff are incredibly welcoming, while service quality is first-rate.

No one agrees whether the word ‘donut’ should be written out or spelled as doughnut; no matter the name, these tasty treats make an ideal breakfast or snack to pair with coffee in New York. Remember to enjoy each bite slowly, not to become overfull while taking full advantage of everything the city offers!

The Doughnut Project

If you’re craving an irresistibly sugar-loaded treat, The Doughnut Project in West Village is your place. Staffed exclusively by women, The Doughnut Project serves fresh and delectable doughnuts daily – not to mention vegan-friendly options that will satisfy even die-hard sweet tooths!

The Doughnut Project provides traditional and artisanal doughnuts, so there’s something to please every taste bud. Year-round flavors include classics such as vanilla or chocolate glaze and more adventurous options such as hibiscus – great options for anyone wanting to explore something different! Plus, they frequently host limited-time specials that are worth trying.

This iconic Brooklyn doughnut shop serves up classic flavors with an innovative flair. Don’t miss their square-shaped donuts; whether peanut butter and banana, sour cream, or bacon filling options won’t disappoint! For something different and satisfying, try their sourdough donut filled with bacon for something delicious and different!

Another fantastic thing about this place is its all-day donut service, making it convenient and accessible anytime. Additionally, Balthazar Restaurant is nearby, so grabbing a quick snack won’t put you on a waitlist. And for extra satisfaction, there is also a burger spot nearby!

Although the cronut may have fallen out of fashion recently, Dominique Ansel Bakery remains one of the best places for these delectable treats. Their beloved pastry is an innovative cross between a croissant and a donut, ideal for any special occasion or simple joy.

Orwashers is another classic donut shop worth visiting, established in 1916. Their fluffy and rich doughnuts come from their vast selection of delicious varieties, such as their famous glazed donuts, or perhaps try something adventurous like their “Those Beetz Are Dope,” featuring beet glaze and ricotta whip toppings!

This Manhattan donut shop is a must for those who appreciate gourmet treats. The staff here is always courteous and welcoming, creating an exceptionally relaxing environment where customers can sit back, enjoy their donuts, and socialize while sipping an iced coffee or tea.

The Donut Pub

If you love delicious donuts, look no further. Since 1964, The Donut Pub has been delighting customers with delicious donuts at unbeatably fair prices. Their friendly owners offer fantastic customer service while their selection is delicious and tastebud-tickling good! Prices also remain reasonable.

The Donut Pub stands out in an otherwise chain shop-filled city. Offering classic old-fashioned doughnuts – including croissant donuts that are beloved among locals – made with fresh ingredients and expertly glazed or sugared, as well as being gluten and nut-free and offering 24-hour seating, making them an excellent option for anyone with food allergies. Plus they’re open 24 hours a day in an atmosphere reminiscent of vintage soda fountains with tables, marble counters,s and stool seating offering a variety of flavors, including the ever-popular cinnamon roll donut!

Donut Pub stands out among gourmet doughnut chains by providing traditional-quality donuts. Unlike those available from chain shops, their light and crunchy doughnuts come in various flavors and styles ranging from simple glazed to chocolate dipped (and filled with apple, lemon, or Boston cream!). Furthermore, standard deli sandwiches and coffee are also offered here.

Donuts bring crowds 24/7 to this modest spot, selling pastries, sandwiches, and coffee. Their longstanding tradition of quality donuts draws crowds every time; the owner prides himself in keeping his recipes and ingredients intact. Located at 14th Street near Union Square.

The Donut Pub is an ideal stop on your way to work or from lunch; it is also great for meeting friends or catching up with family over coffee and donuts! Their sandwiches served on toasted croissants may not be the best around, but they are worth trying; their service is fast, and the staff is always friendly – plus, their donuts are very affordable; order multiples and go!

Du’s Donuts

Du’s New England-style doughnuts are a must if you enjoy this treat! Their range includes classic flavors like strawberry and cream or peanut butter yuzu and banana graham and more adventurous ones like strawberry and cream or peanut butter yuzu. Indulge in a fantastic cup of Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee while indulging in one of their Instagrammable cake doughnuts that only remain here temporarily! Don’t delay; grab one while it lasts!

Chef Wylie Dufresne is well known for his groundbreaking molecular gastronomy cuisine at his restaurants WD50 and Alder, both considered leading examples. Now, Dufresne brings his innovative culinary techniques to doughnuts at Du’s Donuts; along with his team, they create delectable treats at Williamsburg’s William Vale hotel base.

As with his other restaurants, this one features bright, airy decor with floor-to-ceiling windows and pale wood furnishings. Though space may be tight, there’s enough room for guests to gather and enjoy some tasty donuts – open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am until sold out.

Du’s Donuts may stand out with its eye-catching ingredients and inventive flavors, yet their overall quality leaves much to be desired. Their flavors are overly subtle, making this tasty treat more like plain cake than anything else – an unfortunate situation for such an accomplished chef as themself.

Du’s Donuts is a high-concept doughnut shop from chef Wylie Dufresne, known for creating innovative and experimental dishes. Located at 107 North 12th Street near William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Du’s Donuts has become increasingly popular since its opening, often drawing long lines on weekends.

Although Du’s Donuts offers delicious treats, their prices can be steep for simple pleasures. I would advise going elsewhere if you’re seeking something more gourmet, but if you love Du’s Donuts’ chef and his creations, then this might just be perfect – their doughnuts are moist with great flavors; my recommendation would be the Chocolate Caramel Brownie donut!