Personalized Learning at Weakley County Schools


IXL provides students with an opportunity to practice thousands of math and language arts skills that align with state standards, providing instantaneous feedback and support. Students can utilize IXL either at school or at home.

IXL has become widely adopted among students in Grades K-12 across many schools – such as Weakley County Schools in Tennessee – and this article will highlight how it can boost achievement and motivation among them.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning refers to customizing education content according to student’s individual needs and interests, providing content tailored to keep students motivated and engaged throughout their educational journey, leading to more extraordinary academic achievement overall. Furthermore, personalized learning helps develop essential skills such as creativity, communication, and collaboration – which will become increasingly necessary as technology automates more tasks. However, it can be challenging for one teacher to provide personalized lessons for every child in a class; therefore, educators utilize various software programs in order to offer targeted and flexible instruction.

Personalized learning stands out from traditional teaching methods by emphasizing students’ strengths and interests to encourage them to take an active part in their education, collaborate with their peers, and learn new concepts more efficiently. Teachers should support this form of education with personalized approaches while providing feedback about students’ progress.

Personalized learning is both collaborative and student-centric. Students can organize their studies around their schedules, giving them ownership over their education while developing a growth mindset. Furthermore, personalized learning allows students to choose their learning methods and how they wish to demonstrate their knowledge.

Many schools use personalized learning to assist their students in understanding their academic strengths and weaknesses, creating a learning plan to address those weaknesses, setting short-term and long-term goals, matching learning plans with academic curriculum requirements, monitoring progress, and filling knowledge gaps through personal assessments or custom quizzes.

Personalized learning also employs online tools to save educators time. Programs like automated graders, classroom lecturer reduction, and insights into student performance allow educators to dedicate more of their time and energy to helping their students and troubleshooting when necessary. Furthermore, educators can also use these tools to communicate with parents regarding their child’s academic development progress.

Real-time diagnostic

IXL uses real-time diagnostics to accurately identify students’ grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts. The system also creates personalized action plans designed to help learners advance. When insufficient information exists, student levels appear as ranges; once sufficient details become available, however, these ranges narrow quickly and pinpoint proficiency instantly.

Students can access IXL from either home or on the go by signing in with their username and password and then practicing thousands of skills across math, language arts, science, and social studies at their own pace. Students may also visit the Recommendations page to see skills tailored specifically for them or explore skills by grade or topic to find those that meet their learning needs.

At-home learning

At Weakley County Schools, students can use IXL to develop their math, language arts, science, and social studies skills at home or on the go. Students can sign in on this page using their LaunchCard or ClassLink login, then take an individual diagnostic and visit the Recommendations page for customized skill recommendations tailored specifically to them.

IXL provides teachers with access to an extensive library of lessons and practice problems they can assign their students, along with real-time tracking of student progress and custom assignments designed to help improve them. They can also take advantage of webinars and tutorials on using IXL with their pupils.

IXL provides a fun, interactive math learning experience. Students stay engaged and motivated while practicing their skills, and it offers different learning styles to meet all students’ needs. Workbooks feature fun activities to keep students interested and involved – for instance, the Addition Work Book starts with essential addition and then gradually moves on to adding 2-digit numbers before progressing through levels and offering awards that motivate students to keep practicing their math and achieve better results.