West Clermont Schools Calendar


West Clermont Schools of Ohio is a public school district, and students attend this school to learn English, an essential subject for all Ohioans. Below, you will find some significant holidays associated with West Clermont schools, as well as events taking place within its boundaries.


Holidays provide students with an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones while participating in activities they love to do. Holidays should be celebrated with passion and enthusiasm by students at West Clermont schools calendar 2021, which includes all major holidays that occur throughout the year, including federal/state holidays as well as regional/communal celebrations and ceremonies.

West Clermont schools’ holiday list also includes teacher preparation days, teachers’ services days, and professional development days in addition to federal and state holidays. This will allow schools to prepare students for events coming up and celebrate them with joy! All holidays listed on this calendar are based on the official Ohio government schedule, so they may change or be modified at any time due to state governmental activities. So, for your safety, it’s wise to visit their website frequently to stay up-to-date.

School Closings

West Clermont schools celebrate various holidays each year. These holidays include both national and federal holidays as well as regional celebrations and ceremonies that offer students an opportunity to break from classes, spend time with loved ones, and make the most of their school years. Holidays provide students with an escape from academic pressure while giving them time to recharge with family and friends, making the most out of every school year while making memories that last a lifetime. While holidays can be enjoyable experiences for all parties involved, sometimes this means missing classes or activities altogether; therefore, it is essential to have a calendar showing when this will take place so students know when this occurs and plan accordingly.

West Clermont Schools Calendar can be an invaluable asset to both parents and students. It will enable them to plan for their year, marking essential dates or reminding themselves to plan accordingly for events or holidays that come up throughout the year – making your experience in West Clermont Schools all that much richer!

No student who has accrued five or more unexcused absences within either semester (current or previous) will be admitted under inter-district open enrollment status for any school year; similarly, any student subject to suspension or expulsion from any West Clermont school and district will not be permitted to remain open enrollment – this decision rests solely with the Superintendent.

Spring Break

West Clermont School Calendar’s Spring Break provides students with a much-needed respite from school life, giving them time to take a much-needed rest, spend quality time with family and friends, and recharge their batteries so that they may perform at their best in class. Keeping kids healthy and in an upbeat mindset will enable them to focus more easily on their studies while ending the year successfully.

West Clermont school’s holiday lists for 2021-2022 feature various federal public holidays and regional celebrations, providing students an opportunity to participate in multiple activities and celebrate holidays with full enthusiasm and zest. Students anticipate these special days with great anticipation!

These dates are based on the official West Clermont School District calendar and may change without warning, so please check back often for any updates or if you have any inquiries about it. For more information about their school calendar or more about them in general, visit their website here. In addition to the major holidays listed above, the district also observes teacher preparation days and teacher service days throughout the year.


West Clermont Schools Calendar 2023-2024 Now Online for View

District 6 serves students from pre-K through secondary school education. Most of its student population is white, with 2.7% being black, 2% Asian, 0.3% Hispanic/Latino, and 0.1% American Indian or Alaska Native making up its student body. Student to teacher ratio stands at 18:1.

Michele Delany, president of the West Clermont Board of Education since 2019, passed away due to cancer on Monday. She first joined as an unexpired term fill-in appointment and played an essential role in steering West Clermont through its strategic plan. Michele also held leadership positions at various elementary, middle, and high schools; was active with West Clermont Athletic Boosters; advocated passionately for education – family, friends, and colleagues will greatly miss her.

Winter Break

West Clermont Schools offer students the perfect way to relax and have some fun during winter break: visiting family and friends while getting some much-needed rest before final exams take place in May and June. Students also take part in festive activities and celebrations with tremendous enthusiasm!

West Clermont School District Holidays for 2021 include federal and state holidays as well as regional celebrations and cultural events held throughout town. Additionally, there are teacher preparation days, teacher services days, and professional development days, which are celebrated each year by teachers across town.

This school year, the HealthPlex is taking advantage of an innovative new technology called Tersano Stabilized Aqueous-Ozone to sanitize all equipment and surfaces three times more effectively than bleach – without posing any adverse side effects to either humans or the environment – making the HealthPlex safer and more accessible for all age and ability groups to utilize.