How to Make a Splint in DayZ


Splints are medical items used in DayZ to treat fractures. When players break an arm or leg, they incur shock damage, which may lead to unconsciousness if not addressed immediately. Splints help keep broken limbs immobilized for faster healing times. Check out the Best info about dayz cheats pc.


One of the most frequently experienced issues when out and about in DayZ is having to contend with broken legs. Not only can this hinder mobility, but enemies may use this weakness against you easily! Luckily, however, crafting and applying a splint may provide a quick fix!

Splints are medically crafted items designed to aid players recovering from fractured legs or arms and can be made using any of the following ingredients.

To create a splint, players must collect all necessary materials. Sticks may be obtained by cutting down nearby bushes with any melee weapon such as an axe; Rags may be acquired by cutting up clothing such as T-shirts (with a knife); Bandages/Duct Tape may also be looted from industrial buildings on the map.

Once all necessary materials have been amassed, players must enter the Item Screen and choose their Splint Recipe. Press and hold their assigned combine button (PC default is B), select either rags or bandages bundles or stacks, and combine with sticks – once complete, they can then be pulled up from the Vicinity tab and placed directly on any fractured limb in Vicinity Tab.

Applying a splint to a broken limb allows a player to move without incurring constant shock damage but only allows them to walk at a slow pace; after 30 minutes have passed while wearing their splint, its impact should help heal their fractured limb.

As any Survivor knows in DayZ, broken legs are a danger and need to be addressed quickly and quickly. Crafting a splint is an easy solution that can quickly heal broken limbs so players won’t risk walking around on an injured leg and experiencing continued shock damage that may cause loss of consciousness and eventual unconsciousness – this may not be ideal, but at least you won’t lie unconscious on the ground and become easy targets for enemies!


Splints are essential items that every survivor of DayZ should know how to craft. Their creation requires only minimal materials; you’re likely to find rags and bandages everywhere you look for the supplies necessary, while sticks may come from cutting down small bushes or splitting wood from cut trees.

In the game, splints are used to treat broken legs. As an essential medical item, this splint expedites recovery time and facilitates movement around the game world more easily. Crafting one requires bandages, rags, and duct tape; its effectiveness should not be mistaken as the complete healing of fractured bones; instead, it allows survivors to navigate their environment more safely by helping them walk or climb over fences more readily.

Crafting a splint requires two short sticks and either four clean rags or bandages from your inventory, plus pressing and holding the Combine button on either your controller or mouse (if not remapped) until it appears in the Vicinity tab – ready to either store away for the later or apply directly onto an injury player’s body.

After being shot or landing on hard surfaces, players in DayZ are at risk of suffering a broken arm or leg, which could become life-threatening if not addressed immediately. A splint combined with a cast can often save lives.

A splint can be easily created using materials such as bandages or rags, sticks, and duct tape. Splints are found everywhere, from buildings, sheds, and cars to players’ bags; having one on hand could prove lifesaving when needed.

Once completed, a splint can be attached to a broken leg by pressing and holding “Use.” Once applied, this splint will prevent shock damage while walking and will take 30 minutes for complete healing to occur.

DayZ players understand that broken limbs are a regular occurrence and, left untreated, can quickly lead to death. A splint can help treat broken limbs rapidly and help the survivor continue their journey without becoming incapacitated; various materials are suitable for crafting these devices.

Creating a splint in DayZ will require gathering together various ingredients:

Sticks can be acquired by cutting down bushes or interacting with trees (which will drop a long post that can then be broken up into two short ones), rags can be obtained by cutting any clothing item down using melee weapons and looting industrial buildings across the map, bandages can be acquired by either destroying or looting medical stations and stored areas like sheds; while duct tape can be achieved either through raiding storage boxes or by interacting with vehicles or objects that contain it.

Crafting a Splint in DayZ requires two Short Sticks combined with either four Clean Rags or one Bandage (used Bandages will not work). Once these items have been selected and cycled through their crafting options until an option for crafting the article appears, click LMB to create it and take care in using any necessary materials before pressing C for construction. Your new splint should appear in your inventory under the Vicinity tab once complete.

To use a splint, select and apply it to an injured limb. Allowing some time for it to spread itself will enable survivors to jog without sprinting and jumping, as well as avoid shock damage when moving. Eventually, the injury will heal on its own, and the splint may be taken off at any point, freeing up one slot in your inventory for another item – making this item invaluable in speeding up healing time in the game! This item is particularly beneficial because it speeds up fracture healing rates significantly while improving speed when treating fractures is essential.

Duct Tape

Splinting can save your life as a survivor in DayZ if you break a leg or arm; untreated broken limbs can make you faint, making enemies an easy target. Splints allow you to continue moving while resetting the fractured bone while you recover, though they do restrict mobility somewhat; jumping and running while wearing one will require special consideration.

For making a splint in DayZ, two sticks, and either bandages or rags will be necessary. Once you have these materials available to you, cut some nearby bushes with your weapon of choice and obtain sticks as you would gather bandages or rags by cutting trees down or splitting wood from previously chopped trees into smaller chunks – then follow these steps below for making a splint in DayZ!

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To create a splint in DayZ, two small sticks, and either bandages or rags will be required. Select these from your inventory and press the combine button (B on PS4 and X on PC), holding down while crafting your splint. When completed, it will appear in the Vicinity tab of the item screen for easy use or storage for later.

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