Looking For a Computer Repair Shop Near Me in Kolkata?


Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital city of West Bengal in India and is well known for its culture, traditions, literature, history, and landmarks.

Computer repair shops near me in Kolkata can assist in maintaining and servicing laptop and desktop computers smoothly, saving time and money. They may also help save precious hours.


Techyuga is an Indian repair service for mobile phones and laptops. Their service covers India, with an excellent reputation for quality work. In addition, Techyuga provides free pick-up and delivery, along with pick-up from your doorstep! You can learn more by visiting their website. Established in 2016, Techyuga now employs 27 staff who specialize in computer software as a partnership firm based out of Kolkata, West Bengal; click here to view key decision-makers within Techyuga.

Techyuga offers computer repair in Kolkata that is both experienced and trustworthy. Their technicians can assist with any issue you might be having,, and all products come with a warranty to protect your investment and ensure it works optimally.

Techyuga is best known for its computer repair and for offering refurbished mobile phones – previously owned devices that have undergone rigorous testing and inspection before being sold refurbished at a significantly discounted price. Refurbished phones are considerably less costly than new mobiles and often come with warranties, making them the ideal solution for people without enough money to buy an entirely new smartphone.

If your experience at Techyuga was unpleasant, Voxya can assist. Our system will notify the appropriate authority immediately upon receipt of your complaint, and you may even qualify for a refund or replacement from them.

Techyuga has been an overall positive experience. Their employees are dedicated and passionate about what they do – always willing to go the extra mile for you. I would recommend Techyuga to anyone seeking a challenging yet rewarding career path!

Matrix Infosys

Matrix Infosys is a business intelligence software provider focused on crafting world-class products to make your organization efficient, productive, and scalable. Backed by rigorous research and analytics, its effects are used by some of the top businesses around the globe. Matrix offers consulting services to ensure maximum return from your software investment.

Finding a trustworthy repair shop in Kolkata or fixing your laptop requires finding the appropriate place. Be sure to read reviews and recommendations before selecting a center; using Techyuga has earned itself a stellar reputation among users for its outstanding services and cost-effective pricing plans.

If your computer is giving you issues, calling several companies for repairs can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. Luckily, there are ways you can make the process simpler – read on to discover some of Kolkata’s finest computer repair shops!

Laptop and PC use is essential to modern workday life, and keeping these devices working effectively is crucial to productivity. Luckily, Kolkata offers several excellent computer repair services that can assist in this regard – here are just a few:

Matrix Infosys Intex Showroom Customer Care Number is a Toll-Free or other number valid across India. Please share it with your friends & family!

Matrix Infosys LLC was founded in 2011 and has accumulated extensive expertise in offering Computer Peripherals, Printers, and Scanners to clients all across India. Based out of Kolkata, West Bengal, we serve our services nationwide.

Lap Care Infosys

Lap Care Infosys in Kolkata offers laptop repair, with highly trained technicians, to assist you with your repair needs. In addition, they also provide data recovery and malware removal at competitive rates and with fast turnaround times.

If your Dell laptop randomly shuts down, there may be something amiss with its fan. Heat builds up in your machine if its fan is not functioning correctly and cannot exhaust itself from within; as a result, overheating occurs and causes it to shut off automatically as a safeguard measure. Taking it to an authorized service center in Kolkata could quickly solve this issue.

If your laptop’s video card is experiencing issues, replacing it would likely be more effective than trying to repair it. As laptop technology has advanced considerably since its introduction, a new video card could significantly enhance performance.


Resolve is a credit repair company that helps consumers clear away debt issues. Their services include debt settlement, counseling, and consolidation – they even offer free credit reports! According to Resolve’s website, they have successfully settled over $1M of client debt; however, certain counseling agencies may have limitations regarding which debt types they accept.

When choosing a computer repair shop, select one with years of experience and professional-grade service. In addition, ensure they have an impressive track record in customer satisfaction and an easy-to-use customer service portal. Furthermore, check if their technicians can quickly identify and resolve problems, saving time and money.

Techyuga offers top-quality laptop repairs and technical support in Kolkata, with their experienced staff knowing modern technologies. If your computer needs repairs near me in Kolkata, Techyuga is your go-to computer repair company! With a friendly service staff well versed in fixing almost any problem, they provide world-class technical service at unbeatable rates.

Matrix Infosys in Chandni Chowk, Kolkata, offers excellent computer repair. Their tech-savvy team offers AMC services for leading brand laptops and computers and A/V repairs for desktop and laptop computers and accessories. Any local computer repair provider cannot beat their transparent service approach, and their prices remain competitive compared to their quality work.