A Dog Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Dogs make excellent additions to families, providing companionship and making wonderful guard dogs. Before deciding to get one for yourself, research and plan! If you are considering adopting one or getting a puppy, always conduct sufficient research before making a final decision.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations before researching online reviews.

Woodhouse Cafe

Woodhouse Cafe was one of the first pet-friendly cafes to open in Kolkata, boasting an unrivaled setup that allows guests to dine safely with their animals in an animal-friendly environment. There are four areas – dog room, banqueting space, non-smoking area, and lounge with TV – where diners and their furry companions can dine safely together. Furthermore, in-house dog trainers help provide excellent exercise opportunities while you enjoy your relaxing meal.

This restaurant provides a diverse menu, from sandwiches and pizza to salads and burgers, featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian items like nachos, stuffed chicken breast, and paneer tikka. There’s even dessert like chocolate syrup milkshakes and brownies! Plus, its atmosphere is cozy; the staff are friendly; though the only drawback might be its price, it is worth every cent for animal lovers!

Shasha and Samba add extra fun to this pet-friendly cafe, making great playmates for pet customers! The brothers behind this business are passionate animal lovers and wanted to create an environment where anyone could spend quality time with their pet while eating delicious food. In addition, there’s even an adorable bird section!

This restaurant, near Topsia, boasts an inviting environment featuring pine wood furnishings. Customers have raved about service and food quality here; guests have recommended trying chicken wraps, fried fish, and blueberry cheesecake. You could also sample their cocktails, whiskey sours, or beer selection.

Pet-friendly cafe owners in Kolkata employ trained staff 24/7 to care for the animals at this cafe, their hygiene, cleanliness, and meals. Furthermore, regular check-ups by doctors ensure the pets remain in excellent health. Customers have raved about its delicious and welcoming food, while many praise its welcoming atmosphere.

Kettleberry Cafe

If you enjoy dining out with your pet, Kolkata has many pet-friendly cafes. Not only are these establishments welcoming toward furry visitors, but they also offer delicious dishes like loaded cheese poutine or chicken grande nachos – plus, all are pet-friendly!

Hugo & Finn Cafe in Tollygunge is an attractive and pet-friendly venue in Kolkata. Not only can customers bring in their furry companions for customers to use as companions, but Hugo & Finn also encourages pets to explore freely within its premises so that both owner and animal are happy. Hugo & Finn has become a top spot among owners looking for somewhere safe for them both to linger together – making Hugo & Finn one of Kolkata’s go-to spots!

This cafe owner is pet-obsessed, which means he goes above and beyond to ensure a relaxing dining experience for his customers. Not only do they serve delicious meals, but he also hosts events like open mics, theatre plays, and stand-up shows – not forgetting his pet dog named Shasha, who adds even more charm to this eatery!

Hugo & Finn opened its doors for business in February 2021 to provide pets and their owners with a stress-free space. Not only can you find mouthwatering meals at Hugo & Finn, but they also have beverages such as Bengal Chai and Royal Spice Tea and various types of coffee to meet all preferences.

Knowing where to shop is vital if you are in the market for a pet. Make sure you ask around among friends and family as well as read online reviews so you can select an establishment best suited to meet your requirements.

This pet shop not only sells puppies but also offers an assortment of accessories for them – collars and leashes to tracking devices and beds are available here to keep your puppy happy! Additionally, they have different breeds, so you can choose one to match the environment in your home.

Bengali Food Cafe

Kolkata, or Calcutta as it was once known, is famed for its food culture. Old favorites are intertwined into an eclectic dining scene; new threads emerge regularly — from burgers to Neapolitan pizza and an abundance of Bengali sweets. Four longtime residents — Partha Banerjee, an activist in New York; Mukti Banerjee, who runs a Bengali meetup group in Brooklyn; Kriti Mukherjee, a consultant/foodie; and Priyashmita Guha, who works at a local restaurant — talk about their favorite bites of Kolkata.

This popular Bengali specialty restaurant occupies a charming vintage townhouse in a luxurious neighborhood. With its chessboard floor, ornate chandeliers, and period furniture reminiscent of 19th-century Calcutta aristocratic mansions, its elegant menu includes daab chingri (prawns in tender cream-laden coconut shells), kosha mangsho (dryish mutton curry) and chital macher muitha (fish dumplings with red gravy).

Paramount, an iconic landmark that served as a meeting place for freedom fighters before independence, remains one of the city’s most beloved eateries. The old-world charm remains evident with marble top tables, narrow benches, and glass-framed menus; its signature dishes include jhola marcher tarkari (sour thin fish curry), mourola machher tarkari (fish stew with pieces that do not exceed an inch in diameter, eaten at one go), jhurjhure aloo bhaja (crispy potato matchstick fries).

Nakur is another legendary restaurant known for its exquisite sandesh confections made with freshly harvested chhana, offering flavors such as mango, dark chocolate, black currant mulberry, and butterscotch sandesh artisanal. Nakur stands out among Kolkata’s many moiras (traditional confectioners).

City residents can also find some highly recommended dog-friendly cafes offering top-tier food and an inviting ambiance, welcoming all sizes and breeds of pets. In addition to traditional fares such as chicken sandwiches or spicy paneer tikka, these eateries serve local specialties like Nutella waffles. Furthermore, many offer their signature coffee blends that you can take home.

European Cafe

If you love dogs, this pet shop near me in Kolkata will surely meet all your needs for your furry pal. From food and toys to grooming and training services – not to mention purchasing cages!

Hugo & Finn Cafe, a London-inspired cafe, offers food and beverages to satisfy human customers and those traveling with their furry friends. You can order delivery of any menu item straight to your door!

As the owner is an animal lover, you can rest assured that this coffee shop is pet-friendly. They have a designated area where your pets can join in and enjoy a delicious meal; prices are very reasonable, too! Plus, their staff is extremely welcoming and helpful, while the atmosphere offers the ideal setting to read a book or talk with friends!

Tollygunge is a pet-friendly cafe with nine dogs and numerous cats that are well-trained, well-socialized animals used to being around new people and are happy interacting with all kinds of newcomers. If asked nicely, they may allow you to pet them or take pictures; these friendly felines also tend to remain still for short periods!

This cafe is well known for its breakfast and lunch offerings. Their samosas and sandwiches are incredible, while they also boast an impressive variety of coffees, teas, and desserts, such as their chocolate shake.

This pet store provides everything imaginable to meet the needs of your furry pal, from food and toys to collars and leashes. Their owners understand the difficulties of raising a pet and are dedicated to providing outstanding service to clients – always available to answer questions! In addition to selling products, they offer veterinary services; they have been serving their community for over twenty years!