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Caravan GPS trackers can be an effective anti-theft measure that helps safeguard your pride and joy from theft. Some systems like Retrieve are Thatcham insurance-approved and come equipped with their power source so they won’t drain your battery pack. Typically the Interesting Info about car tracker.

Other devices, like the GPS Bob, can be concealed anywhere within your caravan and will provide data that lasts five years – add PS60 every year as a top-up fee.


Back2You is a small UK firm offering tracking devices for cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans, and fleet tracking systems for businesses and public sector organizations. Their products aim to help customers manage their vehicles more safely while providing drivers with an improved driving experience – featuring notifications whenever a vehicle leaves an area specified by its owner – helping prevent theft and employee safety while reducing fuel consumption.

This device is a black cuboid, though the manufacturer claims it is matchbox-sized. It weighs quite a lot and features a magnet at its base to attach to any metal surface securely. Furthermore, its SIM card allows it to transmit the location of a car or caravan and show this data via a website or app; additionally, it records journey tracks while offering emergency notification if the unit becomes disabled.

This feature can be highly beneficial if you’re concerned about your vehicle being stolen or lost, traveling with children or pets, and moving too quickly off-road. Furthermore, this app also offers a map view of the tracker’s position – something both Android and iOS devices support for ease of access.

Software on a tracking device can be configured to respond to SMS text messages sent from mobile phones and then display their location on Google Maps. Furthermore, an alert will be generated if the device moves or experiences significant shockwaves – an effective anti-theft measure. Lastly, an app on this tracking system allows users to track one another.

Back2You trackers offer an affordable way to monitor any vehicle or caravan. Equipped with full GPS tracking options and simple to use on any Android phone, these trackers include a Locate function, which can be activated simply by sending an SMS with a password sent directly to their Tracking phone number.


Falcon caravan GPS trackers provide users with a subscription-free caravan GPS tracker solution, providing on-demand location via text message with access to Google Maps for visual current positioning. They’re an invaluable aid when reporting stolen vehicles to authorities; using pay-as-you-go SIM cards means running costs are minimal – estimated costs per location impression average approximately 5p per impression.

Falcon offers another popular feature known as geofencing, a virtual boundary set around your vehicle that notifies you should it leave this area. It can be beneficial when renting out your van and can show if misuse occurred during rental, providing evidence against damage claims made against this misuse.

This device can be discreetly installed within your caravan and fits under its wheel, making it hard for thieves to remove or tamper. Furthermore, its intelligent sleep mode helps ensure it will not be affected by tracker jamming devices.


GPSBob’s caravan tracker is ideal for anyone who desires peace of mind when traveling. Not only can it pinpoint its exact location, but it also sends health checks every 12 hours so you can monitor its condition. Plus, it keeps running with backup battery power available just in case of any failure!

This device is compatible with 176 countries worldwide and uses 2G technology for accurate tracking. With enough data storage space for five years of regular usage, recharging can quickly occur without interrupting tracking capabilities.

No contracts or direct debits to worry about means this GPS tracker can be purchased and set aside without worry. Perfect for caravans, motorhomes, and more; car theft prevention, tracking your teenager’s driving habits, or monitoring the driving patterns of others can all be accomplished using it easily with its web software or mobile app interfaces; it also lets you easily see the vehicle’s live location via web or app interfaces.

Moving Intelligence

Find the Right Caravan GPS Tracker Choosing a caravan GPS tracker is essential to reduce theft of your fleet. There are options available that allow real-time monitoring and general movement monitoring – many are easily installed, while some require technical knowledge for installation; regardless, be sure to seek professional installation so it fits safely and discreetly.

The Black Knight GPS is an ideal solution for real-time tracking caravans, providing accurate 15-second positioning updates with remote viewing capability via mobile app or website. Furthermore, its backup battery will protect against unexpected power outages.

Another easy-to-install GPS tracker option is the TRuTrak GPS tracker, with its free mobile app and simple installation process. It is ideal for caravans, motorhomes, cars, and boats and is connected via two wires directly to their leisure battery; additionally, it comes equipped with an emergency backup battery as a safeguard in emergencies. The Black Knight GPS can also store location data up to one-year post-trip, which can help reminisce about past caravan adventures.

Tracker Retrieve is one such tracking system, offering unique features such as motion sensing and tamper alerts to monitor for potential theft and remote immobilization to stop it altogether. Furthermore, its ease of use makes it ideal for mobile apps or website monitoring.

Solid GPS tracker offers an ideal alternative for caravan owners. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, its sleek form factor easily conceals in caravans; plus, its phone technology means it works on any vehicle or item where SIM cards can be installed. Battery life should last three months, with alerts sent if your caravan strays beyond its designated parking spot.

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