3M Solar Film Types


3M solar control window films reduce heat transfer through windows, leading to lower energy costs, improved comfort levels, and protection from harmful UV rays. This helps you save on energy costs while staying warm in winter while keeping out UV rays that cause fading. Choose the best solar film singapore.

These explicit spectrally selective films offer an ideal balance between light transmission and glare reduction, offering increased occupant comfort, improved productivity, reduced energy costs, and less computer screen glare.

Ultra-Clear Solar Film

This transparent solar protection film allows natural light to pass through the glazing while remaining virtually undetectable. Rejecting 46% of solar heat while still permitting high light transmission. Furthermore, its sputtered metal alloy construct provides adequate UV radiation protection – helping shield interiors from fading over time.

3M’s non-metal window tints differ from dyed films in that they will remain neutral over time and won’t fade or discolor over their lifespan, thanks to being sputtered rather than coated with dye – thus increasing their longevity considerably.

Not only are sputtered metallic alloy films long-term energy savers, but they can also reflect and disperse infrared heat to help lower cabin temperatures and cut air conditioning usage – resulting in significant savings for a year.

Western Lake and Campbell, Texas-area authorized 3M Security Film sellers to recognize how essential windows are in protecting homes and offices from potential dangers like hurricanes or break-ins. That is why we provide an array of 3M Security Film products that can strengthen windows against hurricanes or break-ins – giving you peace of mind against potential dangers such as hurricanes or break-ins.

Safety and security film options can increase the strength of glass surfaces to help hold fragments together, providing an extra deterrent against burglars or thieves when combined with alarms that feature glass-breaking sensors.

While do-it-yourself improvements can save time and money, professional contractors should always perform window film installation. 3M products often require professional installation to meet their standards and qualify for warranties; failing this could void them entirely.

Solar Film Design’s window tinting experts can assist you in selecting the ideal window tinting solution for your needs. From energy cost reduction and interior decor improvement to increasing property values and value-enhancing projects, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary for successful project implementation. Reach out now for more information about our products and services!

Crystal Clear Solar Film

Contrary to traditional solar window films, this externally applied product reflects heat where it originated instead of just on the glass surface, keeping your vehicle cool without having to rely on air conditioning as much and saving you money in both summer and winter months. Furthermore, its reduced solar energy transmission through double glazing minimizes thermal cracking, preventing thermal cracking between glass panes.

Attuning your car’s glass with various tint shades gives you more options regarding its aesthetics. From subtle to dramatic, you’ll be able to achieve any look using different tint percentages, or choose one that lets sunlight in while maintaining privacy – creating the ultimate brand-new car experience inside and out!

This film employs 3M’s multi-layer optical technology to reduce infrared heat emissions, lower cabin temperatures, increase fuel efficiency, and enhance passenger comfort. Its nonmetallic construction won’t interfere with electronic signals from mobile phones, and the neutral hue helps maintain desirable glass aesthetics without decreasing visible light transmission.

Crystalline films contain a sputtered alloy of silver and nichrome that helps them reject more heat than dyed films while providing effective UV rejection, protecting you and household furnishings from UV rays that could cause irreparable harm to skin and fabrics.

Safety is of utmost importance in any solar control film. Should an accident occur, shatter-resistant films help hold fragments together for passengers’ protection and act as an effective deterrent against thieves who attempt to smash and grab vehicles’ glass surfaces quickly.

Ultra-Clear Infrared Rejection Film

Nano-Tech 9060 window film provides crystal clear window coverage with superior solar heat rejection to reduce cooling costs and maintain an optically pure appearance both inside and out. Utilizing nano-ceramic technology instead of dyes as building blocks, this advanced window film boasts one of the highest infrared rejection levels available to automotive or commercial window films – helping lower interior temperatures while protecting furnishings from fading.

Blocking UV rays that contribute to skin cancer. Specifically designed to be installed on front windshields, rear windows, sunroofs, and backlights, providing excellent protection from sun glare and premature skin damage. It is also beneficial for cabin temperature reduction and fuel economy improvement while simultaneously improving passenger comfort and vehicle safety.

3M’s multi-layer optical film technology was used to develop this window film that effectively reflects infrared rays that penetrate glass surfaces and radiate from inside cars, reflecting up to 44% and reducing glare by 91%, respectively. Furthermore, this window film can protect upholstery, dashboard, and seats from the sun’s harmful UV rays by reflecting them.

With its neutral black hue and nonmetallic construction, this frame looks virtually clear from the outside while remaining dark enough for comfortable driving conditions. Offering unaltered visibility and superior glare control. Its nonmetallic nature means no interference with GPS, radio, or mobile phone signals!

Ceramic-based tint is dark enough to reduce glare without making visibility impossible while blocking 99% of UV rays, helping prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Perfect for drivers seeking reduced glare and UV penetration but don’t want an extremely dark tint, it comes with a color stability guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

Crystal Clear UV Rejection Film

Crystal Clear UV non-reflective film allows natural light to pass through while blocking heat and UV rays, providing enhanced views while simultaneously blocking unwanted heat with its multi-layered construction of filters to block unwanted heat while improving visibility. Unlike reflective films like traditional metal films, Crystal Clear UV rejects infrared heat without creating “hot spots.” Not only is Crystal Clear UV an ideal way to provide comfort and visibility, but it can also protect artworks and furnishings from fading caused by sunlight exposure.

3M Sun Control Window Films provide the ideal combination of comfort, energy savings, and style. Their Prestige Series window films are non-metalized multi-layer optical films designed to deflect sunlight’s heat while decreasing glare and increasing indoor comfort. This window film allows 40%-70% of natural sunlight into your home while reflecting away infrared heat and 99.9999% harmful UV rays – thus providing your family with optimal indoor lighting conditions!

Comparable to untreated glass windows, windows with solar window film installed by an authorized 3M Dealer Installer such as JAG Window Tinting. Treatments will reduce their SHGC by as much as 15% compared to untreated ones, significantly cutting energy costs and air conditioning usage by decreasing how much is transferred through windows.

This non-metalized window film cuts infrared and UV rays and can also reduce glare. Perfect for computer screens and reading glasses. Ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants or retail stores where displays or merchandise is displayed; will help prevent carpet fading by blocking up to 99% of UV rays;

Safety and security window films are constructed of heavy-duty polyester bonded to industry-strength adhesives to form an impenetrable barrier between broken pieces of glass, accidents or vandalism, injuries from flying glass shards during break-in attempts, as well as the costs associated with repair or replacement. All safety/security window films come in various tint levels to comply with state/provincial regulations.

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