Blues Traveler Run Around Lyrics


Blues Traveler’s breakthrough song “Run-Around” earned them their inaugural Grammy and propelled them into stardom, leading them to regular TV appearances such as David Letterman.

Chan Kinchla’s genuine romance inspires this song with Felicia, who later became a doctor and remains close with him and Felicia, their original bass player Felicia in the band.

Love song

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Run Around is an iconic Blues Traveler track written by John Popper that reached number one on the US Hot 100 chart in 1994 and helped establish their presence as a household name. After seven years of touring and three albums before Run Around’s release, it topped the US Hot 100 chart and quickly made them household names – appearing regularly on shows like David Letterman and performing at iconic CBGB venues such as Williamsburg.

Popper originally wanted the song to reflect his depressed mood; however, before recording it, the band decided to speed up its pace to create an entirely different feel. Furthermore, John Popper is known for performing an intricate solo on a 10-hole diatonic harmonica from Hohner.

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Christopher Cross created one of the earliest successful smooth jazz hits and classic examples of yacht rock with this masterpiece by Dan Seals (later part of Seals and Crofts) as lead vocalist; keyboardist David Paich and bassist/session drummer Jeff Porcaro all joined to produce it – an original composition which spoke about long-term relationships which ended disappointingly.

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