Akal Travel Center in Laramie, WY


Akal Travel Center, nestled away at Hunt Road off Interstate 80 in Laramie, has made waves thanks to its delicious blend of Armenian and Indian cuisine. Offering delectable kebabs, dolma, and more – Akal Travel Center should not be missed by anyone who appreciates flavorful foods!


Akal Travel Center is a 24-hour truck stop that serves some of the finest Indian cuisine in Colorado. Their menu boasts delicious chicken curry, lamb curry, biryani, and vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat.

At Laramie’s Hunt Road Restaurant in Wyoming 82070, you’ll discover an exquisite blend of Armenian and Indian cuisine sure to satiate the senses. Their friendly staff will guide you through their menu selection process until you find something suitable.


Akal Travel Center in Laramie, WY, offers exquisite Armenian and Indian fusion cuisine at their restaurant at 168 Hunt Road in Laramie. Their cuisine features delicious kebabs, dolma, lavash, curries, and biryanis, which will please families and intimate gatherings alike. Their excellent staff offers superb service for any special event; delicious flija and tea are served to quench thirst, making this spot a must-visit destination for anyone who enjoys fusion cuisine! Google customer ratings have them at less than average customer ratings, so don’t expect perfection from this joint!

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At Laramie Travel Center, located at 168 Hunt Road in Laramie, Wyoming 82070, you will discover delicious fusion cuisine that you and your family can all enjoy. At Akal Travel Center, you’ll find everything from delicious Armenian dishes like kebabs and dolma to aromatic Indian curries and biryanis – the perfect place to try something new and exciting. Be sure to stop by soon for your culinary fix! Whether your dining needs or fast stopover needs, this truck stop offers something delicious for every palate – be it food and drinks (including beer & wine! ) to satisfy every desire! With a customer rating of 2.8 stars and being open Monday-Sunday.


At Akal Travel Center in Laramie, Wyoming, they specialize in Armenian and Indian dishes prepared using traditional recipes, along with drinks and tea from their excellent menu. You will also find tasty chicken curries and biryanis here; prices are very affordable while portions are large! This makes Akal Travel Center a fantastic family dining option! Located at 168 Hunt Rd in Laramie, Wyoming.