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Woowon, a South Korean rapper who debuted with his single “Anxiety,” made his debut in 2017 and has since joined the hip-hop label AOMG. His style of rapping has quickly drawn notice – some lyrics being darkly honest while addressing topics such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks head-on. He is not fearful to take risks when talking about topics considered taboo in the Korean entertainment industry – his music stands out in this respect.

While working as a pizza deliveryman, he encounters and enters The Gold Palace for the first time. This experience changes him profoundly as it opens him up to a world of wealth and desire that was previously foreign to him. Soon afterward, he falls for Seo-an, an heiress at The Gold Palace; their relationship blossoms quickly into something much more profound.

Although gross, this man has an instantly appealing appearance that attracts females. His unique long and slim body, small eyes, greyish skin tone, diseased mouth, and gums, and faded red pinstriped suit with matching bowtie hat make him immediately appealing.


Woowon, an underachieving pizza delivery guy, works multiple jobs every day of the week in order to pay off the debt incurred from his father’s gambling and investments. When he becomes a victim of a real estate scam and must move out of his apartment complex, Seo-an is there for him and lets him stay in her penthouse instead.

He’s the second son of the family that owns and runs S Group, the wealthiest company in Korea. Unfortunately, he can be somewhat distant from his friends, who often tease him about his wealth; they frequently tease him about it but don’t realize that he suffers from panic attacks and social anxiety himself.

Seo-an initially attempts to convince Woowon of his friendship but is quickly rejected – having experienced too many disappointments himself. After an act of kindness leads them closer, however, and slowly, their relationship develops into romance – including some steamy sexual moments, solid plot development, and adorable characters! I definitely recommend reading this manga if you are seeking an escape from violent manhas!

The Gold Palace

Looking for an exotic getaway or delicious Indian food? At The Gold Palace near Moundsville in West Virginia, you will find it all! Established by Aziz Ali as a means to support his family financially, Aziz never imagined the business would become such a staple among Indian jewelry and culture that it has become such an institution over two decades later.

The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace (pijabaedalbuwa goldeupaelriseu) is an exhilarating manga series that spans the Drama and Yaoi genres, taking place every Monday. You’ll be mesmerized by its captivating storyline and stunning artwork! Don’t miss this compelling manga serialized every Monday – don’t miss out!

Jinwoo’s life as a pizza delivery boy takes an unexpected twist when he encounters The Gold Palace. Enticed into its luxurious environment by The Palace’s allure, Jinwoo quickly finds himself drawn into its world of luxury and desire. This manga explores themes such as power, love, and self-discovery through an engaging perspective.

I love this manga for its nonviolence and focus on the mental health of its characters. Relationships are healthy between couples who treat each other well – making this manga an enjoyable read when I need a break from violent BL romances! I highly recommend it to any reader looking for a change!


Serialized every Monday, this captivating manga delves deep into the inner workings of love and lust. Through stunning artwork and insightful storytelling techniques, readers learn how to navigate societal expectations while finding comfort in unexpected places.

Jinwoo, a young pizza deliveryman, discovers The Gold Palace while on his route and becomes entranced with it, falling in love with its extravagant architecture and living there himself. Soon afterward, his relationship with Hyunsoo blossoms, blurring the lines between love and lust. Boasting an engaging storyline, interesting characters, and creative thematic elements, this manga is sure to capture the attention of its avid followers.

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