Red Star Pizza


Red Star Pizza in Ewing Township, New Jersey, provides an assortment of pizza, seafood, and chicken dishes as well as catering services.

Supino and Cross have reported that in order to limit preservatives in their products, they have taken steps such as making their dough, grating their cheese, and roasting their garlic at home – in addition to purchasing local products.


Red Star Pizza is an ideal destination for anyone passionate about pizza. Their extensive menu offers delicious toppings and crisp, flavorful crusts, with prices that fit any budget. Their staff is welcoming and creates an enjoyable dining experience perfect for hanging out with friends.

For delicious pizza, use a baking stone in your oven to control and trap the heat. This will give your pizza more crunch while helping prevent sogginess in its crust. Another tip would be to brush the dough with oil beforehand for added flavor!

To create the ultimate pizza, it is necessary to use top-quality ingredients, from cheese and sauce to the crust. Cheese should ideally be made of fresh mozzarella, but shredded brick mozzarella or parmesan can also be used. When adding vegetables such as onions and mushrooms to your pizza, precooking beforehand is highly recommended, and adding several tablespoons of sugar will speed up its rise time.

If you want to give a gift that will impress the foodie in your life, why not consider giving them a red star pizza gift card? Not only will it show them just how much you care, it will allow them to indulge their craving for pizza whenever they please!


Red Star Restaurant, conveniently situated near Bethel Gospel Assembly, features an extensive menu of pizza, chicken shops, and seafood options at reasonable prices, making it the ideal spot for friends or families looking to dine out together. Plus, it provides takeout service if visitors prefer not having to cook themselves!

At this restaurant, customers can choose from an extensive menu of seafood dishes like prawns and crab meat. Customers also enjoy ordering shrimp or pork fried rice, while their signature soup offers both spicy and sour notes while being filled with wonton dumplings – providing an ideal way to warm up on cold winter days!

The restaurant also offers a range of gift items, such as pizza-making kits and catering platters, that make great presents for foodies, as they allow the recipient to create delicious meals at home and share them with family and friends. If you’re having difficulty choosing something appropriate, gift cards will always make a perfect choice!

Chicken Shop

Red Star Pizza is an eatery offering an assortment of food. Popular among its customers are pizza and other items such as fried chicken. Red Star Pizza provides an inviting atmosphere for customers and staff, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities for relaxation while dining together.

At this restaurant, customers can order chicken, prawns, and dumplings with takeout services available. Its excellent customer service and competitive pricing make it a Local Fave on NetWaiter, with a rating of 4.7 from Google users.

If you’re in search of the perfect gift, look no further than Red Star Pizza gift cards and gift baskets. Ideal for pizza enthusiasts of any kind, these make great options that let them enjoy their favorite slice whenever they like at home! Additionally, Red Star Pizza catering platters make for excellent gifts suitable for birthdays and holiday celebrations alike!


Red Star Pizza is an ideal place for sharing an enjoyable dining experience with family or friends. Their delicious pizzas come out hot from the oven, and their extensive menu features toppings that satisfy every palette. Their staff are courteous and efficient, ensuring a pleasurable dining experience; additionally, they provide takeout and delivery options so that customers can indulge in these delectable flavors whenever it suits them!

If you’re searching for an unforgettable and fun gift idea, give your loved ones something from this restaurant: a pizza-making kit or catering platter will allow them to create their masterpieces at home and are sure to please any pizza fanatic.

This restaurant not only offers pizza but also delicious seafood and chicken shop items, gluten-free options, and vegan menu items – providing something tasty for every dietary preference and budget. Their prices are very affordable as well – visit their website to order or view their full menu online.