Why Choose a Surface Mounted Downlight?


Surface-mounted downlights offer an easy alternative to recessed lights for those without an opening in their ceiling, as they don’t require cutouts for installation. Guide on what is a downlight?

For optimal use in the kitchen, fireproof tiles must be selected. This will protect both the integrity of your ceiling and reduce fire risks.

They are available in every color under the sun.

Surface-mounted downlights come in many colors, finishes, and shapes to add decorative flair to their home, especially when their ceiling cannot be recessed. Gimble downlights may be ideal for sloped ceilings, while standard flat roofs may not require them as often.

Surface-mounted downlights come in many shapes and sizes. While circular models create wider beams of light that are ideal for use over work areas, other varieties create spot beams that highlight specific aspects of a room or object – these make an excellent alternative to recessed downlights as no big holes need to be cut in your ceiling!

Surface-mounted downlights are perfect for almost any room in the home – from bedrooms to kitchens. Available in various scales and distributions to suit any size or style room, The Lighting Outlet stocks a selection of surface-mounted downlights from Australia’s premier brands – some even feature adjustable color temperature features so you can switch easily from bright general lighting to soft, cozy glow lighting!

They are dimmable

Surface-mounted downlights can be dimmed to meet your specific lighting needs, with different bulbs, such as spot bulbs, for creating an eye-catching look in any room. Furthermore, surface mount downlights come with various finishes ranging from matt black to white, allowing you to customize them to any color scheme or older buildings where recessed downlights might be more challenging to install.

Surface-mounted downlights do not pose the same fire hazards as their recessed counterparts due to only making tiny screw holes when installed, thus not violating fire regulations and unlikely compromising your roof.

Many of these lights come equipped with a gimble frame, enabling you to tilt them in various directions for precise illumination of specific room parts, such as kitchen worktops. This feature can come in handy when downlights need to be targeted at certain spots in a room – like an area near an appliance such as an oven.

These downlights offer several advantages over their recessed counterparts, including being smaller and easier to maintain, such as quickly replacing bulbs without removing the entire fixture from your ceiling. Furthermore, no special tools are necessary – making these downlights ideal solutions for homeowners searching for modern alternatives to recessed downlights.

They are easy to install

Surface-mounted downlights offer an excellent alternative to pendant lights for those with low ceilings, without the hassle of drilling into their top like with recessed downlights. Surface mount downlights don’t require drilling into your ceiling like their counterparts do and are quick and straightforward to install – you won’t even have to cut a massive hole into it like with recessed downlights – they come in various sizes and shapes and can highlight architectural features while providing general illumination across rooms or provide ambient lighting in any given space. They come with multiple color temperatures and dimmable settings that suit individual tastes perfectly.

Based on your specific lighting requirements, there is an array of downlight models to suit every need, such as round, double-round, square, and shoebox models with or without glare-controlling lenses for creating an enjoyable lighting environment. All downlights were designed to save energy while producing high-quality light, making them suitable for buildings with limited plenum space.

Installing can begin once you’ve selected the ideal downlight for your space. Start by stripping away any wire ends in your ceiling using a wire stripper before connecting new wires to “N” and “L” terminals on your downlight and finally plugging them into its junction box.

Hiring an electrical professional or home plumber is wise if you don’t feel confident handling electrical wiring. Never attempt to work on live wires, as doing so could potentially electrocute yourself and pose a severe threat of electrocution.

They are versatile

Surface-mounted downlights offer the ideal blend of versatility and affordability, being easy to install, dimmable, and available in various styles and finishes – you may even find some with integrated drivers! However, for optimal performance, you will still need the proper bulb.

Recess downlights are great kitchen options but not suitable for every space. While they provide plenty of illumination, their light only sometimes spreads evenly across the room and may create shadows and glare. Surface-mounted downlights offer more targeted lighting – ideal for kitchen islands and worktops requiring specific illumination.

Surface mount downlights are durable, long-lasting lighting options designed to withstand the elements and resist rust or corrosion. Furthermore, surface mount downlights are easy to keep clean – you wipe down with a damp cloth after every use! Additionally, unlike recessed downlights, which are susceptible to moisture and humidity buildup in bathrooms, surface mount downlights don’t face this same challenge, so they are an excellent option when selecting bathroom lighting models – measure their rear diameter!

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