Which Fashion Style Am I?


For those who love fashion, defining a fashion style can be tricky. It can take years to discover your style and build your wardrobe accordingly. Fortunately, taking a quiz can help you narrow your focus on a specific fashion style. A quiz can help you identify which fashion style you fall into and then build a wardrobe that reflects your style.

ARTSY fashion style

High-quality handcrafted items characterize artsy fashion. It emphasizes individual taste and freedom of expression and the importance of material value. However, it can also be practical, allowing people to dress up for a staycation or a vacation in style.

A person with an arty fashion style is likelier to wear handcrafted items such as jewelry, clothes, and accessories. Moreover, they prefer to design their clothes and accessories. They don’t follow fashion textbooks and are inspired by their creative impulse. An arty fashion style is a great choice for those comfortable experimenting with a new style but unsure what to wear.

People who follow this style generally wear unconventional items and bold colors. They also try to steer clear of conventional items. Instead, they choose unconventional shapes and unusual prints to express their unique personality. In addition, the clothing and accessories in this style are usually handmade so they will have unique designs.

Runner pants

Runner pants, made of a fabric that wicks sweat, are an excellent choice for active wear. These pants have a stretchy fabric and fast-drying finish, often featuring reflective details. Many running pants also feature a drawstring waistband and side pockets. Some even feature an interior card pocket.

Pink color

Pink has a long history in fashion. It was first associated with boyish aesthetics, but in the 1960s, it became more feminine, and in the 1980s, punk bands made it edgier. Color continues to be popular in the fashion world, and pop culture has embraced it in many ways. In the 1990s, Madonna wore a pink bustier by Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2002, Cameron wore a pink mink coat and helped show the world that men and women can wear pink.

A popular choice for spring and summer is shocking pink. This color is incredibly versatile, and it works well with different silhouettes. Wide-leg jeans and a bucket hat look great with this color scheme. It will also go well with monochrome.

Arty face masks

Arty face masks have a wide range of aesthetic effects, which depend on their form and disposition in the design. Whether they are crude “false faces” held by a handle or full head coverings with movable parts, the creators have shown ingenuity and resourcefulness in selecting and combining materials. They can be made from wood, clay, horn, feathers, and metals. The surface treatments also vary, from rugged simplicity to elaborate carvings.

The masks come in a protective package that can be washed by hand with warm water and mild soap. In addition, the company makes a difference in the world by donating 5% of its profits to charities dedicated to disease research, education, and prevention. These include the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and No Kid Hungry.


The ARTSY fashion style is characterized by a unique combination of creative and handcrafted items. Unlike traditional fashion, this style gives the wearer freedom and creative expression. These items are often handmade or made with high-quality materials. They are also often unique and have a distinctive material value.

This style is suitable for most people. The artful pieces are colorful and are usually designed to be different from one another. You’ll find everything from intricate embroidery to unusual patterns and mosaics. If you’re unsure what to choose, you can start with a tunic with an asymmetrical hemline. Pair it with a pair of black or grey leggings.

The ARTSY fashion style is perfect for creative individuals who like to experiment with their appearance. This style aims to make a statement with its clothing and accessories. Clothing and accessories with unusual silhouettes and strange shapes will be preferred. Each woman’s style will vary, but the general idea is that the wearer is expressing herself through their clothing and accessories.