Which Fashion Brand Are You?


This quiz will help you to discover which fashion brand you are. Answer these questions honestly and choose the one that best represents your taste in fashion and personality. If you’re unsure, you can always change your answer later. If you want to know how to find out if you’re a Christian Dior fan, Ralph Lauren fan, or Chanel fan, read this article.

Christian Dior’s style

Christian Dior’s style is a mixture of feminism and romanticism. It reflects the French style. Dior’s childhood home is still a museum. His family lived in a villa in Granville, France, where he spent much of his early life. The town was celebrated as a fashionable seaside resort during the summer months. The Dior family eventually moved to the Parisian district of Passy.

The post-World War I era was marked by national nostalgia, and Dior’s work played a central role in this. The designer installed a style that celebrated French femininity; a tradition lost years before the Great War. The designs, which often featured excessive fabrics, also sparked protests from women. However, these protests were short-lived, and Dior’s “New Look” made a name for itself, revolutionizing women’s clothing and restoring Paris as the fashion capital after the war.

After Dior died of a heart attack, Yves Saint-Laurent was named artistic director of the house. At that time, Saint-Laurent was only 21 years old. Nevertheless, Dior’s legacy lives on through the house. Dior’s style continues to make people want to buy it.

Ralph Lauren’s style

Ralph Lauren started his career in the late 1960s selling ties. He was only 27 years old, but he managed to convince the tie manufacturer’s owner to let him create his own line. His ties soon became popular among the famous apparel retailers of New York City. Then, in 1968, he launched his first men’s clothing collection. This collection was so successful that Bloomingdale’s dedicated an entire store to him.

Today, the designer’s style has a global appeal. The company has three lines of clothing and accessories. Its Double RL line offers rustic-styled clothes, vintage accessories, and leather goods. It also offers the high-end Ralph Lauren Purple Label line, which features custom-made tailoring and luxury cotton Polo shirts.

The brand also uses print and events to promote its products. For example, its movie-still style advertisements appear in many fashion and lifestyle magazines. It also participates in high-profile fashion events, including the New York Fashion Show and the Milan Fashion Week. In addition, the company is the official outfitter of tennis officials at Wimbledon and the US Open. It also sponsors the US Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Chanel’s style

Fashion designer Coco Chanel has influenced generations of designers, and her name is synonymous with style and elegance. Despite her early poverty and strict convent education, Chanel reached the top. She had an innate sense of style and an impressive IQ, which led her to pursue a life that would ultimately change the world.

As a young designer, Chanel worked for a Parisian fashion house. The boutique employed between two and three thousand people. She was notorious for being a tough taskmaster, and her workers were paid poorly. In 1927, Chanel opened her own London shop. Despite this, British Vogue commented that Chanel’s current collection was “essentially French” and “adapted” for London’s social scene.

Evening wear was a different story. Coco Chanel’s collection included variations of her famous suits, and she favored black and white lace for dresses. A black and white striped silk blouse and full-length white organdie skirt were among her signature looks.