What Is Social Studies?


Social study is a wide field of study. It encompasses several disciplines, including geography, history, and political science. It teaches students the different facets of the world and their impact on individuals and societies. It is a core subject in all grades. In schools, social studies classes are taught in several ways.

Lesson plans

Social Studies lesson plans can help teachers and students learn the history and culture of the United States. Many different resources are available online to help teachers create social studies lesson plans. One excellent resource is Scholastic. They publish new social studies printables each month. You can access these resources from any device. The site offers a free 30-day trial.

An activity involving the making of a mummy can teach students about the science of mummification. Other activities include studying the American flag and learning about the history of 9/11. Students can also learn about a Native American village and the history of the Mississippi River.

Teaching methods

Educators can choose to complete an online social studies methods course to expand their repertoire of teaching techniques. The courses are designed for credentialed educators and those who wish to further their certification in social studies. In addition, the courses offer many teaching tools and strategies that will make your students think critically about their own experiences.

One method to consider when teaching social studies is the source method. This method uses examples and experiments to teach the material. It is also known as the Lecture-cum-Demonstration method. Students learn by performing experiments and reading material that relates directly to the subject. Students learn about different subjects through this method because they can link them to real-life situations.


Social studies resources are a great way to supplement your social studies curriculum and provide students with engaging learning experiences. These resources include history, science, geography, and human culture. They also offer tools that allow you to customize the content and design activities to engage your students. With these resources, you can easily create lesson plans, create custom learning activities, and inspire students to become more informed and involved in the world. Whether you’re a homeschool teacher or a professional educator, you can be sure that your students will be motivated to learn about the topics covered.

One resource for social studies teachers is the SC Digital Academy page at the University of South Carolina. This page contains DBQs created during the summer of 2018 aligned with the South Carolina Social Studies College and Career-ready Standards.

Impact on students

The impact of social studies in the classroom can be measured on many levels. First, social studies can help students better understand the different cultures around the world. Studying geography, sociology, and anthropology can teach students about the differences and similarities between countries. Teachers can also give students experiences that will allow them to gain insight into different cultures. By doing so, students are more likely to have meaningful interactions with people from different cultures.

Social studies can help students build civic awareness, responsibility, and global awareness. By teaching students about the history of the world and the principles of democracy, students can learn how to vote, participate in community service, and better understand other aspects of our government. They can also learn to appreciate other cultures and their history.

Value of a social science degree

The value of a social science degree is often undervalued but is very important to employers. Businesses rely on the work of social scientists to analyze data, make informed decisions, and help them run their business day-to-day. As a result, they are increasingly working alongside STEM scientists in leadership roles.

A social science degree will help you become a more adaptable and innovative employee. Social scientists study the human condition and behavior. They have a holistic mindset and can be very useful in various professions. They can help you climb the corporate ladder in your current role or change careers altogether.

A social science degree teaches students how to interpret data, which is particularly useful when making informed decisions. They also develop the skills needed to communicate their findings to others effectively. They can also enter the field of journalism or public relations.