Urban TV Network Corp (OTC PINK: URBT)


Urban T.V. is a network that broadcasts a wide selection of entertainment shows as well as news and current affairs programs that focus on issues that impact youth. Shows from Urban T.V. can be found on GOtv, Azam Pay T.V., and DStv platforms. Read the Best info about قیمت تلویزیون شهری.

Nearly 60% of T.V. series set in Los Angeles are dramas focusing on crime or politics. Many shows set in Baltimore or Washington D.C. also skew heavily toward drama (Homicide: The Wire being a prime example).

Urban Television Network

Urban Television Network Corp operates a television broadcast network. Their innovative plans and solutions offer a wide array of broadcasting, digital streaming services, and movie studio production options, as well as state-of-the-art movie studio production facilities. Urban Television Network caters to conservative voices in America by offering URBT-TV cable/broadcast network and an internet subscription-based service that delivers video-on-demand movies and live T.V. worldwide for monthly fees based on the plan. They also own and operate church apps, branding companies, and the ability to brew, all of which contribute to complementing their content strategy as well as providing additional revenue streams.

Urban America Television was initially launched as an over-the-air television network aimed at Black Americans in the U.S. in 1995, targeting 22 million households and featuring independently produced programs alongside old 1930s and 1940s public domain race movies from 1930s and 40s public domain race movies. Unfortunately, UATV ultimately shut down in 2006; eventually, an outside party purchased its assets and rebranded them as Punch Animation (stock symbol URBT). in 2016, its CEO, Joseph Collins, relaunched it as an affordable Black broadcast network that focused on developing animated movie scripts for syndication purposes.

Cathy Hughes began her radio career as a sales clerk at Omaha’s KOWH radio station, one of the nation’s most influential African-American-owned stations at that time. Since then, she has made significant strides both locally and in Washington, DC, becoming one of the leading figures within the media industry, pioneering innovations and trailblazing for decades as she founded the first national African American-owned multimedia company, which now provides news and entertainment to African American audience members.

Urban One Inc., operating under its Radio One, T.V. One, CLEO, Reach Media, and iOne Digital brands, is a media conglomerate that serves millions of African American and urban listeners through a portfolio of radio, T.V., digital, and political advertising platforms. Furthermore, Urban One also owns state-of-the-art film production studio ONE X Studios, specializing in corporate clients’ branded content production needs.


Urban T.V. Network Corp’s (OTC PINK: URBT) CEO, Joseph Collins Jr, has made a monumental step forward in the media business by successfully raising a $5 billion private placement from top investors. Now focused on expanding distribution channels and recruiting top talent producers, his goal is to achieve long-term profitability with this capital infusion.

Since 1986, this company has offered broadcast television services, including digital streaming service, and operates a state-of-the-art movie studio. Additionally, URBT Plus, Studios, and Animation can all be found here at its headquarters located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

At first, UATV was a minor broadcast network geared toward Black Americans with 70 affiliates. Programming included independently produced programs as well as classic 1930s and 1940s race films from public domain sources like the 1930s/40s public domain films from 1930/40s public domain movies from 1930/40s public domain films from public domain sources like 1930/40’s films such as 1931s/40s public domain race films from public domain archives. Over time, though, their programming shifted towards mainstream content, with Bounce T.V. becoming dominant, eventually leading UATV out of business by 2012

Current operations consist only of an abandoned website and low-power station distribution under the Punch T.V. brand, with occasional promotions from its parent company and occasional upticks in penny stock price. However, under its current name and with a renewed emphasis on quality programming and production efforts from production team staff, a comeback could happen at some point, which would allow this penny stock to return to its previous glory; investors should monitor this stock carefully until then.

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