All the Spiderman Characters


Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider as a child and gained incredible powers. Listening to Uncle Ben’s advice that great power must come with great responsibility, Peter ultimately became Spider-Man. Get the Best information about rent spiderman for birthday party.

Mary Jane Watson (Zoe Kravitz voices her) is his love interest, while his closest allies include police officer Jefferson Davis (who speaks to him in Into the Spider-Verse).

Adrian Toomes, commonly known by his nickname ‘Vulture,’ Mac Gargan, widely known as Scorpion; William Baker (Sandman); and Wilson Fisk, widely referred to as Kingpin, are among his fiercest foes.

Yuri Watanabe

Yuri Watanabe, better known by her vigilante name Wraith, was an NYPD Captain under Mary Jane Watson when Spider-Man first started crime fighting. A strong supporter of him and Mary Jane Watson alike, Yuri was instrumental in taking down some of New York City’s most infamous criminals, like Wilson Fisk. She remains close with both characters today.

Yuri found herself dealing with the Maggia crime family and their violent leader, Hammerhead. After Hammerhead killed several police officers, she began losing her composure, taking up an abandoned Sable-tech rifle from her roommate and going on an independent rampage against them – ultimately taking down one of Hammerhead’s leads and trying to kill him, although ultimately this proved futile and she was placed on administrative leave from work.

After Teddy Rangel died, Yuri realized she needed to change the focus of her work from police work to vigilantism full-time. Although she still assisted Spider-Man occasionally, Yuri became increasingly dissatisfied with how the justice system could not address powerful criminals who consistently found ways around prosecution.

The City That Never Sleeps DLC sees Yuri take down Kingpin’s Shadowland fortress, as well as many of his Spiderling henchmen and mechanical Arachnaughts, while Shocker is captured and put back behind bars by him. Additionally, she manages to track down Cletus Kasady by keeping an eye out for any known aliases of Cletus Kasady.

Tara Platt does an outstanding job portraying this hardened police officer, and we can’t wait to see her back on screen as soon as possible! Yuri hasn’t taken on her Wraith role just yet in this game, but we hope to see more of her soon enough!

Otto Octavius

Otto Octavius, more popularly known as Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock, was an outstanding scientist and inventor who co-founded Oscorp with Norman Osborn. Octavius worked on various projects relating to nuclear reaction experiments and cold fusion. Unfortunately, an accident during a public demonstration of one of his experiments caused irreparable brain damage that transformed him from a respected scientist into a megalomaniacal superhuman criminal. Radiation from this accident enabled him to control the mechanical arms of his mental components- an ability that made him highly powerful, combined with immense intellect, and made him into a powerful adversary.

After his accident, Octavius took advantage of his newfound powers to become one of New York City’s crime lords. Abusing both power and wealth to corrupt New York City further and become obsessed with controlling it while also developing a reputation for brutally oppressing opponents. Eventually, he was defeated by Spider-Man and arrested for his crimes before finally being placed in The Raft, a maximum security prison for supervillains.

While in prison, Octavius is visited by an anonymous figure, offering him another chance at redemption. They provide him with an inhibitor chip designed to control both arms and mind – though, unfortunately, this fails once again and leads him back down his destructive path. With help from Vulture (his former partner), they escape prison and proceed with their mission: they destroy The Raft.

After being transported into another universe by a spell from the Multiverse, Octavius quickly returns to everyday life and joins forces with an alternate universe, Spider-Man, to fight other universe-displaced supervillains like Norman’s alter ego, Green Goblin.

Later on, Octavius is brought back to life through the Mysterion Cult’s resurrection program with Stunner, Delilah, Carolyn Trainer, and Jacob Conover. While in their care, he learned how to read and write again; additionally, he also played piano and learned to sing again. Later, returning to Octavius Industries, where Peter Parker works as his lab assistant, Octavius serves as a mentor and serves as both friend and advisor, knowing of Peter Parker’s secret identity as Spider-Man.

Jefferson Davis

Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man was one of their crucial cash cows for years, drawing in fans through both its unlikely hero and its growing cast of supporting characters that kept growing over time. Over time, this character became part of a vibrant Marvel universe, often exchanging blows with significant players like J. Jonah Jameson of Daily Bugle newspaper fame, his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and several costumed enemies.

George Stacy was an influential mentor and friend to Peter Parker for many years, often inspiring and motivating him in his adventures. Unfortunately, George died during a fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus that became known as Spider-Verse; this death served as the impetus for Peter to start crimefighting on his own as Spider-Man and taught him that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Jessica Carradine was the daughter of the burglar who killed Ben and throughout her life was involved with both Peter Parker and Spider-Man at various points in their lives. Ultimately, she married Harry Osborn; their son Normie attended school with Peter, while Wally Layton is also her child with a different man. Jessica became best friends with Emma Frost despite her having feelings for Peter Parker.

Rhino is a powerful criminal with incredible durability who has long been one of the main enemies of Spider-Man and Hulk. Though not particularly malicious in his acts of criminality, Rhino has occasionally attempted to change his ways, only for old habits to return again and again.

Spider-Man was profoundly changed during 9/11 when he realized how many non-superpowered police and fire personnel had risked their lives to save others at significant risk to themselves, shaping his beliefs into being an everyday superhero. This experience changed him forever.

Black Widow was subjected to severe torture at HYDRA during the Civil War, which caused her to regress into school teacher Nancy Rushman despite the efforts of Nick Fury and Shang-Chi to bring about her release from incarceration. Through Spider-Man, she eventually gained strength enough to rejoin his team as they helped her overcome trauma from her imprisonment, eventually joining them all alongside Black Widow as one of The Avengers.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli with input from Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, quickly established himself as Spider-Man reincarnate and face of superheroes alike.

Since his debut, Miles has developed an incredible web of relationships spanning both allies and enemies alike. He quickly established himself in the Ultimate universe with his series and membership in The Ultimates before finally moving over to Earth-616 Marvel with their All-New, All-Different Marvel branding that launched in 2015.

As Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles has fought alongside many different dimensions’ versions of Spidey heroes; on multiple occasions, he even joined forces with Peter Parker from 616 Earth to tackle the massive cross-over story Spider-Verse.

Miles Morales brings a refreshing new take to Marvel’s Spider-Man for fans who have long anticipated PlayStation-exclusive Marvel Games’ PlayStation complete Marvel’s Spider-Man. Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games’ Vice President and Head of Creative, recently spoke with Game Informer about what inspired Miles’ creation as well as why Marvel chose Miles to represent them so prominently in such an iconic role.

The conversation focused on Miles’ responsibilities as Spider-Man, which affect both his school life and his relationship with his family. He discussed how often having to switch classes in order to save the day can impede grades. Furthermore, they spoke of Miles’ race background being critical and wanted him to represent an honest yet relatable hero for audiences everywhere.

Miles’ genetically modified spider bite granted him superhuman strength and agility as well as enhanced senses, such as spider sense. Furthermore, his body became more durable, able to endure superhuman blows and falls from extreme heights without suffering damage or becoming injured himself. Additionally, he gained the ability to camouflage himself and his clothing as well as generate bioelectric energy blasts known as “venom blasts,” which can inflict damage or disrupt any powers his enemies may possess.

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