Tutoring Apps For Kids


This app makes connecting students to tutors an efficient process. Students can check a tutor’s background and proficiency before meeting for lessons and take take advantage of discounted math guides and textbooks.

The University of Toronto is filing suit against Easy EDU over its use of teaching materials, with three professors filing the claim alleging copyright infringement by Easy EDU.


Tutoring apps provide an effective solution for children who require help with reading, writing, and math skills. With features like an interactive whiteboard available on multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones – not to mention easy use! They can provide a more personalized learning experience than traditional tutoring sessions.

iDroo is an online multiuser whiteboard designed to work seamlessly with Skype and provide tutoring sessions. Users can draw or sketch on the board, upload images or documents,, and use its textbox and formula tool for easy mathematical equations writing. iDroo supports Mac, PC and Linux OSs and can be accessed from any browser.

This app offers many useful tools, from screen sharing and chat boxes to first-class marketing tools and an easy interface that supports multiple languages. While basic accounts are free for individuals and schools alike, premium accounts are available for businesses or schools looking for an edge.

Yup, app connects students and expert tutors from around the globe, creating an online virtual classroom in which tutors can closely follow student progress and answer any questions from them. It is an especially great choice for math help since tutors can monitor homework and provide step-by-step instruction via instant messaging, as well as answer real-time queries about complex concepts.


LiveBoard is a virtual whiteboard app designed to assist tutors in real-time collaboration with students in real time. Additionally, its file repository helps tutors keep track of lessons taught to students and upload videos, images, or other forms of media content that make learning fun for students. Chromebooks are widely used in schools today and this easy-to-use solution requires no downloads or plugins for installation.

LiveBoard’s free version offers an essential selection of features designed to assist tutors working with one student at a time. The app works across platforms and devices such as Android and iOS and includes features like real-time video chat. In addition, LiveBoard supports multiple languages as well as editing tools.

LiveBoard Pro allows users to record and share their sessions with others and includes a student attention tracker to ensure all students are focused during lessons. Furthermore, LiveBoard offers formatting tools, pens, and erasers, plus geometric shapes that can be inserted, resized, or stretched to form any shape desired by its users.

LiveBoard is an effective tool for helping students grasp math equations. With its graphical calculator and instant results display, LiveBoard allows students to enter complex numbers and view instant results now. In addition, LiveBoard contains several other math-specific tools such as Desmos graph editor and LaTeX formula editor for adding extra context and accuracy in mathematics lessons.


This work-at-home language tutoring company offers flexible scheduling and no minimum hours commitments, drawing its students worldwide and offering excellent technical support through a user-friendly website.

Cambly uses cutting-edge video conferencing software to ensure a premium learning experience for tutors and their students. Additionally, the platform features voice/text chats, group video sessions, private audio-only calls, as well as lesson length options ranging from 15 minutes up to an hour-long lessons.

Cambly has received many positive reviews and testimonials from users, who have reported improved conversation skills and increased confidence when speaking English. Furthermore, students often enjoy cultural exchange with native English speakers on Cambly; additionally,  a rewards program is designed to encourage tutors to join.

Cambly stands apart from other online language tutoring services by not matching its students with specific tutors; rather, students browse the offerings and connect with a tutor that best meets their needs. This flexible model gives tutors more control over their schedules and may lead to increased pay rates.

Even though the pay may be less than other sites such as AmazingTalker or iTalki, this site still presents an excellent opportunity to make extra cash on the side. Applying is quick and straightforward, with no Bachelor’s degree or teaching certificate needed as requirements.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an intuitive word-processing suite used by students, schools and businesses worldwide. Offering all the features expected from desktop office suites – as well as multiple devices simultaneously accessing it from anywhere with internet access – Google Docs makes real-time collaboration on projects possible for teams working on them in real time.

Google Docs stands out from other word processing programs by enabling users to comment and collaborate on documents, making changes visible to all viewers, replyable and editable by editing, saving changes to history as they happen, making project management much simpler. This feature makes collaborative writing projects and project management much simpler!

Google Docs makes use of add-ons to further extend its functionality; such as Box storage or Grammarly can enhance how Google Docs functions for you. Find them under “Add-Ons” within Docs editor.

Google Docs also features an offline mode that is convenient for travelers or people working from cafes or parks without internet connectivity. Chrome only users can take advantage of this feature by clicking “meet” in the top-right corner of their Docs editor to begin working offline meetings.


Preply is a language-learning marketplace that brings students and tutors together. Offering lessons in everything from French and Italian to Norwegian and Sanskrit, Preply also boasts an extensive library of free materials for learners as well as multiple currencies to pay with for its services – making the service more suitable for international students.

Students and teachers can navigate this platform easily; registration as students is free and fast. once you’ve signed up as student, searching for tutors who meet your preferences based on language ability is beneficial for beginners. Once you find one of your chosen tutors, booking trial lessons for one-hour sessions – available packages of 6, 12, or 20 hours can also be purchased – can begin.

Preply is designed with teachers in mind, allowing them to set their own prices and schedules with ease. As an online tutor, Preply offers an interactive classroom where you can interact with your student, share files and resources, chat live with them, and access a comprehensive analytics tool that tracks their performance. Furthermore, regular training webinars for tutors and free teaching materials packs for English instructors, make Preply an invaluable way of ex,panding your business online.


Kahoot is an engaging game-based classroom tool that encourages engagement, participation and motivation among its participants. Students can create their own Kahoot games to demonstrate their knowledge in specific subjects while simultaneously helping prepare them for class tests and quizzes. Furthermore, Kahoot can serve as a practical professional development resource.

The platform is completely free and features an intuitive design system, making it effortless for anyone to use on any device. No login or download is needed; everything works smoothly from start to finish! Team mode encourages students to collaborate and learn from one another, especially beneficial for shy students who find speaking out daunting.

Once you’ve added all your questions and clicked Save, you can test and play your Kahoot by clicking on the icon in the top right corner. When satisfied with it, click again to generate a link you can share with students or write on whiteboards – or assign it as homework before taking a class quiz!

Your Kahoots can also use images as answer alternatives, enabling students to identify answers usforg pictures instead of text, helping them remember content more easily, and increasing retention. Furthermore, you may choose different answer alternatives for different questions within one kahoot.