The Supperland Restaurant and Bar Menu


The Supperland menu isn’t the typical fare you see on a restaurant’s menu. While a Wagyu pot roast is a tempting addition to Supperland’s selection, the menu includes dishes like grilled lobster and bibb lettuce salad. Fried chicken is another excellent option for a quick meal.

Supperland’s menu includes Wagyu pot roast.

The menu at Supperland features a variety of dishes. A mainstay is a Wagyu pot roast with pickled vegetables. Other menu items include grilled lobster, miso mac and cheese, and wood-oven broccoli. Dessert is a Peach Bourbon pie. The restaurant is located inside a renovated midcentury church.

The atmosphere at this popular steakhouse is reminiscent of a church potluck. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with century-old pews from Colorado and original hardwood floors. The owners in their garage handcrafted the tables at the restaurant. There is a karaoke bar and live music on most nights.

The menu at Supperland features grilled lobster and Wagyu pot roast, prepared on a 14-foot fire grill. The restaurant uses oak and hickory wood to grill the meats. You can also order a seafood tower with shrimp, jumbo lump crab, and crawfish. The restaurant also features branzino ceviche and traditional Osetra caviar grown locally.

Grilled lobster

The Supperland menu is a mix of traditional and innovative dishes. The menu includes a variety of seafood, including grilled lobster. Other dishes include Wagyu pot roast and pickled vegetables. The restaurant also features grilled lobster, Miso Mac & Cheese, Wood-Oven Broccoli, and Peach Bourbon Pie.

The surrounding area inspires the restaurant’s ambiance and cuisine. The restaurant is a unique and elegant setting featuring a restored historic church. Guests can dine inside the restaurant or on the expansive outdoor patio. The restaurant is also equipped with a private wine room.

Bibb lettuce salad

Supperland is an up-and-coming restaurant located in a renovated mid-century church in Charlotte, NC. This restaurant and cocktail bar features locally sourced Southern-style fare and a 255-selection wine list. There are bar and dining room menus and a 14-foot wood-fire grill.

The salad is made with fresh ingredients. Look for a large, rounded head of Bibb lettuce with tender leaves. You can refresh it by washing it with cold water if it looks wilted. Bibb lettuce is a good choice for a salad, and the buttery leaves can be a meal in and of themselves. Fresh herbs are used to season the salad; dried herbs would overpower the Bibb’s flavor. Lemon juice can also be added to complete the dish.

Fried chicken

The fried chicken at Supperland is a welcome addition to Charlotte’s culinary scene. The restaurant serves significant portions of Southern comfort food in a restored midcentury church. For example, you can order Wagyu pot roast baked in a Dutch oven, a seven-layer salad, or meatballs with a Memphis-style cherry barbecue sauce. The portions are enormous, with eight meatballs per order. Moreover, the atmosphere is significant, with patrons expected to clear their tables with friends and family.

In addition to the fried chicken, you’ll find a menu full of southern staples like gumbo and fried shrimp. There are also fresh salads with house-made cilantro pecan vinaigrette and a Southern Pecan Praline Cheesecake. The menu at Supperland draws inspiration from its restored historic church building. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, with a southern garden and an expansive main dining room. You can also enjoy your meal outdoors on the expansive patio. The restaurant even has a speakeasy lounge.