Esora Menu at Tomoe’s


Located next door to J-Spec, Esora is a Japanese-style restaurant that seats eight diners simultaneously. Its menu is heavy on wagyu beef and Japanese seafood. It also includes a tempura course by a master tempura chef, Koichi Endo. The food is both beautiful and filling and is a great value. So if you’re looking for a great meal in the San Francisco Bay Area, look no further than this Japanese restaurant.


The Esora menu at Tomoe’s is the brand’s first foray into luxury, with wagyu integrated throughout the omakase menu. The menu features an eight-course tasting menu for $185, with dishes ranging from caviar to a pair of torched Wagyu steaks. Several rounds of tempura and filet mignon are also wrapped in shiso leaf. It’s next to J-Spec, a restaurant owned by the meat distributor Tomoe Food Services. Unfortunately, only seven guests are permitted to sit at the chef’s counter, so the experience is only available once per evening.

A few menu items are available on the J-Spec counter, which offers a wide variety of A-5 Wagyu cuts. The signature Wagyu Flight costs $160 and includes the original steak sauce, daikon radish ponzu, and an assorted hand roll. Other options include the Unagi Donburi, caviar hand rolls, and Shoyu Simmered Wagyu tartare.

The menu at Tomoe’s Esora counter changes frequently depending on the season. In addition to the menu, the J-Spec bar also features an omakase counter. This counter features a dark wood counter and square-tiled walls. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday for lunch and dinner.

Noboru Shimohigashi

Takeshi Araki has joined the kitchen at Esora, a new Japanese fine dining restaurant located in a heritage shophouse on Mohamed Sultan Road. With the chefs’ affinities for nature and attention to detail, Esora offers a memorable dining experience.

In January, Esora fired its head chef, Shigeru Koizumi, citing allegations of mistreatment and unprofessional behavior. The post has divided diners and industry folks, with some praising the decision while others are questioning the restaurant’s handling of the situation.

Takeshi Araki

Takeshi Araki has been appointed head chef of the new Japanese restaurant Esora, which opened in October. The chef’s career spans more than a decade, with several Michelin stars to his name. Previously, he worked at the three-Michelin-starred Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo. Araki is joined by Noboru Shimohigashi, the Chef de Cuisine, at the new restaurant’s opening. The new chef will continue building on Isora’s refined kappo cuisine reputation.

The chefs are committed to a traditional Japanese menu with modern techniques and a focus on taste. The result is a menu that celebrates micro-seasonal ingredients and creates harmonious flavors. The chefs’ team works together to ensure that the food is delicious and that the guests leave delighted.

Esora has been the first Japanese fine dining restaurant in Singapore. However, allegations of abuse have dogged Koizumi in the past. The chef and the restaurant have since reopened after a year. After reopening, Esora earned its first Michelin star and remained the moSingapore’spopular Japanese restaurant in Sides fresh seafood; the menu also features seasonal ingredients. For example, the Chicken Wing comes with Japanese hairy crab and seasonal vegetables. Another dish, the Hassan Platt,  is another dish, a seasonal collection of Japanese flat fish sashimi. Chef Araki offers a delicious dessert, Kakigori, with mangoes from Miyazaki prefecture.