The Best Sweet Shops in Kolkata


Kolkata offers many tempting sweet shop options to satisfy your sweet tooth – some even over one century old! Let’s look at some of Kolkata’s heritage charming shops that will satisfy that sweet craving.

Paran Chandra Nag opened Bowbazar Sweet Shop, which is widely known for their delicious nolen gurer sondesh and Ledikeni dishes, in addition to other sweets like Kalojam, Norom Paak Sandesh, and Kora Paak Talsash.

Bhim Chandra Nag

Bhim Chandra Nag is an exquisite sweet shop located at Nirmal Chandra Street in Bowbazar and one of Kolkata’s most beloved charming shops. Offering delicious sweets such as Ice cream Sandesh, Mohan Bhog, and Jol Bhora, quality is of the highest order; customers return repeatedly for this reason alone!

The shop boasts an esteemed clientele and is famous for its delectable sweets. Dating back to British-era India, this shop still attracts people from across the nation today. Notable creations of Bhim Chandra Nag include likens – a light reddish-brown fried sweet covered in sugar syrup that became famous thanks to Lady Canning, wife of the Governor-General of India.

Ashubhog Sandesh is a milk-based sweet similar to rasgulla but more creamy and cheesy. Perfect for sweet lovers looking for something new! This is worth trying if you want delicious, authentic Bengali sweets.

Bengalis can be picky eaters when it comes to sweets, and this place does an exceptional job of satisfying that craving. Visitors eager to sample some of Kolkata’s delicious Bengali desserts must visit!

Established by Paran Chandra Nag in 1826, Bhim Chandra Nag has long been revered by Bengalis as an iconic store offering traditional Indian sweets such as Sandesh. Today, it remains popular and operates two outlets in Bengal City: one on 5, Nirmal Chandra Street and one on Vivekananda Road. Bhim Chandra Nag is considered a pioneer of Sandesh confectionary in India and serves up an array of flavors perfect for sharing among friends or family members.

Naba Krishna Guin

Naba Krishna Guin is one of Kolkata’s iconic heritage sweet shops, established by Nabin Chandra Das in the 19th Century and known for their Rosogollas since. Situated in Shyambazar, they specialize in these sweet treats as well as Mohuporko Chandrapuli Guli Goja and Mango Phirni sweets, among many other products.

Bhim Chandra Nag is another iconic heritage sweet shop located at Bowbazar and established over two centuries ago. Their norm speaker sandesh and kora speaker talsash should be tried, along with their delicious selection of chutney-based sweets such as kalojam and panted treats!

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets is another prominent contender providing Kolkata with some of the finest mishti. Boasting several locations around town, Bhowanipore’s main outlet is particularly beloved among locals. Here, you will find Ledikeni (deep-fried cottage cheese). Norom Paak Sandesh melts in your mouth soft, while Kora Paak Talsash provides tasty delights, too.

Gupta Brothers was established in 1888 and remains one of the city’s signature confectioneries. Their famous Gulsheen Sandesh remains a classic, while those watching their weight should check out their sugar-free alternatives of some popular sweets they produce.

Banchharam Ghosh is another well-renowned sweet shop in Calcutta, producing seasonal fruit-inspired sweetmeats using natural fruit juices to craft its desserts. Situated centrally, these delectable treats deserve to be tasted!

Misti Hub, a unique initiative of the West Bengal government, brings together over a dozen of Kolkata’s famed mishti walas under one roof for your convenience this Durgapuja. Be sure to sample their special Kesari Roshogolla and Sitabhog for an exceptional dining experience in Kolkata!

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy sweet shop has long been one of Kolkata’s best-known businesses, serving up some of the tastiest traditional Bengali mithais as well as providing innovative alternatives that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Established over a century ago, this family-run business continues today with its tasty traditional Bengali mithais and modern options designed to please even discerning tastebuds.

Most popular among their offerings include jolbhora, kheer samosas, and chocolate sandesh like ice cream sandesh, butterscotch sandesh, and strawberry sandesh. Also offered is their range of pagodas made with either dal or mung bean flour that come in either kara pak or naram pak varieties – perfect for those looking for crunchy texture with their Sandesh!

In the past, this Sandesh shop was visited by many notable personalities from Bollywood and beyond. Renowned for their tasty kanchagolla, parijat, and mousumi sandesh offerings – Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have all enjoyed them here!

Occasionally, however, the service can be uninspiring at this location. Customers have complained of staff not acknowledging or treating them with respect, while allegations have surfaced of them mixing different flavors into sandesh, which should never occur.

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur is located in Kolkata’s historic Gariahat area. Open all day long, this restaurant specializes in classic sweets and innovative alternatives. Ice cream sandesh is among the most beloved offerings; others, such as chocolate malai roll and mango mousumi are equally beloved. Also popular are their chocolate malai roll and mango mousumi sandesh varieties, not forgetting their delectable naram pak jolbhora, which offers delicious alternatives such as healthier alternatives like gulab jamun or rasgullas! Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur is sure not to disappoint when looking for authentic tastes in Kolkata!


Jugal’s Sweet Shop in Kolkata has been delighting people for over 100 years with its authentic taste, making sweets using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients. Their extensive menu boasts classic Bengali sweets such as rosogolla, sondesh, and chhanar polao, as well as modern-day offerings like mango kulfi and pan sandesh; plus, it provides the ideal setting to relax with some sweet treats.

Jugal’s International Literature Fest on Misti (Sweets) took place at Kolkata Town Hall’s iconic heritage site on February 11 and 12. This landmark event brought together food historians, writers, culinary experts, dairy specialists, economists, and industrialists under one roof to commemorate Bengal’s rich cultural legacy through mishti. Panel discussions, open house forums, art and photo exhibitions, and interactive workshops were part of this two-day festival dedicated to mishti.

Lahana and her family have been making mishti since they were children, so they wanted to share this art form with the public. Over 200 people, including children, attended this workshop, which proved a massive hit. The workshop was a huge hit among attendees and was an incredible success.

Jugal’s offers free classes for women looking to make mishti, with Lahana hoping to turn things around by training anyone interested. She eventually hopes to open her kitchen and teach others nationwide!

On February 11 and 12, 2023, Kolkata hosted its inaugural literature festival on mishti at its iconic Town Hall, hosted by Jugal’s. This inaugural festival showcased Bengali’s uniqueness and social significance through panel discussions, open house forums, art and photo exhibits, and workshops focused on making and tasting mishti.