The Best Golf Cart Batteries


When your cart stops starting like it used to, it may be time for a battery replacement, and lithium golf cart batteries should be considered alternatives.

Lithium batteries last longer and cost less than their lead-acid counterparts, yet are more complex to maintain. AGM and gel-sealed options tend to be more affordable alternatives.

Trojan T-105 6-Volt

The Trojan T-105 6-Volt is a deep-cycle, flooded lead acid battery designed for golf carts and RV use, but also suitable for industrial machinery like floor sweepers and forklifts or off-grid solar solutions. Produced in the U.S.A. and prized among Australians for their superior quality, you can purchase these batteries individually or as discounted sets of 6. With such hardworking batteries, you can rejuvenate any 36V Golf Cart quickly.

Maxguard T2 Advanced Design Separator and Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology work hand in hand to deliver exceptional battery performance, increasing operating capacity while decreasing downtime, prolonging battery lifespan, and reducing maintenance costs.

This battery comes with a six-month warranty and various voltage options; its 225AH variant is particularly well suited to golf carts but can also be used in marine, RV, and industrial applications.

Trojan batteries are the world’s premier deep cycle batteries, providing power for RVing adventures and keeping home comforts functional wherever your travels may lead you. Years of experience, research, and dedication go into every flooded lead acid battery bearing the Trojan name.

Trojan’s flooded lead acid batteries provide the ideal power solution for residential and commercial off-grid renewable energy applications, from residential rooftop PV arrays to off-grid wind energy installations. Their robust construction has been tested under harsh environmental conditions to ensure optimal performance of renewable energy systems.

These batteries are designed to withstand discharge rates up to 80% without damage or reduced lifespan, making them the ideal solution for off-grid RVs.

While most flooded lead-acid batteries can be charged using any regular charger, multistage smart chargers offer greater efficiency when charging these cells. These chargers allow users to monitor their battery’s state of charge (SoC) and automatically adjust charge levels to maintain optimal levels.

Lifeline 12V Marine Battery

Whether you need batteries for your boat, RV, or golf cart, the Lifeline GPL-AFC battery is ideal. Crafted using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for maximum protection from shock and vibration, with up to twelve months’ worth of life without needing to recharge it, and spill-proof technology for extra peace of mind should anything happen during use.

Concorde’s Lifeline batteries are made in the US and are popular among many boaters. Constructed to meet rigorous military specifications, their excellent warranty covers starting and deep cycle applications; a one-year free replacement plus four years of prorated coverage are included in their offer.

This battery is one of the best marine batteries on the market, boasting an outstanding CCA rating and coming in multiple sizes. Not only is it cost-effective and simple to install, but its excellent reputation makes it even better!

AGM batteries are ideal for marine and RV applications, offering low internal resistance with increased cranking power. Plus, their longer lifespan surpasses flooded and gel batteries while being extremely durable enough to withstand vibration and shock.

Lifeline XL marine batteries are some of the finest on the market. Crafted with thick plates for increased shock-absorbency, vibration protection, and spillproof, these powerful battery alternatives offer excellent service in harsh marine environments and climates alike. A good alternative to traditional flooded or gel batteries.

These batteries are constructed of premium-quality materials and built to be both long-lasting and affordable. Their low internal resistance is ideal for deep cycling applications, while their spillproof design makes them safe to use on all kinds of boats. Plus, these affordable options will last a long time!

Lossigy 12V Lithium Battery

Lossigy 12V lithium batteries offer golfers looking to upgrade their carts with long-lasting power, an attractive solution. Lithium batteries last much longer than traditional lead acid batteries and require much less maintenance; additionally, their weight helps with speed and handling. Although initial investment might be higher, these long-lasting options may save them money in replacement costs.

This battery is constructed from automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate cells and features an impressive 10-year lifespan and 5,000 cycles. Additionally, its built-in BMS system optimizes performance while preventing overcharge – increasing longevity and safety. Furthermore, its peak current of 500A makes this an excellent fit for most golf carts and is one of the most stable options on the market, with very few cases of overheating for hassle-free operation.

Although flooded lead-acid batteries are the industry standard, AGM and lithium batteries offer better performance for golf carts. These deep cycling batteries feature higher capacities than starter batteries, so they can withstand being discharged more often without damage occurring to their cells; furthermore, they hold their charge longer and require less maintenance than traditional lead-acid options. But it’s important to remember certain things when purchasing lithium options.

No matter which battery type you select, performing regular inspections of them is always advisable. Check for signs of damage or wear-and-tear, such as bulging cells or corrosion at terminals, and clean any corruption as required. If any symptoms of damage or wear and tear should occur, they should be stopped immediately. For optimal battery performance, use a lithium-compatible charger and charge appropriately – lithium batteries have the potential to outlive AGM/flooded lead-acid ones twice as long with proper care – upgrading can make a big difference in terms of speed, range and experience – make the investment worth your while!

Universal Power Group 12V SLA/AGM Battery

This UPG 12V 100Ah solar wind SLA deep cycle battery offers incredible power in its small package. Utilizing absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology to maintain fluid levels within, this UPG battery provides excellent performance without needing additional watering or checking fluid levels regularly. Furthermore, its spillproof and leakproof features make mounting it anywhere safe; additionally, vibration and shock resistance are excellent!

The Universal Power Group battery boasts a shallow self-discharge rate, which extends its helpful lifespan between recharges. Furthermore, its durable construction withstands extreme temperature conditions for outdoor use – an attractive feature. Plus, there’s even an impressive one-year warranty!

Universal Power Group batteries are widely utilized across various applications, spanning Pride Mobility Scooters, UPS backup systems, and residential/commercial solar energy systems. While this battery type provides ample energy storage capacity for these systems, it should not be used to start cars.

UPG batteries are produced using an advanced battery formation system and technology, ensuring every battery meets the highest quality standards and has a long service life – significant when considering deep cycle batteries, which often experience heavy current draw and cycling cycles. UPG takes its production seriously while being committed to environmental and environmental responsibility.

Each battery is inspected and tested by our experienced technicians, then refurbished and reconditioned in a controlled environment to distinguish themselves from other manufacturers. Reconditioning and repackaging processes guarantee that our batteries perform perfectly when delivered at home or business.

The UB22-12N is an advanced sealed AGM deep-cycle battery with removable vents designed for easy maintenance and installation, making it the ideal choice for power sports applications. Featuring high-grade lead and silver plating terminals insulated against corrosion protection. Furthermore, this non-spillable design can be mounted in any position without risking spillage.