The Best Boba Shops in the RGV


With so many boba shops popping up across the Rio Grande Valley, it can take time to decide where to go. Luckily, some establishments have been around for some time – making the decision easier. The Amazing fact about BearyBoba shop.

Customers at this new shop love to enjoy Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Crema, making the store unique and eye-catching. Additionally, its owners are also rap artists, which makes for a memorable and captivating atmosphere within its walls.

Moge Tee

Moge Tee offers an expansive variety of bubble tea drinks and flavors, using high-grade ingredients and creative toppings to craft uniquely refreshing beverages that can be ordered for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery – boasting an exceptional customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Moge Tee offers delicious bubble tea and provides an assortment of gifts that are sure to please. With personalized cups and gift cards for everyone on their list, presenting someone you care about with one is sure to put a smile on their face – plus, it allows them to indulge in their favorite drink whenever it suits their fancy!

Moge Tea brand is committed to breaking cultural boundaries and shifting perceptions of boba tea to be more accessible across demographics. Their New-Style Tea concept is tailored towards younger generations while maintaining the authenticity of traditional Asian culture, and their global reach has allowed their brand to spread to many different countries and regions – including the US.

Moge Tea offers an expansive menu and cozy ambiance, perfect for relaxing with friends or unwinding after a hard day of work. Their menu boasts classic milk teas as well as more exotic options like mango pomelo cheese foam fruit tea and creme brulee milk tea with white tapioca bubbles; their friendly staff makes the visit all the more inviting!

Moge Tee’s high-quality ingredients and innovative creations have gained them an ever-expanding customer base, who appreciate their eco-friendly glass bottles that are both recyclable and durable – another testament to Moge Tea’s dedication to providing customers with the best experience possible.

Moge Tea used to offer only a handful of tea varieties; now, they provide more to meet their diverse clientele’s needs. They use raw cane sugar and golden boba, which is of higher quality than regular tapioca pearls, for their beverages – creating more flavorful beverages while being less sweet than many large chains.


Japanese fish printing, or “gyotaku,” originally developed as a practical record-keeping practice on fishing boats, has evolved into an exquisite form of contemporary art. Gyotaku, literally “fish rubbing,” allows artists to recreate details about an individual fish by drawing or stamping it with black ink on rice paper or cloth and reproduces every contour and hue exactly – an especially beloved way for fishermen to display their catch and celebrate marine life.

Gyotaku prints can serve both aesthetic and educational purposes for biologists, helping them learn about historic fish populations. One study examined 261 patterns from tackle-and-boat stores located near areas where endangered species once thrived in order to learn more about landmark populations of threatened fish species that once flourished there. Researchers determined that gyotaku prints can help biologists estimate both size and numbers in an area.

Gyotaku is traditionally used to capture the exact dimensions of a fish catch; today, it can also be embellished with watercolors or gold leaf to give an additional sense of depth or used to form three-dimensional objects such as Koi Carp mounted on Driftwood for wall displays; additionally, its eyes may often be hand-painted by artists to add character and individualize each print.

Gyotaku stands out as an eco-friendly art form due to the use of non-toxic inks that produce edible fish for local families or restaurants to use in culinary applications. Furthermore, its paper is composed of hemp fiber that biodegrades over time – making this art form ideal for those concerned with their environmental footprint when choosing art supplies.

Gyotaku has long been used as an ancient art form to capture and record fish but recently gained increasing attention here in the US. Prevalent in Hawaii is gyotaku’s use as an art form that highlights Hawaii’s marine biodiversity and culture while simultaneously raising awareness of sustainability practices for ocean conservation. Gyotaku artist Hayashi feels fortunate that he can make his living sharing his love of ocean conservation with others – he also emphasizes the importance of following your dreams without caring what other people think!

Hey Bear Cafe

Hey Bear Cafe in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers people an enjoyable place to experience bubble tea from local vendors as well as choose among an extensive menu of flavors such as traditional black milk tea to fruity Galaxy tea and toppings such as sea salt milk foam or popping boba that add texture and flavor to the drinks served there.

Vicky Shyr, originally of Taiwanese descent and recently settled in Knoxville to be close to family, decided to open up her boba tea store for Knoxville residents to enjoy. Additionally, she supports local vendors while hosting events at her food park, such as Zumba classes on Saturday mornings and live music performances on weekend evenings.

Hey Bear has managed to remain open and flourish despite being struck by COVID-19. A popular destination among college and high school students for studying or socializing with friends, its cozy environment and affordable prices make it the ideal spot for any student or family alike.

Hey Bear is known for its wide selection of beverages, but its specialty lies in its boba tea. Made with organic ingredients and served fresh every time a customer visits, boba makes for an exciting new taste experience that is both sweet and unique. Customers can further personalize their drink by adding toppings such as pudding or jelly for an even more personalized experience.

Hey Bear has much more than tasty drinks to offer their bubble tea fans; they also sell merchandise such as tote bags and t-shirts that make great presents.

Hey Bear Cafe offers more than just bubble tea; they also feature a food truck park where they host various food trucks on a daily basis. It is located within its large parking lot and offers covered patio seating so customers can sit outside even on cold winter nights!

Hey, Bear also rents out space to food trucks for special events like their annual Christmas Market and Spring market with vendors, plus planning a S’mores Night later this fall!

Honey Bear Boba

Honey is a natural sweetener often used in drinks such as tea. It adds both delicious flavor and texture, distinguishing tapioca pearls from other forms of boba and providing an appealing contrast with their liquid partner for an enhanced drinking experience.

Honey Bear Boba tea shop opened to great fanfare in Dogpatch this past Monday, and customers eager to give bubble tea a try were there in force for its soft opening. Co-owners Brian Tran and Larry June, friends from prior partnerships in rap music production, came up with the name because it speaks volumes about both their interests.

As well as offering an assortment of bubble tea flavors, the store also features desserts and snacks for customers to enjoy. Their customers have given rave reviews to the staff’s energy and friendly service – not to mention affordable pricing that makes this location accessible for students in the area.

Boba tea is an increasingly popular American drink. Typically served in plastic or glass cups topped with fruit-flavored jelly-like strawberry, lychee, and peach flavors, the drink can then be blended with milk and sugar to form a thick, creamy beverage.

Boba shops often offer an assortment of drinks, from slushies and milk drinks to frosty cold beverages that are great for hot weather. Glasses may also come with gluten-free options or can even come topped with toppings like ice cream or chocolate syrup – making boba shops the go-to source for tasty beverages in this category!

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