The Benefits of a Customized Dog Harness


Harnesses provide a more even distribution of pulling pressure, helping prevent choking or neck injuries to your pet. Check out the Best info about designer dog harness.

The soft, cushioned top handle allows easy control of your pup, making this harness ideal for daily walking, running, or training sessions.


A dog harness wraps around its body instead of placing pressure on the neck, which can immensely benefit dogs with neck or spine conditions that make walking or outdoor activities challenging or painful. Many harnesses come equipped with reflective materials or bright colors to increase visibility on the evening and early morning walks – adding safety for both you and other users who share these trails, such as cyclists or drivers.

For several reasons, a harness provides more comfort to dogs than collars. A collar restricts neck movement and strains delicate neck muscles when pulled on; in comparison, harnesses let owners control situations without risking their pets.

Harnesses can also help prevent back pain in some dogs by evenly distributing the pressure of pulling across their chest and abdomen instead of solely their neck and throat, providing greater comfort and less strain for these pets with neck or spinal conditions such as Intervertebral Disc Disease or Wobbler Syndrome; or other chronic illnesses that cause difficulty when walking, jogging or running.

Some dog harnesses also include front leash clip options to give more control to owners with dogs that tend to pull. An extra clip in front can deter your pup from pulling, making long walks or outdoor adventures far more enjoyable for you both!

A harness is also more difficult for dogs to escape than collars, which is beneficial when your pup likes to try and run their harness – this feature is useful if your breed likes trying to slip out, like mine who used to be able to loop his strap around his neck or head, but now must use his back rib cage as leverage to do it.


Many dog owners opt for harnesses over collars as they provide excellent safety for the dog and the owner. A collar restricts neck movement while a harness evenly distributes leash pressure across chest and belly areas to reduce pulling while also helping prevent injuries such as tracheal/windpipe injury. Furthermore, saddles offer more control when walking in busy environments or encountering other dogs.

A harness may also provide the best option for brachycephalic breeds. With their narrow airways and short faces, choking is a risk when wearing collars; however, with one fitted snugly over their chest area, a harness may prevent this. In addition, this makes escape difficult.

Personalized dog harnesses come in various styles and colors to match each pet’s style and needs while still providing safety measures. Reflective straps keep your pup visible in dim lighting conditions while other models feature durable materials that are easy to clean – many even feature space for ID tags in case an emergency or lost pet arises.

Dog harnesses can be used for many activities, from daily walks and running to hiking, training, hunting, and outdoor adventures. Some models feature crash-tested car belt attachments for added safety when traveling with your pup, while others come equipped with fast-release buckles and D rings that enable attachment of leashes when venturing out on crowded streets.

Harnesses provide more control than collars by having multiple leash clip points that allow you to tailor the management level of your dog. Some models feature front clips to discourage pulling, while rear clips offer more extended exploration. Some models even come equipped with an adjustable sizing system, so it is easier for owners who struggle to find collars that fit correctly to find an ideal fit. Furthermore, most dog harnesses are built more robustly.


A harness provides a more comfortable, safer, and convenient alternative to collars for pulling dogs, dispersing pressure across their chest and back rather than in their neck and throat, where it could potentially cause injury or discomfort. Furthermore, harnesses are less likely to slip off your pet’s collar easily than regular collars and more difficult for escape attempts than collars can be.

Dog harnesses come in two main varieties: those with back attachment and those with front wing. Back-attachment harnesses are more effective at reducing pulling and come in various sizes to fit all breeds of dogs; front-attachment saddles have numerous styles and almost unlimited design options that ensure you can find one suitable for your pup.

A great harness will also withstand common dog behaviors like chewing, scratching, and biting without suffering damage or fraying to the webbing or stitching of its construction. An animal’s teeth can often act like razor-sharp razorblades, which can quickly cause serious injuries – so be sure to monitor their behavior while using this type of harness and regularly inspect for signs of wear such as chewed webbing, scratches, or bite marks on its product.

Jessica MacDonald, the designer of the Freedom Harness, came up with this innovative design after walking her friend’s large 150 lb Rottweiler Raven and noting how he was pulling her down the street and she needed better control over his pulling force. So she created a tensioning loop design, sewn a prototype harness together, and used it on Raven for training purposes – producing an amazingly effective training tool that decreased pulling by 30 percent!

The harness features a patented design with a loop at the base of the neck near the scruff that places the center of gravity for your dog in this area – this area also coincides with where a mother dog picks up her puppies! When activated, it lifts your pet slightly off its feet to minimize strength and power, giving you greater control and helping prevent pulling. Hence its effectiveness at eliminating pulling.


One of the essential personalized pet accessories is a tag with your dog’s name or phone number so someone can contact you quickly and efficiently if they ever become lost. Another beneficial customizability option is our high-quality patch that can be sewn with their name or number onto our heavy-duty harness for outdoor walks, running, and activities like Newfoundlands (our split chest design allows this).

Each custom embroidered dog harness can be personalized by adding up to twelve spaces for a name or phone number embroidered directly onto the vest in the contrasting color thread.

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